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Husqvarna 136 Operator's Manual Page 4

Husqvarna chainsaw user manual.
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Thereshould b enosmoking, openflames,
orworkthatcould causesparks. A IIowen-
gineto coolbefore refueling.
• Mix andpourfuelin an outdoor areaon
bareground; s torefuelina cool,dry,well
ventilated place;and use an approved,
markedcontainerfor all fuel purposes.
Wipeupallfuelspillsbefore startingsaw.
• Moveatleast10feet(3meters) f romfuel-
ingsitebefore starting engine.
• Turnthe engine off andlet sawcoolin a
non-combustible area,notondry leaves,
straw, p aper, e tc. Slowly remove fuelcap
andrefuel u nit.
• Storethe unitandfuelinanareawherefuel
vaporscannot reach sparks or open
flames fromwaterheaters, electric motors
orswitches, f urnaces, e tc.
Avoidkickback which
canresult i nserious injury.
backward, upward orsudden forward motion
of the guide bar occurring when the saw
chain near the upper tip of the guide bar con-
tacts any object such as a log or branch, or
when the wood closes in and pinches the
saw chain in the cut. Contacting a foreign ob-
ject in the wood can also result in loss of
chain saw control.
• RotationalKickbackcanoccurwhenthe
moving chain contacts an object at the up-
per tip of the guide bar. This contact can
cause the chain to dig into the object,
which stops the chain for an instant. The
result is a lightning fast, reverse reaction
which kicks the guide bar up and back to-
ward the operator.
• Pinch-Kickbackcan
occur when the the
wood closes in and pinches the moving
saw chain in the cut along the top of the
guide bar and the saw chain is suddenly
This sudden
of the
chain results in a reversal of the chain
force used to cut wood and causes the
sawto move in the oppositedirectionofthe
chain rotation. The saw is driven straight
back toward the operator.
• Pull-In can occur when the moving chain
contacts a foreign object in the wood in the
cut along the bottom of the guide bar and
the saw chain is suddenly stopped. This
sudden stopping pulls the saw forward and
away from the operator and could easily
cause the operator to lose control of the
Avoid Pinch-Kickback:
• Be extremely
aware of situations
or ob-
structions that can cause material to pinch
the top of or otherwise stop the chain.
• Do not cut more than one log at a time.
• Do not twist the saw as the bar is with-
drawn from an undercut when bucking.
Avoid Pull-In:
• Always begincuttingwiththeengineatfull
speed and the saw housing against wood.
• Use wedges
made of plastic or wood.
Never use metal to hold the cut open.
ack Path
Clear The Working
• Recognize
that kickback
With a basic understanding
of kickback,
you can reduce the element of surprise
which contributes to accidents.
• Never let the moving chain contact any ob-
ject at the tip of the guide bar.
• Keep the working area free from obstruc-
tions such as othertrees,
branches, rocks,
etc. Eliminate
or avoid
any obstruction that your saw chain could
hit while you are cutting.
When cutting a
branch, do not let the guide bar contact
branch or other objects around it.
• Keep your saw chain sharp and properly
A loose or dull chain can in-
crease the chance of kickback occurring.
Follow manufacturer's
chain sharpening
and maintenanceinstructions.
sion at regular intervals with the engine
never with the engine running.
Make sure the bar clamp nuts are securely
tightened after tensioning the chain.
• Beginandcontinuecuttingatfullspeed.
the chain is moving at a slower speed,
there is greaterchance
of kickback occur-
• Cut one log at a time.
• Use extreme caution when re-entering a
previous cut.
• Do not attempt cuts starting with the tip of
the bar (plunge cuts).
• Watch for shifting logs or other forces that
could close a cut and pinch or fall into
• Use the Reduced-Kickback
Guide Bar
and Low-Kickback
Chain specified
your saw.
Stand to the left of_
the saw
Never reverse
hand positions


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