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Husqvarna 115 13 81-26 Operator's Manual: Cutting Equipment

Husqvarna chainsaw operator's manual.
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Cutting equipment

This section describes how to choose and maintain your
cutting equipment in order to:
Reduce the risk of kickback.
Reduce the risk of the saw chain breaking or jumping
off the bar.
Obtain optimal cutting performance.
Extend the life of cutting equipment.
Avoid increasing vibration levels.
General rules
Only use cutting equipment recommended by us!
See instructions under the heading Technical data.
Keep the chain's cutting teeth properly
sharpened! Follow our instructions and use the
recommended file gauge. A damaged or badly
sharpened chain increases the risk of accidents.
Maintain the correct depth gauge setting! Follow
our instructions and use the recommended depth
gauge clearance. Too large a clearance increases
the risk of kickback.
Keep the chain properly tensioned! If the chain is
slack it is more likely to jump off and lead to increased
wear on the bar, chain and drive sprocket.
Keep cutting equipment well lubricated and
properly maintained! A poorly lubricated chain is
more likely to break and lead to increased wear on the
bar, chain and drive sprocket.
115 13 81-26 Rev.3 2009-01-14
Cutting equipment designed to reduce
WARNING! Faulty cutting equipment or
the wrong combination of bar and saw
chain increases the risk of kickback!
Only use the bar/saw chain combinations
we recommend, and follow the filing
instructions. See instructions under the
heading Technical data.
The only way to avoid kickback is to make sure that the
kickback zone of the bar never touches anything.
By using cutting equipment with "built-in" kickback
reduction and keeping the chain sharp and well-
maintained you can reduce the effects of kickback.
The smaller the tip radius the lower the chance of
A chain is made up of a number of links, which are
available in standard and low-kickback versions.
IMPORTANT! No saw chain design eliminates the
danger of kickback.
WARNING! Any contact with a rotating
saw chain can cause extremely serious
Some terms that describe the bar and chain
To maintain the safety features of the cutting equipment,
you should replace a worn or damaged bar or chain with
a bar and chain combinations recommended by
Husqvarna. See instructions under the heading Technical
Data for a list of replacement bar and chain combinations
we recommend.
Length (inches/cm)
Number of teeth on bar tip sprocket (T).
Chain pitch (inches). The spacing between the drive
links of the chain must match the spacing of the teeth
on the bar tip sprocket and drive sprocket.


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