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Husqvarna 115 13 81-26 Operator's Manual: Starter

Husqvarna chainsaw operator's manual.
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use a muffler if the spark arrestor mesh is missing or
The muffler is designed to reduce the noise level and to
direct the exhaust gases away from the operator. The
exhaust gases are hot and can contain sparks, which may
cause fire if directed against dry and combustible


WARNING! When the recoil spring is
wound up in the starter housing it is
under tension and can, if handled
carelessly, pop out and cause personal
Care must be exercised when replacing
the return spring or the starter cord.
Wear protective glasses and protective
Replacing the starter cord
Loosen the screws that hold the starter against the
crankcase and remove the starter.
Pull out the cord approx. 30 cm and hook it into the
notch in the rim of the pulley. Release the recoil spring
by letting the pulley rotate slowly backwards.
34 – English
Undo the bolt in the centre of the pulley and remove
the drive disc (A), drive disc spring (B) and the pulley
(C). Insert and secure a new starter cord in the starter
pulley. Wind approx. 3 turns of the starter cord on the
starter pulley. Fit the starter pulley so that the end of
the recoil spring (D) hooks into the starter pulley. Now
assemble the drive disc spring, drive disc and the bolt
in the centre of the pulley. Carry the starter cord
through the hole in the starter housing and the starter
handle. Tie a good knot on the starter cord.
Tensioning the recoil spring
Hook the starter cord in the notch in the pulley and
turn the starter pulley about 2 turns clockwise.
Note! Check that the pulley can be turned at least a
further 1/2 turn when the starter cord is pulled all the
way out.
Stretch the line with the handle. Move your thumb and
release the line. See the figure below.
115 13 81-26 Rev.3 2009-01-14


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