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Husqvarna 1100 CD Operator's Manual

Husqvarna 1100 CD Operator's Manual

Husqvarna chainsaw user manual
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Chain Saw

1100 CD
Operator's Manual



Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 1100 CD

  • Page 1: Chain Saw

    Chain Saw 1100 CD Operator's Manual...
  • Page 2 99 cm3 Displacement Bore 56 mm 40 mm Stroke Output on crankshaft 6.2 hp Speed at max. power 8000 rpm Fuel tank capacity 0.85 I Oil tank capacity 0.55 I Ignition system Femsa electronic GEF CD type Ignition advance Sparking plug Champion CJ 7 Y Bosch WKA 225 T 36 Carburetter...
  • Page 3 What’s what on the chain saw Einzelteile der Motorsage Apprenez Ziconnaitre votre tronconneuse 2------1 1. Starter handle 2. Starter 3. Fuel filler cap 4. Oil filler cap 5. Cylinder casing 6. Stop contact 7. Choke control 8. Starting throttle ratchet 9.
  • Page 4 1. Fuel and chain oiI Engine The saw is powered by a two-stroke engine. A petrol and oil admixture should be used as the fuel. 1. Kraftstoff und Kettenschmierol Motor Die Sage wird von einem Zweitaktmotor ~1-Mischung zu verwenden. Carburant et huile de Iubrification 1.
  • Page 5 Caution: When day turns into night the moisture in the air condenses and water readily forms in petrol tanks. For this reason make sure that the saw has a full tank when it is not in use and stored outdoors. Spare fuel cans should be fitted with airtight filler caps and it is advisable to rinse them out with fuel before filling them.
  • Page 6 Adjusting oil volume Einstellen der Olmenge R6glage du d6bit d’huile —. — . - .. The chain saw is equipped with an adjustable oil pump. Oil volume can be regulated screw to any of four different volume of oil, turn the adjusting and then align the mark on the screw with one of the figures 1 to 4.
  • Page 7 2. Maintenance Although the chain saw is partially run-in as supplied from the factory, it is advisable to begin using a new saw on small-dimension timber. Avoid sawing with the engine under full load for more than approx. half a minute during the first two days. This will ensure that all bearings are well bedded-in acquire a hard and durable surface.
  • Page 8 -. , After refueling, chain. This can be done against a Iight-coloured tree stump or other light surface. Nach dem Tanken prufen, ob die Kette geschmiert wird. Ulspritzer von der Iaufenden Kette mtissen auf einem heilen Baumstumpf oder einer anderen hellen Oberflache zu sehen sein.
  • Page 9 Daily maintenance 1. Cleaning the air filter. Back off the screws holding the cylinder casing. Tagliche Pflege 1. Reinigen des Luftfilters Die Schrauben zur Befestigung des Zylinderkopfes herausdrehen. Entretien quotidien 1. Nettoyage du flltre h alr D6vissez Ies vis de fixation du capot de cylindre. Remove the cylinder casing.
  • Page 10 Rinse the air filter in chain saw fuel or paraffin. Another way is to pour fuel onto the filter and then shake off the dirt. Assemble in reverse order. Das Luftfilter in Kraftstoff oder Petroleum waschen. Man kann auch Kraftstoff auf das Filter giessen und dann den Schmutz abschtitteln.
  • Page 11 Make sure that the oil hole in the guide bar is clean. Auch das Ulloch in der Schiene muss frei sein. Veillez egalement a ce que I’orifice d’huile du guide-chaine soit propre. At the same time, check that the guide bar is straight and undamaged.
  • Page 12 .-,.-,,... - . --------.-,---- Weekly maintenance Cleaning of starter and fan wheel. Back off the three screws holding the starter in place, Wochentliche oberholung Reinigen der Anwerfvorrichtung Lufters. Die drei Schrauben, mit denen die Anwerfvorrich- tung befestigt ist, Iosen. Entretien hebdomadaire Nettoyage du demarreur et du ventilateur Devissez Ies trois vis de fixation du demarreur.
  • Page 13 2. Cleaning and checking the sparking plug. Unscrew and remove the cylinder casing. 2. Ziindkerze reinigen und kontrollieren. Den Zylinderkopf abschrauben und abnehmen. 2. Nettoyage et contr~le de la bougie Devissez et enlevez Ie capot de cylindre. Disconnect the ignition cable from the sparking plug.
  • Page 14 Unscrew the sparking plug, using the combina- tion spanner. Die Zundkerze herausschrauben. binationsschiussel Devissez la bougie a I’aide de la cle combinee. C{ean tt~e sparking plug, removin9 all deposits use a hard, pointed object Clean the electrodes and between the threads and insulator base.
  • Page 15 Check and adjust the spark gap. Use a wire gauge. Note that a new sparking plug might not always be set at the correct gap. The gap should be 0.5 mm (0.02”). Den Elektrodenabstand prtifen und gegebenen- falls nachstellen. Mit einem Messdraht arbeiten. Auch eine neue Zundkerze kann einen falschen Elektrodenabstand aufweisen.
  • Page 16 Lubricating the needle bearing in the clutch drum. Lubricate the clutch bearing with the same type of grease as used for the guide bar with nose wheel, i. e. ball bearing grease. Use the grease gun supplied with the kit of tools: Remove the clutch housing.
  • Page 17 Other service measures 1. Carburetter adjustment This adjustment should preferably be carried out by a trained mechanic. [n an emergency, the following adjustment be carried out by the saw owner. Screw the L and H needles right in, exercising care — use the carburetter screwdriver.
  • Page 18 ~. Repairs. Reparaturen. Reparations 1. Changing the drive sprocket Remove the clutch housing, chain and guide bar. Disconnect the ignition cable from the sparking plug. 1. Austausch des Ritzels Kupplungsgehause men. Das Zundkabel von der Zundkerze abziehen. 1. Replacement Enlevez Ie carter d’embrayage, guide-chaine.
  • Page 19 Clean the clutch drum. Die Kupplungstrommel Nettoyez Ie tambour d’embrayage. Fit the drive sprocket on the engine shaft. Das Ritzel auf der Motorwelle montieren. Montez Ie pignon d’entrainement teur. Screw the clutch clockwise) fingertight subsequently started the clutch will be automati- cally tightened.
  • Page 20 s+”. @4=’-’-~- . ,, . - ,. 2. Changing the starter cord Back off the three starter retaining screws and lift the starter off. 2. Austausch des Anwerfseils. Die drei Schrauben, richtung befestigt ist, herausdrehen und die An- werfvorrichtung 2. Replacement Devissez Ies trois vis de fixation et sortez celui-ci.
  • Page 21 Thread a new cord into the pulley. If necessary, use a small screwdriver the end of the cord out of the pul!ey. Ein neues Seil in die Seilscheibe einziehen, Falls notig, mit einem kleinen Schraubenzieher arbeiten, urn das Seilende aus der Seilscheibe hervor zu bekommen, Engagez une nouvelle cordelette clans la poulie, Utilisez si necessaire un petit tournevis...
  • Page 22 Thread the new cord through the starter housing, Das neue Seil durch das Gehause der Anwerfvor- richtung, Faites passer la nouvelle cordelette a travers la paroi du Iogement de demarreur, starter handle and den Anwerfgriff und la poignee insert. den Einsatz einziehen. et la piece de blocage.
  • Page 23 Pull the knot into the insert, making sure not to pull it tight before it is inside the insert. Den Knoten in den Einsatz einziehen. sorgen, class der Knoten erst angezogen wird, bis er im Einsatz Iiegt. Tirez pour faire penetrer ce noeud clans la piece de blocage.
  • Page 24 mf$%?rf’i:!’ ““’”d k i ,% “,.. When the cord is fully wound onto the pulley, pull it out about two turns. Wind these two turns onto the pulley. The spring is now tensioned. Sobald das Seil vollig auf die Seilscheibe gewickelt ist, etwa 2 Windungen Diese zwei Windungen auf die Seilscheibe legen.
  • Page 25 When fitting the starter to the saw, pull the cord out a little way. Allow the cord to be pulled in while fitting the starter in position. Beim Einbau der AnwerfvOrriChtUn9 das Seil ein Stuck herausziehen. richtung anbringen und das Seil einlaufen lassen. Lors du remontage qonneuse, il convient...
  • Page 26 Back off the three screws holding the starter in place and remove it. Undo the pulley by backing off the screw in its centre. Die drei Befestigungssch rauben der Anwerfvor- richtung herausdrehen und die Anwerfvorrichtung abheben, Die Seilscheibe der Schraube in der Mitte Iosen. Devissez Ies trois vis de fixation \’? i et sortez celui-ci.
  • Page 27 Fit a new spring. Hold the cassette so that the spring is correctly positioned and can slide down round the spring bracket in the starter housing. Press the spring out of the cassette, making sure that it goes all the way down against the lower damper plate.
  • Page 28 n wintertime To ensure that your chain saw works satisfactorily in wintertime you should observe the following: 4. Winterbetrieb Fur einwandfreie Funktion der Sage im Winter ist folgendes zu beachten: 4. Utilisation en hiver Pour que votre tronqonneuse fonctionne correctement en hiver, il vous faut obser- ver ce qui suit: 0,75 m m (0.
  • Page 29 conomical operation Rule 1. Clean the air filter at least once daily. A good scheme is to alternate between two air filters so that you always have a clean filter ready to fit on the saw. Rule 2. Keep the cylinder cooling Remove daily any dirt that has fastened in them.
  • Page 30 your first chain saw? erste Motorsage? Votre ~remi~re tronconneuse? ..,. , .. .-... -.,,..-. Fitting the guide bar and chain Remove the nut on the clutch housing and the transit spacers. Montage von Schiene und Sagekette Mutter Kupplungsgehause Transporteinlagen...
  • Page 31 Fit the chain in the guide bar groove and round the nose wheel. Check that the tensioning stud is in position. Fit the clutch housing screwing the nuts on fingertight only. Die Sagekette in die Schienennut Umlenkrolle Iegen. Nachsehen, ob der Mitnehmer- zapfen richtig sitzt.
  • Page 32 - .. Fuel and oil The engine in model 1100 CD is a two-stroke and obtains its lubrication blended with the petrol. See the section on fuel and lubrication. Use regular petrol (90–94 octane) and a good-quality lubricating oil should also be used, Fill up the petrol tank and the oil tank at the same time.
  • Page 33 Place the saw on the ground and insert a foot in the rear handle. Grasp the front with your left hand and hold the starter handle in your right hand. Make sure that the chain cannot cut into brushwood or the like when the saw starts.
  • Page 34 engine As a rule, neither the throttle nor the choke need be used. Warmer Motor Gewohnlich werden weder Startgas noch Start- klappe benotigt. Moteur chaud II n’est generalement blocage demarrage, ni Ie starter. If the engine fails to start unless the throttle start- ing position is used, it may be because the car- buretter needs adjusting.
  • Page 35 Instructions for running-in On leaving the factory the guide bar and chain have not been run in. To ensure maximum service life it is therefore necessary to run them in care- fully and correctly. The instructions below explain how a new chain should be run in: Tension the chain, have been left to soak in oil overnight on the...
  • Page 36 Main- tenance instructions for the chain are summarised below. Model 1100 CD is fitted with a chain having a pitch of 0.404”. Kettenpflege Die Leistungsfahigkeit der Motorsage gehend...
  • Page 37 The cutting angle should be 90;. Der Brustwinkei SOII903 betragen. L’angle d’attaque doit @trede 902. The cutting angle will be correct held so that 1/10 of the diameter of the file is above the plane of the blade. Der Brustwinkel fallt richtig aus, wenn die Feile gehalten wird,...
  • Page 38 “ N Your personal equipment. Ihre personliche Ausrustung. Qu’il vous faut un equipment bien adapte. The chain is tightly stretched. Kette gestreckt ist. Que la chaine est bien tendue. The oil feed works properly. Ulzufuhr stattfindet. Que I’alimentation en huile fonctionne correctement.