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Samsung SIP-1212W User Manual page 4

Passive-infrared sensor


Please read the following recommend safety precautions
Do not Place this apparatus on an uneven surface.
Do not install on a surface where it is exposed to direct
sunlight, near heating equipment or heavy cold area.
Do not place this apparatus near.
Do not attempt to service this apparatus yourself.
Do not place a glass of water on the product.
Do not install near any magnetic sources.
Do not block any ventilation openings.
Do not place heavy items on the product.
User's Manual is a guidance book how to use the products
The meaning of the using sign in the book is following
Reference: in case of providing information for helping of
product's usages
Notice: If there's any possibility to occur any damages for the
goods and human caused by not following the instruction
Please read this manual for the safety before using of goods
and keep it in the safe place.
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