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GE JP989 Series Technical Service Manual

Radiant downdraft cooktop
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GE Consumer Service Training
Radiant Downdraft Cooktop
PUB # 31-9055


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 GE Consumer Service Training TECHNICAL SERVICE GUIDE Radiant Downdraft Cooktop MODEL SERIES: JP989 PUB # 31-9055 06/00...
  • Page 2 If grounding wires, screws, straps, clips, nuts, or washers used to complete a path to ground are removed for service, they must be returned to their original positions and properly fastened. GE Consumer Service Training Technical Service Guide Copyright © 2000 All rights reserved.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Cooktop Features ....... 2 Cooktop Controls ....... . 3 Care and Cleaning .
  • Page 4: Cooktop Features

    Cooktop Features Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from the customer’s model. GEA00181 Feature Index (Features and appearance may vary) Left Rear Surface Unit Bridge Surface Unit Left Front Surface Unit Vent Grille Vent Filter (below the vent grille) Right Rear Surface Unit Dual Surface Unit Model and Serial Number Label (under the cooktop,...
  • Page 5: Cooktop Controls

    Cooktop Controls Radiant Surface Units The control for the radiant surface unit can be set any- where between LO and HI for an unlimited number of heat settings. With the infinite switch, the coil cycles on and off to maintain the selected control setting. The surface unit’s ON indicator light will glow when any surface unit is on.
  • Page 6 Temperature Limiter Every radiant surface unit has a temperature limiter. The temperature limiter protects the glass cooktop from getting too hot. The temperature limiter may cycle the units off for a time • The cooktop is on while cooking. • The pan boils dry.
  • Page 7: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Radiant Surface Units SURFACE COOKING The radiant cooktop features heating units beneath a smooth glass surface. Do not store heavy items above the cooktop. If they drop onto the cooktop, they can cause damage. Never cook directly on the glass. Always use cookware.
  • Page 8 Note: On models with a white glass cooktop, any grease spatter or greasy residue from a dish towel will burn on the cooktop when the surface units are heated, leaving a brown stain. This can be removed with the cooktop cleaning cream and the razor scraper.
  • Page 9 be left until the surface of the cooktop has cooled. Do not continue to use the soiled surface unit until all of the spillage has been removed. Follow the steps under Heavy, Burned-On Soil to continue the cleaning process. Caution: If pots with a thin overlay of aluminum, copper, or enamel are allowed to boil dry, the overlay may bond with the glass cooktop and leave a black discoloration.
  • Page 10: Installation Requirements

    Installation Requirements Before you begin, read these instructions Electrical Requirements completely and carefully. WARNING: For personal safety, remove house fuse or circuit breaker before beginning installation. Note: Save these instructions for local inspector’s use. This appliance must be supplied with the proper •...
  • Page 11 Examples: 50 equivalent ft of ductwork have approximately 320 CFM. 100 equivalent ft of ductwork have approximately 265 CFM. JP989 Downdraft Cooktop Exhaust Blower CFM 6-in. Diameter Equivalent Duct Length 6 in. Diameter Equivalent Duct Length GEA00303 –...
  • Page 12: Unpacking Cooktop

    Unpacking Cooktop Parts Included: • (2) Hold-down retainers and screws • Foam gasket tape (9-ft. roll) • Blower discharge duct transition to 6-in. round • Vent grille pipe • Cleaning cream • (3) Sheet metal screws • Cleaning Scraper Sheet Metal Vent Grille Hold-down Retainers Screws...
  • Page 13: Cabinet Preparation

    Cabinet Preparation Step 1 – Preparing for Installation Step 2 – Preparing the Base Cabinet Positioning the cooktop This cooktop is designed to fit easily into a variety of cabinets. However, some cabinets may require The cooktop is designed to look best when cen- modifications.
  • Page 14 Step 5A – Blower to Ductwork Alignment Step 4 – Preparing the Countertop In general, the use of flexible ducting is discour- Clearance between inside front of cabinet and rear aged because it can cause severely restricted of countertop cutout must be 20-5/8 in. in order to airflow.
  • Page 15: Ductwork Calculations

    Ductwork Calculations Equivalent Number Equivalent TABLE 1 Duct Pieces Length* x Used = Length Calculate Total Equivalent Ductwork Length Equivalent Number Equivalent 6" round Duct Pieces Length*x Used = Length to 3 " x 10" transition 90 elbow 20 ft. 6"...
  • Page 16: Ductwork Installation

    Ductwork Installation Step 6 – Installing the Ductwork for rear wall and retrofit installations. A 5-in. round duct may be used on short duct runs Note: Local building code must be followed in of 3 ft or less, such as direct to outside wall venting. specifying approved type and schedule of all duct used.
  • Page 17 Foam Gasket Installation Notes: Step 7 – Installing the Foam Gasket • The foam gasket tape should be installed Caution: Do not install the cooktop into the within 1/8 in. of the edge of the glass. Do not countertop without installing the foam gasket, as stretch or twist the foam gasket tape.
  • Page 18: Cooktop Installation

    Cooktop Installation Step 8 – Installing the Cooktop Step 9 – Checking for Flatness Place the vent grille in position on the glass top Inspect the cooktop glass for rocking or uneven vent opening. Remove the tape holding the card- gap on all four sides at the countertop surface.
  • Page 19 Step 10 – Installing the Hold-Down Step 11 – Attaching the Blower Transition Retainers Duct Note: Check for glass flatness discussed in Step 9 Use the blower transition duct that is packed with before installing hold-down retainers. your cooktop for all downward duct installations to connect to 6-in.
  • Page 20: Electrical Installation

    Electrical Requirements* GEA00216 clamping tab is fully seated against the Model # Voltage Frequency wire compartment. JP989 120/240 V 60 Hz 8.8 kW 120/208 V 60 Hz 6.7 kW When complete, reinstall the wire com- *For reference only. Verify with product rating plate.
  • Page 21 Three-Conductor Branch Circuit Connection Step 15 – Making Electrical Connections Effective January 1, 1996, the National Electrical • When installing in existing construction built prior Code requires that new, but not existing, construc- to January 1, 1996 and if permitted by local codes: tion utilizes a four-conductor connection to an 3-Conductor Branch Circuit electric range.
  • Page 22: Removal And Replacement

    Removal and Replacement Control Assembly Servicing: Infinite Switches, Coil Select Switches, Blower Switch, and ON Lamp Servicing Caution: This cooktop has instant-on HOT surface indicator lights. Wiring reversals can cause a direct electrical short after all 4 surface units heat up and close all 4 limiter switches.
  • Page 23: Capacitor Replacement

    Capacitor Replacement (WB27X10363) WARNING: Disconnect the electrical power supply before servicing the capacitor. The capacitor is capable of storing voltage that could be lethal. Do not touch the bare connector terminals. 1. Remove the guard surrounding the capacitor shell. Some models have a flat plastic spacer between the capacitor shell and the motor.
  • Page 24: Glass Cooktop Removal From Countertop

    Glass Cooktop Removal from Countertop (Required for heater replacement or broken glass cooktop replacement.) WARNING: To avoid injury to eyes from ceramic fiber dust, heater assemblies should be serviced by removing the entire cooktop from the countertop opening and removing the glass assembly from the chassis. Caution: Fiber ceramic material on the heating element is very fragile–avoid contact.
  • Page 25 7. Remove (12) 1/4-in. chassis screws (A) that hold the glass and metal subplate to the cooktop box (3 screws from each side). 8. Raise the front of the glass and metal subplate assembly slightly and use pliers to bend 2 tabs (B) approximately 45 degrees outward.
  • Page 26: Heater Replacement

    Heater Replacement Method 1 – Using the prop rod. This method has fewer steps than Method 2, but has a higher risk of twisting and breaking the glass during replacement of the heater. Use this method only if you have good access to reaching around the propped cooktop to replace the heater.
  • Page 27: Broken Glass Replacement

    Caution: The cooktop has instant-on HOT surface indicator lights. Wiring reversals can cause a direct electrical short after all 4 surface units heat up and close all 4 limiter switches. Check the wire termina- tions for proper polarity of all L1 and L2 wires, H1 and H2 wires, and heater HOT light terminals #2 and #4.
  • Page 28 Perform Steps 1. thru 17. in Glass Cooktop Removal from Countertop section. 18. Verify that the flat styrofoam packing material from the new glass subassembly is in place on a table or countertop to be used as a work surface. 19.
  • Page 29: Reinstalling Glass Cooktop

    Reinstalling Glass Cooktop 1. Verify that the burner box chassis is sitting level in a stable position, diagonally across the countertop cutout. 2. Transfer the serviced or new glass and metal subplate back to the burner box chassis and insert guide tabs (B) into the slots (C) on the chassis front flange.
  • Page 30: Rocking Or Uneven Glass In Countertop

    15. Reinstall 7 knobs. 16. Reinstall the blower and reconnect the 5-pin white blower connector inside the center wiring compart- ment. 17. Reinstall wiring access cover with 4 screws, verifying that no wires are pinched under the cover. 18. Reinstall ductwork in blower outlet. Caution: Install hold-down clamps finger-tight only.
  • Page 31 Notes – 29 –...
  • Page 32: Illustrated Parts Breakdown

    Illustrated Parts Breakdown Parts list for Model No. JP989. Refer to microfiche for other model information. – 30 –...
  • Page 33 i r c i t p . y t A K) " 6 " 9 S ’ – 31 –...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting Information

    Troubleshooting Information s t i l l i t a l n i l l i o t i n s t i c r i t i u . y l c r i t i u t i n y t l t i n n i t...
  • Page 35 . o t . l a a l f l l i . y l a l f t i n l a t d i l o i t o i t l l i o i t o i t h t i .
  • Page 36: Schematics And Strip Circuits

    Schematics and Strip Circuits GEA00220 – 34 –...
  • Page 37: Strip Circuits

    Strip Circuits Blower COLOR SYMBOL BLUE YELLOW BLACK BLO SW ORANGE GREEN WHITE VIOLET G-10GA W-12GA BROWN R-10GA GEA00221 Left Rear Surface Unit THERMAL 1800W LIMITER SU LIT HOT LIT W-12GA R-10GA B-10GA GEA00222 Bridge Surface Unit 800W BRIDGE GEA00223 –...
  • Page 38 Strip Circuits Left Front Surface Unit THERMAL 1800W LIMITER SU LIT HOT LIT W-12GA R-10GA B-10GA GEA00224 Right Rear Surface Unit THERMAL LIMITER NATURAL 1500W SU LIT SINGLE HOT LIT NATURAL W-12GA R-10GA B-10GA GEA00225 Right Front Surface Unit 1500W 1000W DUAL NATURAL...
  • Page 39: Warranty Information

    Any part of the cooktop that fails due to a defect in materials or workman- From the date of the ship. During this full one-year warranty , GE will also provide, free of original purchase charge , all labor and in-home service to replace the defective part.