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Brix Streamer SIR-STRPNP1 User Manual

Sirius satellite radio user guide sir-strpnp1 2003 brix groupc.
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Brix Lab
A Division of Brix Group, Inc.
541 Division St.
Campbell, CA 95008
User Guide SIR-STRPNP1
2003 Brix Group


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    Brix Lab A Division of Brix Group, Inc. 541 Division St. Campbell, CA 95008 866-787-1810 User Guide SIR-STRPNP1 2003 Brix Group...

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    CONGRATULATIONS! Your new Streamer™portable Plug-n-Play from The Brix Group lets you enjoy SIRIUS® Satellite Radio’s digital entertainment streams anywhere you’ve installed one of our SIR-STRHK1 Home Docking Kits or SIR-STRVK1 or SIR-STRVK2 Vehicle Docking Kits (sold separately). Use this manual to familiarize yourself with all of Streamer’s features and capabilities.

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    Warning • When replacing a fuse, use only a new one with the proper rating. Using a fuse with the wrong rating Take the following precautions to prevent fire and may cause the unit to malfunction. avoid personal injury: • To prevent a short circuit when replacing a fuse, •...

  • Page 4

    Vehicle Docking Kit Installation Guide for SIR-STRVK1 or SIR-STRVK2 Kit (sold seperately) Note: Do not put Streamer in the docking station until you have completed the installation. Note: The SIR-STRVK1 Kit doesn’t come with the shown cassette SIR-STRVK1 Contents: adapter because it has a wireless FM transmitter. •...

  • Page 5

    Installation in a Vehicle: Mounting the Antenna 1. Temporarily plug the antenna into the •Best reception is achieved with the antenna mounted on “1-Sat/Terr (Main)” connector on the back the roof or trunk for convertibles. • If the vehicle has a roof rack or skid ribs, it may be of the cradle until it is firmly seated.

  • Page 6

    Installation in a home with the SIR-STRHK1 kit (sold separately) Note: Do not put Streamer in the docking station until you have completed the installation. 1. Plug the audio cable’s mini 3. Plug the antenna into the back connector into the back of the of the cradle until it is firmly cradle, as shown.

  • Page 7

    Streamer Controls and Features POWER Button Turns Streamer On and Off; exits the Stream, Category, Song & Artist List modes. Encoder Knob & Select Button: Navigates through display screens and makes selections of items highlighted on the display. (CW) Clockwise- increases or moves up in the menus.

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    Activating your SIRIUS Subscription Before you can listen to Streamer, you must 4. Hit the MENU button to enter the Setup Mode. subscribe to SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s service. 5. Turn the Encoder Knob left (counter-clockwise) 1. Make sure that Streamer is properly connected until “Sirius ID”...

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    Selecting Music 2. Use the up & down arrow buttons to move through the streams. If you stop on a stream it will In addition to the Normal Operation and play. Category Select screens, STREAMER has three ways to search for and select music: by Selecting Music by Artist (Artist List Mode) stream, by artist, and by song.

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    • The selected preset number will flash and then Searching for a Stream Preset remain lit on the display to show that it has been To search by list for a preset, press and hold the memorized. BAND button to enter Preset Tune Mode (P.TUNE). •...

  • Page 11

    Memory Button (S-Seek Function): 2. By holding down the MEMO button for 3 seconds, This feature allows the user to capture and store the stored memory information (one at a time) is the current program definition text- PDT (Artist & displayed on the LCD screen in page format.

  • Page 12

    b. If a selection is not chosen within 10 seconds If the MEMO button is pressed to save a currently after the last action, the screen will revert to the playing selection, and all of the memory spaces previously selected display and tuning mode. are full, S-Seek Full will flash on the display for 1 NOTE: Play of the current selection will continue second, followed by a pop-up screen presenting...

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    Sirius ID The current setting is indicated on the bar graph. Displays your 12 digit Sirius ID number. No Rotating the Encoder Knob adjusts the bar adjustments are allowed in this mode. To exit graph indication and function accordingly. To this option, press the Encoder Knob or Menu select and exit this function, press the Encoder Knob.

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    Upon adding a stream, the text “Lock” is removed 5. Press the Encoder Knob. from alongside the stream number/name. 6. Enter the default code “0000”. L o c k O p t i o n s Lock Options 7. The “New Code” prompt will appear. Enter your 0 0 1 Song Title new four digit code using the 0-9 nymber buttons.

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    The following adjustment options are possible: 1. Automatic Memory Search function - On or Off. Upon entering this mode, rotate the Encoder Knob Use the Encoder Knob to select between the 2 to highlight the desired function and press the options by highlighting the desired selection.

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    Time (Default-12:00pm) Time/Day: Use the Encoder Knob to increase (Clockwise) or Rotating the Encoder Knob toggles between decrease (Counter Clockwise) the alarm set time Time and Day. If Time is selected, use the in a circular motion on one line in the middle of Navigation Wheel increase (CW) or decrease the display from the default value (12:00pm).

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    • Rotate the Encoder Knob Wheel to toggle through FM Modulator to On the desired sleep times. When the desired time is • Audio Output Level to 50% highlighted, press the Encoder Knob. The unit • Access to all skipped Shuttles (Locked streams will now turn off after the selected time has expired.

  • Page 18: Month Limited Warranty

    12 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY The Brix Group (the “Company”) warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product that should this product or any part thereof, under normal use and conditions, be proven defective in material or workmanship within 12 months from the date of original purchase, such defect(s) will be repaired or replaced with new or reconditioned product (at the Company’s option) without charge for parts and repair labor.

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