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Gateway NE56R User Manual page 10

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• The power cable is connected to the computer before connecting the
power cable to the AC power outlet.
• The power cable is unplugged from the power outlet before
disconnecting the power cable from the computer.
• Three-pin power cords are connected to a grounded power outlet.
• The power outlet is easily accessible and as close to the computer as
possible (do not overload it with too many adapters).
If your computer uses an external AC adapter:
• Do not cover or place objects on the AC adapter. Allow the adapter to
cool properly during use by keeping it clear of objects.
• Only use the AC adapter that is supplied with your computer. Although
other adapters may look similar, using them can damage your computer.
If a replacement is required, use only parts certified for use with your
Cleaning your computer
• Always unplug your computer from the power outlet before cleaning it.
• Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners, use a damp cloth instead.
• Never spray cleaning product directly on the screen.
• If you spill liquid on your computer, switch it off immediately, unplug the
AC adapter, remove the battery and make sure it is completely dry
before switching it on again. Wait overnight if necessary.
Note: If your computer includes slots for memory cards or expansion
devices, plastic 'dummies' may be installed in the card slots. Dummies
10 - Computer Basics

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