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Pre-Installation - Bosch SST150-40 Installation And Operating Manual

Indirect fired water heaters
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2 Pre-installation

1. The installation must conform to the instructions in this
manual and all applicable local, state, provincial, and
national codes, laws, regulations, and ordinances.
Installations in Canada must conform to B149.2
Installation Code.
2. Be certain the domestic water supply to the tank has
physical and chemical characteristics that fall within the
limits shown in Table 2A. Where questions exist as to
the composition of the water on the job, a qualified
water treatment expert should be consulted.
Water with characteristics outside the limits shown in
Table 2A may severely shorten the life of the tank due
to corrosion. Damage to tanks in such cases is not
covered under warranty.
3. Read and understand all installation requirements in
this manual.
Water Chemistry Requirements
Water used in the tank must have characteristics falling
within the following limits:
Chloride (PPM)
Indirect Fired Water Heaters Installation and Operating Manual
Table 2A
Installation & Operating Manual
Locating the Tank
1. Choose a location for your water heater centralized to
the piping system. You must also locate the SST water
heater where it will not be exposed to freezing
temperatures. Additionally, you will need to place the
water heater so that the controls, drain, and inlet/
outlets are easily accessible. This appliance must not be
installed outdoors, as it is certified as an indoor
appliance, and must also be kept vertical on a level
2. Keep distance between boiler and water heater to a
minimum to:
a. reduce piping heat loss
b. provide minimal friction loss
3. Figure 1-1 on page 6 shows the weights of all the tanks
filled with water. Make sure that the location chosen for
the tank is capable of supporting it.
This appliance must be placed where leakage from
the relief valve, leakage from the related piping, or
leakage from the tank or connections, will not result
in damage to the surrounding areas, or to the lower
floors of the building. A water heater should always
be located in an area with a floor drain or installed in
a drain pan suitable for water heaters. The
manufacturer shall not be held liable for any such
water damage.
4. The tank may be located some distance from the boiler
provided the pump is designed to provide the flow
called for in Table 3B - Pressure Drop Values, through
the coil. Also, the further the tank is from the boiler, the
longer the response of the boiler will be to a call from
the tank zone. Insulate piping between the boiler and
the tank.
Failure to properly support the tank could result in
property damage or personal injury.
Recommended Clearances
The installation location must provide adequate clearances
for servicing and proper operation of the water heater. A
12 inch vertical clearance is recommended from the top of
the water heater. A zero clearance is allowed for the sides
of the water heater. However, boiler and servicing
clearances must be figured when locating the water
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