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Please Read Before Proceeding - Bosch SST150-40 Installation And Operating Manual

Indirect fired water heaters
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Please Read Before Proceeding

Installer – Read all instructions before installing.
Perform steps in the order given. Have this indirect
water heater serviced/inspected by a qualified
service technician, at least annually. Failure to comply
with the above could result in severe personal injury,
death or substantial property damage.
When calling or writing about the appliance
– Please have the indirect water heater model and
serial number from the indirect water heater rating
– Consider piping and installation when determining
appliance location.
– Any claims for damage or shortage in shipment
must be filed immediately against the
transportation company by the consignee.
– Factory warranty does not apply to appliances
improperly installed or improperly operated.
• Water heated to temperatures for
clothes washing, dish washing, and other
sanitizing needs can scald and cause
permanent injury.
• Children, elderly, and infirm or physically handicapped
persons are more likely to be permanently injured by
hot water. Never leave them unattended in a bathtub or
shower. Never allow small children to use a hot water
tap or draw their own bath.
• If anyone using hot water in the building fits the above
description, or if state laws or local codes require
certain water temperatures at hot water taps, you must
take special precautions:
• Use lowest possible temperature setting.
• Install some type of tempering device, such as an
automatic mixing valve, at hot water tap or water
heater. Automatic mixing valve must be selected and
installed according to valve manufacturer's
recommendations and instructions.
• Water passing out of drain valves may be extremely
hot. To avoid injury:
• Make sure all connections are tight.
• Direct water flow away from any person
• Protection Must Be Taken Against Excessive
Temperature and Pressure! Installation of a
Temperature & Pressure (T&P) relief valve is required.
Failure to adhere to the guidelines on this page can
result in severe personal injury, death, or substantial
property damage.
Indirect Fired Water Heaters Installation and Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual
If the information in this manual is not followed
exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing
property damage, personal injury or loss of life.
This appliance MUST NOT be installed in any location
where gasoline or flammable vapors are likely to be
• Do not try to light any appliance.
• Do not touch any electric switch; do not use any
phone in your building.
• Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor's
phone. Follow the gas supplier's instructions.
• If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire
• Installation and service must be performed by a
qualified installer, service agency, or the gas
When Servicing the Indirect Water Heater -
To avoid severe burns, allow the appliance to cool
before performing maintenance.
Indirect water heater operation –
Should overheating occur or gas supply fail to shut off, do
not turn off or disconnect electrical supply to circulator.
Instead, shut off the gas supply at a location external to
the appliance.
Do not use this appliance if any part has been under
water. The possible damage to a flooded appliance can be
extensive and present numerous safety hazards. Any
appliance that has been under water must be replaced.
The following chart details the relationship of water
temperature and time with regard to scald injury and may
be used as a guide in determining the safest water
temperature for your applications.
120° F
125° F
130° F
135° F
140° F
145° F
150° F
155° F
More than 5 minutes
1 ½ to 2 minutes
About 30 seconds
About 10 seconds
Less than 5 seconds
Less than 3 seconds
About 1 ½ seconds
About 1 second
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