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Assembly; Fitting The J-Handle; Adjusting The Harness; Assembling The Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna J-handle set 335L X-series Operator's Manual

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Fitting the J-handle

WARNING! Only grass blades/grass cutters
or trimmer heads/plastic blades may be used
when the J-handle is fitted. Saw blades must
never be used with the J-handle.
Clip the loop handle onto the shaft. Note that the loop
handle must be fitted between the arrows on the shaft.
Slide the spacer into the slot in the loop handle.
Fit the nut, knob and screw. Do not overtighten.
Attach the J-handle to the loop handle using the three
screws, as shown.
Now adjust the trimmer to give a comfortable working
position. Tighten the bolt/knob.

Adjusting the harness

Put on the harness and hang the machine from the support
hook. Now make a final adjustment so that the machine is in
a comfortable working position when it hangs from the
6 –


Assembling the cutting equipment


Fitting the guard extension

CAUTION! The guard extension shall always be fitted when
using the trimmer head/plastic blades and combination
guard. The guard extension shall always be removed when
using the grass blade and combination guard.
Enter the guard extension guide in the slot of the combination
guard. Then click the guard extension into position on the
guard with the four quick-fasteners.
The guard extension is removed easily using the spark plug
spanner, see illustration.
When fitting the cutting attachment it is
extremely important that the raised section
on the drive disc/support flange engages
correctly in the centre hole of the cutting
attachment. If the cutting attachment is fitted
incorrectly it can result in serious and/or
fatal personal injury.
WARNING! Never use a cutting attachment
without an approved guard. See the chapter
on Technical data. If an incorrect or faulty
guard is fitted this can cause serious
personal injury.


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