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Grass Clearing Using A Grass Blade - Husqvarna J-handle set 335L X-series Operator's Manual

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Grass clearing using a grass blade

Grass blades and grass cutters must not be used on
woody stems.
A grass blade is used for all types of tall or coarse grass.
The grass is cut down with a sideways, swinging
movement, where the movement from right-to-left is the
clearing stroke and the movement from left-to-right is the
return stroke. Let the left-hand side of the blade (between
8 and 12 o'clock) do the cutting.
If the blade is angled to the left when clearing grass, the
grass will collect in a line, which makes it easier to collect,
e.g. by raking.
Try to work rhythmically. Stand firmly with your feet apart.
Move forward after the return stroke and stand firmly
Let the support cup rest lightly against the ground. It is
used to protect the blade from hitting the ground.
Reduce the risk of material wrapping around the blade by
following these instructions:
1 Always work at full throttle.
2 Avoid the previously cut material during the return
Stop the engine, unclip the harness and place the
machine on the ground before you start to collect the cut
WARNING! Neither the operator of the
machine nor anyone else may attempt to
remove the cut material while the engine is
running or the cutting equipment is rotating,
as this can result in serious injury.
Stop the engine and cutting equipment
before you remove material that has wound
around the blade shaft as otherwise there is
a risk of injury.
WARNING! Watch out for thrown objects.
Always wear approved eye protection. Never
lean over the cutting attachment guard.
Stones, rubbish, etc. can be thrown up into
the eyes causing blindness or serious injury.
Keep unauthorised persons at a distance.
Children, animals, onlookers and helpers
should be kept outside the safety zone of 15
m. Stop the machine immediately if anyone
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