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Preparing To Install The Air Conditioner; Before You Begin; Electrical Requirements - GE AG_14 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

Ge 14,000/18,000 btu models room air conditioners
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Preparing to install the air conditioner.

Read these instructions completely and carefully.

Before You Begin

NOTE TO INSTALLER: Leave these instructions with
the air conditioner after installation is completed.
NOTE TO CONSUMER: Keep this Owner's Manual
and Installation Instructions for future use.
For personal safety, this air conditioner must be
properly grounded.
It is important to have the wall outlet and circuit
checked by a qualified electrician if there is any
doubt as to whether a proper ground exists.
Follow National Electric Codes (NEC) and/or local
codes and ordinances.

Electrical Requirements

Some models require 115/120-volt a.c.,
60 Hz grounded outlet protected with
a 15-amp time delay fuse or circuit breaker.
The 3-prong grounding plug minimizes the
possibility of electric shock hazard. If the wall outlet
you plan to use is only a 2-prong outlet, it is your
responsibility to have it replaced with a properly
grounded 3-prong wall outlet.
Tools You Will Need
Phillips-head screwdriver
Flat-blade screwdriver
Ruler or tape measure
Scissors or knife
Do not, under any circumstances, cut or
remove the third (ground) prong from the
power cord.
Do not change the plug on the power cord
of this air conditioner.
Aluminum house wiring may present
special problems—consult a qualified
Some models require 230/208-volt a.c.,
protected with a time delay fuse or circuit
breaker. These models should be installed
on their own single branch circuit for best
performance and to prevent overloading
house or apartment wiring circuits, which
could cause a possible fire hazard from
overheating wires.



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