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GE AG_14 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions page 6

Ge 14,000/18,000 btu models room air conditioners
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About the controls on the air conditioner.
Additional controls and important information.
Energy Saver
The energy saver switch controls the fan.
ON —The fan and compressor cycle on and off
together. This results in wider variations of room
temperature and humidity. Normally used when
the room is unoccupied.
Vent Control
The vent control is located above the control knobs.
When set at CLOSE , only the air inside the room will
be circulated and conditioned. When set at OPEN ,
some inside air is exhausted outside.
Air Direction – Side-to-Side
CIRCULAIRE (on some models)
For fixed side-to-side air direction, set the
Circulaire switch to ON until the desired air
direction is obtained, then move it to OFF .
For continuous side-to-side air circulation, set the
Circulaire switch to ON and leave it there.
Air Direction – Up and Down
Fingertip pressure on the bank of horizontal louvers
adjusts the air direction up or down.
(on some models)
OFF — The fan runs all the time, while the
compressor cycles on and off.
This switch must be set at OFF in order to use
the fan settings (on the mode control).
To open the vent, pull the lever toward you.
To close it, push it in.



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