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Operating Your Compact Coffee Maker - KitchenAid Compact Coffee Maker Instructions Manual

Compact coffee maker 4-cup
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Operating Your Compact Coffee Maker

Good quality water is vital to the
brewing of good coffee, so it is
important to follow these
recommendations when using your
Compact Coffee Maker:
• Use fresh tap water or filtered water
only; distilled or spring/mineral water
is NOT recommended.
• Remove calcium build-up from your
coffee maker regularly.
Before using, rinse the coffee maker by
running it through a cycle with water
only. Wash all removable parts in hot,
soapy water; rinse with clean hot water
and dry. (All removable parts are
dishwasher safe.)
Electrical Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded
3 prong outlet.
Do not remove ground
Do not use an adapter.
Failure to follow these
instructions can result in
death, fire or electrical
1. Plug in the coffee maker.
2. Remove the Carafe from the
Warming Plate.
3. Open the Water Tank Lid.
4. Using the Carafe filled with fresh,
cool water, fill the Water Tank with
the amount of water needed for the
amount of coffee you wish to make.
DO NOT fill to a level higher than
the top marking on the Water Tank.
5. Swing the Filter Holder out of the
coffee maker. Place a paper filter in
the Filter Holder. Use a #2 cone
shape filter.
6. Fill the filter with one rounded
scoop of medium to coarse ground
coffee for each cup you are making,
using the included scoop. Use more
coffee for a stronger brew, less for
7. Swing the Filter Holder back into
the coffee maker until it clicks into
closed position.
8. Place the Carafe on the Warming
Plate. Make sure the Carafe Lid is
in position on the Carafe.
9. Switch the coffee maker ON; the
ON/OFF Light will come on. (If
you remove the Carafe from the
Warming Plate during brewing, the
Automatic Pause & Pour Valve will
prevent liquid from dripping on the
Warming Plate. NOTE: The Lid
must be in place on the Carafe for
the Automatic Pause & Pour Valve
to operate.)



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