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HP -UX 11i v2 Support Manual

Fibre channel mass storage adapters with fibrchanl-02 (fclp) driver
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HP Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapters
Support Guide FibrChanl-02 (fclp) Driver
HP-UX 1 1i v2 and 1 1i v3
HP Part Number: J4301-90007
Published: March 2008
Edition: Edition 1


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for HP HP-UX 11i v2

  • Page 1 HP Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapters Support Guide FibrChanl-02 (fclp) Driver HP-UX 1 1i v2 and 1 1i v3 HP Part Number: J4301-90007 Published: March 2008 Edition: Edition 1...
  • Page 2 Sales and Service Office. U.S. Government License Proprietary computer software. Valid license from HP required for possession, use or copying. Consistent with FAR 12.211 and 12.212, Commercial Computer Software, Computer Software Documentation, and Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the U.S.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Online Firmware Updates...30 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters Offline Driver and Firmware Updates...30 Preparing to Update...30 Updating the Firmware...30 Fibre Channel Device Scanning Policy Configuration for HP Integrity Systems...31 Modifying the Scanning Policy...31 A Regulatory Statements...33 Regulatory Statements...33 FCC Statement (USA Only)...33...
  • Page 4 Certification and Classification Information...34 Product Information...34 Usage Restrictions...34 Laser Safety (Finland) LASERTURVALLISUUS...35 B Technical Specifications...37 AD299A Technical Specifications...37 AD355A Technical Specifications...38 Index...39 Table of Contents...
  • Page 5 List of Figures Flowchart 1: Configuration Test...26 Flowchart 2: Fibre Channel Connections Test...28 Flowchart 3: Boot Test...29 Japanese VCCI Statement...34 Class 1 Laser Label...34...
  • Page 7 List of Tables Fibre Channel Adapter Bundle and Product Names...13 Cable Products...16 Hardware Path Field Descriptions...18 AD299A/AD355A LED Interpretation Table...21 ...3 7 ...3 8...
  • Page 9 List of Examples Hardware Path for a Direct Fabric Attach Device...18 Hardware Path for a Private Loop Device...18...
  • Page 11: Adapter Overview

    In the “Internet & Networking” category, select “I/O Cards and Networking Software”. Select “Fibre Channel”. HP Fibre Channel Mass Storage is a high-speed connection for mass storage. It transmits data faster than existing SCSI mass storage interconnects. HP Fibre Channel Mass Storage networks are ideal for data-intensive applications, including data mining, atmospheric modeling, multimedia, geographic information systems, and medical imaging.
  • Page 13: Fibre Channel Adapter Installation

    Support Matrix at: Determine if the adapter is a Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) using the HP Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Support Matrix. If the adapter is not a CRU, contact your HP representative for installation assistance. Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) must be installed or replaced by qualified Hewlett-Packard service representatives only.
  • Page 14: Installing Adapter Hardware

    Additional HBAs may be supported; see the HP-UX Fibre Channel (fcd and fclp) Host Bus Adapter Support Matrix at information on supported products. To install the software bundle, follow these steps: Log in to the system as root. Insert the CD or DVD into the drive.
  • Page 15: Installing The Fibre Channel Adapter

    See the HP Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Support Matrix, at: For detailed instructions on using OL* on HP-UX 11i v2 , 11i v3, and later HP-UX releases, see the Interface Card OL* Support Guide and the Interface Card OL* Support Matrix at:
  • Page 16: Attaching The Adapter To Other Fibre Channel Devices

    CLAIMED /dev/fclp5 fclp_fcp CLAIMED fclp_vbus sdisk 17). BUS_NEXUS Local Bus Adapter BUS_NEXUS PCItoPCI Bridge INTERFACE HP AD355-60001 4Gb PCIe 2-port INTERFACE FCP Domain CLAIMED INTERFACE FCP Device Interface CLAIMED DEVICE CLAIMED DEVICE BF03658242 INTERFACE HP AD355-60001 4Gb PCIe 2-port...
  • Page 17: Verifying Connectivity

    If the ioscan output indicates a problem, contact HP for assistance. Verifying Connectivity Once your HP Fibre Channel Mass Storage software and hardware are installed and running, follow these steps to verify connectivity: Check the state of all Fibre Channel hardware and interfaces. Enter the ioscan command and verify that the Hardware State and the HW-Interface State are CLAIMED.
  • Page 18: Interpreting Hardware Paths

    Bus Target LUN Domain Area Port Bus Target LUN Private Loop 8: HP-UX uses a Domain ID of 8 to indicate private loops. Fibre Channel switches seen by HP-UX hosts cannot be configured with domain ID of 8. 255. For other LUN methods, the value of this field is the Loop ID of the target device.
  • Page 19 Table 2-3 Hardware Path Field Descriptions (continued) Fibre Channel Topology of HBA Field Value Fabric Topologies Target Depends on the Fibre For LUNs with Peripheral Device Channel topology and Addressing, the value of this field is the the LUN addressing lower 4-bits of the third byte of the method used.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting And Maintenance

    Troubleshooting Fibre Channel problems can involve a variety of hardware and software components. A problem affecting the system may originate in another part of the Fibre Channel Mass Storage interconnect. If you cannot solve the problem on your own, contact your HP representative.
  • Page 22 ROM Firmware version Example of ioscan entry after installation fc 0 0/2/0/0/0/0 fclp CLAIMED INTERFACE HP AD299-60001 4Gb PCIe 1-port Fibre Channel Adapter fcp 1 0/2/0/0/0/0.108 fclp_fcp CLAIMED INTERFACE FCP Domain ext_bus 3 0/2/0/0/0/ fclp_vbus CLAIMED INTERFACE FCP Array Interface target 15 0/2/0/0/0/ tgt CLAIMED DEVICE...
  • Page 23: Hp Support Tools Manager

    2 0/2/0/0/0/ sctl CLAIMED DEVICE HP MSA CONTROLLER HP Support Tools Manager This section describes how to use HP Support Tools Manager (STM) to gather information about the Fibre Channel adapters, diagnose problems, and update firmware. STM runs in three modes: •...
  • Page 24: Event Monitoring Service

    • Diagnose Tool The Diagnose Tool runs a loopback test on a Fibre Channel adapter. This test is destructive and must only be run by qualified personnel or on instruction from an HP Support Representative. NOTE: STM also includes a Firmware Update tool. This tool cannot be used to update the firmware on Fibre Channel adapters.
  • Page 25: Installing And Configuring Support Tools Manager And Ems

    All HP Fibre Channel adapters support the HP Offline Diagnostics Environment (ODE). ODE is an offline support tools platform for troubleshooting HP/9000 and HP Integrity systems running without an operating system, or systems that cannot be tested using online tools. The offline environment is also useful for testing before a system is booted.
  • Page 26: Diagnostic Flowcharts

    Flowchart 3: Boot Test See the Support Matrix for the Fibre Channel adapter you are troubleshooting for current system and adapter firmware requirements and other information. Support Matrixes for HP Fibre Channel adapters are available at: Figure 3-1 Flowchart 1: Configuration Test...
  • Page 27: Flowchart 1: Configuration Test Procedures

    /etc/ioscan-f. For more information, see the ioscan manpage. HP adapter displayed? The ioscan output displays information about every peripheral adapter in the system backplane. C. Hardware state = CLAIMED? The hardware state is operational if “CLAIMED” displays for the Fibre Channel adapter under the Hardware State heading.
  • Page 28: Fibre Channel Connections Test

    Fibre Channel Connections Test Figure 3-2 Flowchart 2: Fibre Channel Connections Test Troubleshooting and Maintenance Verify that the FC adapter is properly seated Adapter problem, Call HP Verify that the connectors are solidly connected Verify the connection to the device...
  • Page 29: Flowchart 2 Connections Test Procedures

    To verify that it is seated correctly, power on the system. Adapter problem, call HP. Contact your HP service representative for assistance. C. Verify that the connectors are solidly connected. Without powering off the system, make sure that the connectors on the fiberoptic cable match the keyed connectors on the adapter, and that they are solidly connected.
  • Page 30: Flowchart 3: Boot Test Procedures

    HP, and have loaded it into an EFI filesystem called fs0. Theefi_cp command can be used to copy files from HP-UX into an EFI partition. It is important to make sure that the EFI filesystem is not attached to the adapter you are about to update. It is often helpful to write down the EFI directory and filename of the firmware file, because you will be required to enter the directory and filename as part of the update.
  • Page 31: Fibre Channel Device Scanning Policy Configuration For Hp Integrity Systems

    EFI driver. Another way that an HP Integrity server can speed the boot process is to pass the known boot path directly to the EFI driver. The EFI driver then only needs to search the SAN for that particular target and LUN.
  • Page 32 Select (highlight) the Configure Boot Parameters option and press Enter. Select (highlight) the Boot Target Scan option and press Enter. Select one of the scanning policies from the list presented. The Boot Path from NVRAM Targets option, which is the default option, requires additional configuration in the Configure Boot Devices option in the previous menu.
  • Page 33: A Regulatory Statements

    A Regulatory Statements This appendix contains the regulatory statements and declarations of conformity for the HP Fibre Channel host bus adapters. Regulatory Statements FCC Statement (USA Only) The Federal Communications Commission (in 47 CFR 15.105) has specified that the following notice be brought to the attention of the users of this product.
  • Page 34: Vcci Statement (Japan)

    VCCI Statement (Japan) Figure A-1 Japanese VCCI Statement Laser Safety Statements Certification and Classification Information This product contains a laser internal to the Optical Link Card/Optical Link Module (OLC/OLM) for connection to the Fibre communications port. In the USA, all models of the OLC/OLM are certified as Class 1 laser product and conform to the requirements contained in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Regulation 21 CFR subchapter J.
  • Page 35: Laser Safety (Finland) Laserturvallisuus

    Laser Safety (Finland) LASERTURVALLISUUS LASERTURVALLISUUS LUOKAN 1 LASERLAITE KLASS 1 LASER APPARAT Fibre Channel 1063 MBaud Optical Link -kortille on asennettu optista tiedonsiirtoa varten laserlähetin, joka lähettää signaalit siihen kytketyn optisen kuidun kautta. Normaalissa toimintatilassa lähetin on käyttäjälle turvallinen luokan 1 laserlaite, eikä käyttäjä voi altistua sen lähettämälle säteilylle.
  • Page 37: B Technical Specifications

    B Technical Specifications This appendix provides technical specifications for the Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters. AD299A Technical Specifications Table B-1 Performance Characteristics Characteristics Bus Interface PCI Express Lane Speed Connectivity Link Speed Link Distance Connector Physical Length Width Height Weight Electrical Standards Environmental...
  • Page 38: Ad355A Technical Specifications

    AD355A Technical Specifications Table B-2 Performance Characteristics Characteristics Bus Interface PCI Express Lane Speed Connectivity Link Speed Link Distance Connector Physical Length Width Height Weight Electrical Standards Environmental Temperature Relative Humidity Altitude Electromagnetic Europe Germany Japan Laser Safety Technical Specifications PCI Express x4 2.5 Gb/s Dual port Fibre Channel, multi-mode short-wave optical link...
  • Page 39: Index

    Index cable products, 16 cabling requirements, 13 customer replaceable units (CRUs), 13 diagnose tool, 24 diagnostic flowcharts flowchart 1, configuration test, 26 flowchart 2 procedures, 27 flowchart 2, FC connections test, 28 flowchart 3 procedures, 29 flowchart 3, boot test, 29 Event Monitoring Service (EMS), 24 Fibre Channel adapter monitor description, 24...

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