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HP PCIe U320 User Manual

HP PCIe U320 User Manual

Scsi host bus adapter
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HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus

User guide

Part number: AH627–96001
1st edition: March 2007


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for HP PCIe U320

  • Page 1: User Guide

    HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter User guide AH627-96001 Part number: AH627–96001 1st edition: March 2007...
  • Page 2 Legal and notice information © Copyright 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Confidential computer software. Valid license from HP required for possession, use or copying. Consistent with FAR 12.21 1 and 12.212, Commercial Computer Software, Computer Software Documentation, and Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the U.S.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents About this guide ......Intended audience ........Document conventions and symbols .
  • Page 4 6 Technical specifications ..... A Regulatory compliance and safety ....41 Regulatory compliance .
  • Page 5 Figures 1 ..Kit contents ........2 ..Removing the bracket screws ......3 ..Removing the stand-offs .
  • Page 6 Tables 1 ..Document conventions ....... 2 ..SCSI capabilities ....... . 3 ..Tabs displayed by device type .
  • Page 7: About This Guide

    About this guide This guide provides information about: • installing and connecting devices to the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter • configuring the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter • troubleshooting the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter Intended audience This guide is intended for the person who installs, administers, and troubleshoots servers and storage systems.
  • Page 8: Hp Technical Support

    NOTE: Provides additional information. TIP: Provides helpful hints and shortcuts. HP technical support For worldwide technical support information, see the HP support website: Before contacting HP, collect the following information: • Product model names and numbers • Technical support registration number (if applicable) •...
  • Page 9: Documentation Feedback

    • Documentation feedback HP welcomes your feedback. To make comments and suggestions about product documentation, please send a message to All submissions become the property of HP. User guide...
  • Page 10 About this guide...
  • Page 11: Features

    1 Features The HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter represents the seventh generation of parallel SCSI technology, an I/O interface that is committed to increased performance while maintaining backward compatibility and legacy support. The HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter is a dual channel Ultra 320 SCSI PCIExpress (PCIe) host adapter.
  • Page 12 Features...
  • Page 13: Installation

    2 Installation CAUTION: Back up your system data before changing or installing hardware. Follow the steps in this chapter to install the host bus adapter. 11312 Figure 1 Kit contents The HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter package includes: •...
  • Page 14: Planning The Installation

    WARNING! When installing the adapter in a server in a rack, to reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the equipment, adequately stabilize the rack before extending a component outside the rack. Extend only one component at a time. A rack may become unstable if more than one component is extended. The installation procedure involves the following steps: Planning the installation (see page 14) Preparing the server (see page 16)
  • Page 15: Removing The Bracket Screws

    The last device in the bus — that farthest from the adapter — must be properly terminated for each SCSI bus. When planning device termination, keep the following in mind: • Use an LVD terminator if you are only using LVD devices. Although you can use a Single-Ended terminator, all devices will be limited to Ultra SCSI speeds and cable lengths.
  • Page 16: Preparing The Server

    Use a small, flat screwdriver to remove the four stand-offs on the external connectors, as shown in Figure 11315 Figure 3 Removing the stand-offs Remove the bracket and replace it with the low-profile bracket. Verify that the new bracket is oriented correctly, as shown in Figure 11316 Figure 4 Card with low-profile bracket...
  • Page 17: Installing The Adapter Hardware

    Installing the adapter hardware CAUTION: Electrostatic discharge can damage electronic components. Be sure you are properly grounded before beginning this procedure. For more information, see "Appendix: Electrostatic discharge" on page 53. To install the host bus adapter hardware: Open the server case. WARNING! To reduce the risk of personal injury from hot surfaces, allow the drives and the internal system components to cool before touching them.
  • Page 18: Installing Drivers

    Power up the server and peripherals. The HP U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter comes pre-configured to operate properly in a variety of common setups. However, some systems may benefit by tuning the adapter for a specific application. See Chapter on page 25 for information on changing host adapter settings. Installing drivers After installing the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter, you must configure your system to recognize and use it by installing drivers for your operating system.
  • Page 19: Validating The Scsi Bus (Windows Only)

    Unzip the driver package and view the readme.txt file for release notes and installation instructions. HP provides patches for the AH627A driver in the Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels to allow the driver to operate on the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter. Updating firmware The HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter ships with the latest firmware installed.
  • Page 20 Installation...
  • Page 21: Scsi Domain Validation Utility (Windows Only)

    3 SCSI Domain Validation utility (Windows only) The SCSI Domain Validation utility tests the physical connection between host adapter and devices to ensure that the desired data transfer speeds can be achieved. Domain Validation eliminates the guesswork of determining transfer rates and is a handy tool for configuring SCSI busses. As SCSI performance has increased over the past several years, it has become more important to verify that the connections between the host adapter and storage devices, such as cables, connectors and target, are capable of handling high-speed data transfers.
  • Page 22: Running The Domain Validation Utility

    Follow the directions in the installer to finish the installation. Running the Domain Validation utility To run the ATTO SCSI Domain Validation tool: Launch the tool. Select the adapter Channel of the SCSI bus, as shown in Figure Figure 6 Domain Validation Utility Select the tests to be run.
  • Page 23 The SCSI Domain Validation help text provides useful information about setting up the tests. Review the help text for a more detailed explanation of the tool. User guide...
  • Page 24 SCSI Domain Validation utility (Windows only)
  • Page 25: Configuration Tool

    4 Configuration tool The HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter ships with the latest firmware installed and configuration set to work in most installations. Use the ATTO Configuration Tool to see information about installed adapters, drivers and devices, and change NVRAM settings on the adapter. This program executes under: •...
  • Page 26: Using The Configuration Tool

    Using the Configuration Tool NOTE: The HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter is designed to operate properly using factory settings. Entering invalid or incorrect settings when using an NVRAM configuration utility, such as the ATTO Configuration Tool, may cause your host adapter to function incorrectly. CAUTION: Back up system data before installing or changing hardware configurations.
  • Page 27: Nvram Settings

    to the adapter and channel selected. See "NVRAM settings" on page 27 for information about the NVRAM settings. PCI information is displayed in the PCI Info tab. The current status of the Configuration Tool is represented in the Status window at the bottom of the display screen.
  • Page 28 Fallback Sync Choices: 40/20, 20/10, and 10/5 Rate (MB/s) Default: 40/20 Specifies the maximum synchronous transfer rate to be negotiated when the adapter detects a Single-Ended SCSI bus. The bus is Single-Ended when Ultra SCSI devices are connected to the bus. Bus Reset Delay Read only;...
  • Page 29 Sync Rate (MB/s) Choices: Sync DT IU (320, 160), Sync DT (160, 80, 40), Sync ST WIDE (80, 40, 20, 10), Sync ST Narrow (40, 20, 10, 5) Default: Sync DT IU 320. If synchronous transfers are enabled, the sync rate specifies the maximum rate at which host bus adapter negotiates with the selected target ID.
  • Page 30 Configuration tool...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    5 Troubleshooting This chapter describes troubleshooting techniques that can be used to identify and resolve issues associated with the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter. Some of these techniques may seem simplistic or overly obvious, but these are the ones that are commonly overlooked and can take several hours of frustration to find.
  • Page 32: Windows Installation Troubleshooting

    Windows installation troubleshooting When working properly, the ATTO Technology Banner should appear shortly after booting the computer, as shown in Figure Figure 7 ATTO Technology Banner The adapter will be listed as ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D SCSI Adapter in the Windows Device Manager, as shown in Figure Figure 8 Adapter in Windows Device Manager...
  • Page 33 Symptoms Troubleshooting steps • Check the adapter installation (see Investigating the adapter The host adapter is installed installation, page 31). in the computer but it does not appear during the system • Verify that the latest version of the computer BIOS is installed. Use BIOS scan.
  • Page 34 Symptoms Troubleshooting steps The host adapter is detected When working properly, the host adapter will be listed in the Windows during the system's BIOS scan Device Manager, as shown in Figure 8 on page 32. but it is not detected by the •...
  • Page 35: Linux Installation Troubleshooting

    Linux installation troubleshooting Table 5 Linux troubleshooting table Symptoms Troubleshooting steps The host adapter driver On some Red Hat Linux distributions, the driver may not automatically load was loaded properly and when the system is booted. everything was working, but •...
  • Page 36: Configuration Tool Messages

    Symptoms Troubleshooting steps The host adapter is The command dmesg can be used to see what devices are detected on recognized, but it does not each SCSI bus. detect any of the connected • Check the SCSI devices and cables (see Investigating the SCSI cables SCSI devices.
  • Page 37: Maximizing Performance In Windows

    Table 7 Messages from Flash tab actions Error message Solution This is not a flash file, or it is The flash file is corrupt or the Configuration Tool does not recognize the file corrupt. as a flash file. Only select flash files from the product CD or downloaded from the HP website.
  • Page 38: Increase Transfer Size

    Increase transfer size If you are writing to an application that uses a lot of sequential disk I/O to a contiguous area on disk, you should use as large a transfer size as possible to reduce overhead on the system, on the SCSI bus and within disk drives.
  • Page 39: Technical Specifications

    6 Technical specifications Environmental and physical specifications: • Operating temperature: 0–45 °C • Humidity: 10–90% non-condensing • Airflow: 100 LFM (min.) Reliability • MTBF: 150,000 hours • MTTR: <15 minutes PCI signal compatibility • 3.3 Volts/5 Volts universal Dimensions • Length: 19.05 cm (7.5 in.) •...
  • Page 40 Technical specifications...
  • Page 41: A Regulatory Compliance And Safety

    A Regulatory compliance and safety Regulatory compliance Regulatory compliance identification numbers For the purpose of regulatory compliance certifications and identification, your product has been assigned a unique Regulatory Model Number. The RMN can be found on the product nameplate label, along with all required approval markings and information.
  • Page 42: Class B Equipment

    Modifications The FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard Company may void the user's authority to operate the equipment. Cables Connections to this device must be made with shielded cables with metallic RFI/EMI connector hoods in order to maintain compliance with FCC Rules and Regulations.
  • Page 43: Laser Safety Warning

    EMC Directive 89/336/EEC — EN55022 and EN55024 Compliance with these directives implies conformity to applicable harmonized European standards (European Norms) which are listed on the EU Declaration of Conformity issued by Hewlett-Packard for this product or product family. BSMI notice...
  • Page 44: Japanese Notice

    Japanese notice Korean notices Safety Taiwan battery recycling notice The Taiwan EPA requires dry battery manufacturing or importing firms in accordance with Article 15 of the Waste Disposal Act to indicate the recovery marks on the batteries used in sales, giveaway or promotion. Contact a qualified Taiwanese recycler for proper battery disposal.
  • Page 45: Japanese Power Cord Notice

    and current rating marked on the product. In addition, the diameter of the wire must be a minimum of 1.00 mm or 18 AWG, and the length of the cord must be between 1.8 m (6 ft) and 3.6 m (12 ft). If you have questions about the type of power cord to use, contact an HP authorized service provider.
  • Page 46: Dutch Notice

    Dutch notice Verwijdering van afgedankte apparatuur door privé-gebruikers in de Europese Unie Dit symbool op het product of de verpakking geeft aan dat dit product niet mag worden gedeponeerd bij het normale huishoudelijke afval. U bent zelf verantwoordelijk voor het inleveren van uw afgedankte apparatuur bij een inzamelingspunt voor het recyclen van oude elektrische en elektronische apparatuur.
  • Page 47: Finnish Notice

    Finnish notice Laitteiden hävittäminen kotitalouksissa Euroopan unionin alueella Jos tuotteessa tai sen pakkauksessa on tämä merkki, tuotetta ei saa hävittää kotitalousjätteiden mukana. Tällöin hävitettävä laite on toimitettava sähkölaitteiden ja elektronisten laitteiden kierrätyspisteeseen. Hävitettävien laitteiden erillinen käsittely ja kierrätys auttavat säästämään luonnonvaroja ja varmistamaan, että laite kierrätetään tavalla, joka estää...
  • Page 48: Greek Notice

    Greek notice Hungarian notice Készülékek magánháztartásban történ selejtezése az Európai Unió területén A készüléken, illetve a készülék csomagolásán látható azonos szimbólum annak jelzésére szolgál, hogy a készülék a selejtezés során az egyéb háztartási hulladéktól eltér módon kezelend . A vásárló a hulladékká vált készüléket köteles a kijelölt gy jt helyre szállítani az elektromos és elektronikai készülékek újrahasznosítása céljából.
  • Page 49: Italian Notice

    Italian notice Smaltimento delle apparecchiature da parte di privati nel territorio dell'Unione Europea Questo simbolo presente sul prodotto o sulla sua confezione indica che il prodotto non può essere smaltito insieme ai rifiuti domestici. È responsabilità dell'utente smaltire le apparecchiature consegnandole presso un punto di raccolta designato al riciclo e allo smaltimento di apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche.
  • Page 50: Lihuanian Notice

    Lihuanian notice Nolietotu iek rtu izn cin šanas noteikumi lietot jiem Eiropas Savien bas priv taj s m jsaimniec b s Š ds simbols uz izstr d juma vai uz t iesai ojuma nor da, ka šo izstr d jumu nedr kst izmest kop ar citiem sadz ves atkritumiem. J s atbildat par to, lai nolietot s iek rtas tiktu nodotas speci li iek rtotos punktos, kas paredz ti izmantoto elektrisko un elektronisko iek rtu sav kšanai otrreiz jai p rstr dei.
  • Page 51: Portuguese Notice

    Portuguese notice Descarte de Lixo Elétrico na Comunidade Européia Este símbolo encontrado no produto ou na embalagem indica que o produto não deve ser descartado no lixo doméstico comum. É responsabilidade do cliente descartar o material usado (lixo elétrico), encaminhando-o para um ponto de coleta para reciclagem.
  • Page 52: Spanish Notice

    Spanish notice Eliminación de residuos de equipos eléctricos y electrónicos por parte de usuarios particulares en la Unión Europea Este símbolo en el producto o en su envase indica que no debe eliminarse junto con los desperdicios generales de la casa. Es responsabilidad del usuario eliminar los residuos de este tipo depositándolos en un "punto limpio"...
  • Page 53: B Electrostatic Discharge

    B Electrostatic discharge To prevent damaging the system, be aware of the precautions you need to follow when setting up the system or handling parts. A discharge of static electricity from a finger or other conductor may damage system boards or other static-sensitive devices. This type of damage may reduce the life expectancy of the device.
  • Page 54 Electrostatic discharge...
  • Page 55: Glossary

    Glossary ANSI American National Standards Institute arbitrate Process of selecting one L_Port from a collection of ports which ask for use of the arbitrated loop at the same time. Asynchronous AIP: although most Ultra320 traffic is sent synchronously and protected by CRC, Information Pro- some information is still sent asynchronously.
  • Page 56 is almost complete so that it can prepare for the next transfer while the target completes the current transfer. full duplex A communication protocol which allows transmission in both directions at the same time. half duplex A communication protocol which allows transmission in both directions, but only one direction at a time.
  • Page 57 process by eliminating the bus free phase. When combined with packetization, reduces command overhead and maximizes bus use. read and write Minimizes data transfer overhead by allowing a target to send one data stream data streaming (LQ) packet followed by multiple data packets. Minimizes overhead of data transfers because the target can send one data stream packet followed by multiple data packets.
  • Page 58 Glossary...
  • Page 59: Index

    Index ESD (electrostatic discharge) audience, 7 obtaining additional information, 53 Avis Canadien, regulatory compliance notice, prevention measures, 53 storing products, 53 transporting products, 53 European Union, regulatory compliancex09 notice, 43 batteries Taiwan EPA recycling and disposal, 44 boot straps, using, 53 BSMI, regulatory compliance notice, 43 FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
  • Page 60 installation regulatory compliance connecting devices, 17 information number, 41 drivers, 18 notices installing the adapter hardware, 17 BSMI, 43 planning, 14 Canada, 43 preparing the server, 16 Class A, 41 replacing the bracket, 15 Class B, 42 system requirements, 13 European Union, 43 troubleshooting...
  • Page 61 Windows installing drivers, 18 warnings troubleshooting installation, 32 lasers, radiation, 43 work mat, static-dissipating, 53 waste electrical and electronic equipment wrist straps directive, 45 specifications, 53 waste equipment disposal for EU private using, 53 households, 46 websites customer self repair, 8 HP Subscriber's Choice for Business, 8 User guide...

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