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Features; Maintenance; Care And Cleaning - Zanussi 30L User Manual

Electrical water heater calore control



 Digital Control
- The appliance provides the user with a full control of
the desired water temperature to satisfy his/her
 Maintenance free tank
- This appliance tank is not equipped with a
magnesium anode, so no need to service the tank
 Anti-Burn system
- The appliance will detect any abnormal temperature
increase and disconnect the heating element to
protect it from damage
When this occurs, an E2 signal will blink
continuously on the appliance LED screen and
beep sound will be heard for 60 seconds.
 Over heating Protection
- If water temperature increased above 90°C the
control unit will stop heating process to protect the
user and appliance from overheated water.


The water heater requires no special maintenance, no anode change. The safety limiter, which cuts both phases
and leaves the water heater without voltage; protect the appliance from excessive heating due to a possible
thermostat fault.
If this case occurred, you must call the Service Center for it to be repaired
The MANUFACTURER reserves the right to modify the characteristics and specifications of its products, without prior notice.

Care and cleaning

 All the repair and maintenance must be carried out by
customer service authorized technicians.
 A clean soft cloth or wet sponge can be used for the
When this occurs, an E3 signal will blink
continuously on the appliance LED screen and
beep sound will be heard for 60 seconds.
 Quad Safety
- The appliance is protected from overheating-
overpressure with four types of safety:
1. On board Overheating protection
2. Mechanical thermal fuse
3. Relief valve
4. Non return valve
 HD polyurethane insulation foam
- High-density polyurethane foam injected between
the inner tank and the outer shell.
1. To reduce power consumption
2. Keep heat loss controlled
The material of the foam was chosen carefully to give
the best performance for a long life.
Electric circuit
 Appliance malfunctions should be repaired on its time
to keep the performance of it.
 Dissolvent products are not allowed for the cleaning.

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