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Control Panel; Usage; - Zanussi 30L User Manual

Electrical water heater calore control


Use a 16 Amp Overload switch to connect your
appliance to the power supply, Overload switch
can be replaced by 16-20 Amp socket and plug.
- If the appliance is provided with "EARTH" terminal, it
must be checked that the electrical installation of the
premises or house is equipped with the "EARTH" line.

Control Panel


 Filling
- Once the water heater has been installed, open the
water source valve. Turn on the hot taps. When the
water starts to run through it with constant flow, the
water heater will be full. Then close the outlet taps and
make sure there are no leaks in the installation.
Do not connect the water heater to the main power
supply without being sure that it is full of water.
 Operation
- Turn on the main switch so the appliance has voltage
on ,the display will be ON
 Standby mode
the display of the control unit is lighting ON , show
the currently temperature of the water while it is
blinking continuously
- the two Red and Green indicators will be in Off state
(not lighting)
- the heater will be in standby mode
Adjusting water temperature
- Press the power button on the control panel.
- The display will show the currently measured
temperature steadily
- After 30 second, the control unit will going to ON
state, red indicators will lighting on, and one beep
sound will be heard from the appliance.
- Press Increment or decrement buttons to adjust the
desired temperature from 35 °C to 80 °C.

(operating mode)
- If it does not have the standard "EARTH", we
recommend installing a differential switch
(ELCB/RCCB) with a value of ≤ 30 mAmp.
It is strictly forbidden to tamper with or replace
parts (including the power supply cable, as only
the Technical Support Services are allowed to do it).
- After the temperature had been adjusted to the
desired value, the display will start blinking for 5
second to the setting temperature value, and then get
stable to the currently measured temperature.
Each press to the increment / decrement buttons
will increase /decrease the setting temperature
by 1°C consequently
Long press to the increment / decrement buttons will
increase /decrease the setting temperature by 5°C
- The heating element will heat up the water inside
the tank until the water temperature reaches to the
setting value, then heater will go to OFF state.
- Red indicator will be Off , and green indicator will be
ON , and two beeps sound will be heard from the unit
- After the water inside the tank gets cooler, and the
temperature will be lower than the setting
temperature by 5°C , the heating process will start
working again and heat the water inside the tank
- The operation will repeat continuously in automatic
manner as long as the electrical source connected to
the water heater.
- In case of main power source goes down or sudden
shut-off ,The digital control unit will keep (save) the
last setting temperature inside its memory ,After the
main power comes again, the unit will be powered on
and going to the operation state (ON state or OFF
state ) according to the setting temperature and the
currently measured temperature.

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