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Water Drain Hose - Electrolux ESL 6610RO User Manual

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Water drain hose

The highest point of the drain hose must
be no more than 600 mm from the floor
and must have a continuous fall to the
plumbing connection.
The drain hose can be lengthened using
additional lengths and connectors. These
must be purchased from Electrolux Spare
Parts. The extension length must not ex-
ceed 2 metres.
In order to pass the safety valve through
the kitchen cabinets, an opening of at
least 45 mm x 90 mm is needed.
The drain hose must be free of obstruc-
Remove the sink plug when the appliance
drains the water to prevent that the water
goes back into the appliance.
The appliance has a security feature to
prevent dirty water going back into the
appliance. If the spigot of the sink has a
non-return valve, this valve can cause the
appliance to drain incorrectly. Remove the
non-return valve.
If you connect the water drain hose to a
trap spigot under the sink, remove the
plastic membrane. If you do not remove
the membrane, remaining food can cause
a blockage in the drain hose spigot.



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