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HP 318 User Manual

Hewlett-packard digital camera user guide.
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  • Page 3 318 digital camera user guide...
  • Page 4 Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material. HP, the HP logo, photosmart, and the photosmart logo are property of Hewlett-Packard Company. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1: Getting started Camera parts ......... 1 Quick setup .
  • Page 6 Getting assistance ........62 Visiting HP Web sites....... 62...
  • Page 7 Visiting related Web sites ......62 Contacting HP Customer Support ..... 63 Obtaining support within the United States .
  • Page 8 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Getting started Your HP photosmart 318 digital camera takes high-quality pictures you can share with family and friends on the Internet or by e-mail. It comes with software for manipulating, storing, and printing your photos. Your camera includes the following features: 2.3 megapixel (MP) resolution...
  • Page 10 CF card flash button indicator level HP photosmart 318 User Guide flash viewfinder lens CF memory card compartment door CF memory card ejector lever flash setting digital zoom...
  • Page 11: Quick Setup

    Quick setup Setting up your digital camera is quick and easy—follow these steps and you’ll be ready to take pictures. Step 1: Attach the wrist strap 1 Thread the short loop through the wrist strap attachment that is located under the CF memory card compartment door.
  • Page 12: Step 3: Turn The Camera On

    2 Press the dial to select the language. If you chose the wrong language, you can change it by using the Setup menu. OFF POWER ) dial to HP photosmart 318 User Guide switch to the right...
  • Page 13: Step 5: Set The Camera Date And Time

    Step 5: Set the camera date and time After you select the camera language, the camera prompts you to enter the current date and time. After you have set the camera’s clock, it records the date and time at which you take each picture. 1 Turn the dial to point to the date format, and then press dial to change it.
  • Page 14: Using The Control Dial

    PRINT DELETE (DPOF) 2 Turn the dial to the right until the desired icon is selected on the image display. Each icon represents an action or a menu. A VIEW MAGNIFY SETUP THUMB- NAILS HP photosmart 318 User Guide EXIT...
  • Page 15: Storing Images On A Cf Memory Card

    Storing images on a CF memory card Your digital camera comes with 8 megabytes (MB) of internal memory so that you can store images directly in the camera. However, it also has a slot for an optional CF memory card. The CF memory card allows you to expand your camera’s memory so...
  • Page 16 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 17: Chapter 2: Taking Pictures

    Taking pictures This chapter describes the basic process of taking pictures with your digital camera and gives you tips for taking the best pictures. When you are familiar with this process, you can use the advanced camera functions described in later chapters.
  • Page 18: Using Automatic Focus And Automatic Exposure

    If you do not want your subject to be in the middle of the image or if the subject lacks contrast, use focus lock. button all the way down without pausing. button all the way SHUTTER HP photosmart 318 User Guide button SHUTTER button SHUTTER...
  • Page 19: Previewing Your Pictures

    1 Frame a subject that is the same distance from the lens as your subject. 2 Press the SHUTTER until you see the green light next to the viewfinder. 3 Keeping the SHUTTER camera to frame your subject. 4 Press the SHUTTER Previewing your pictures Instead of looking through the viewfinder to frame a picture, you...
  • Page 20: Tips For Taking The Best Pictures

    The camera’s automatic focus has a range of 20 cm 2.5 meters setting in low light, use a tripod to SHUTTER button all the way down to SHUTTER button, the camera cannot find a focus or HP photosmart 318 User Guide FLASH ON setting to button halfway down.
  • Page 21 (about 8 inches) to infinity and focuses on the object in the center of the frame. • If the light on your subject is low, wait for better natural light or use the flash. For more information, see “Using the flash” on page 21.
  • Page 22 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 23: Chapter 3: Reviewing Your Images

    Reviewing your images After you have taken some pictures and they are stored in the camera, you can view them by using the image display. While viewing your images, you can magnify or delete images, or create a print order to print a set of photos. To preserve battery life, connect an AC power adapter (optional) while using the image display.
  • Page 24: Creating A Print Order

    You can print photos from your print order in one of two ways: date the picture was print order (DPOF) taken information and print order icon ) button or turn the camera off. HP photosmart 318 User Guide status line...
  • Page 25 When you transfer your images from the camera to a computer, the print order is copied along with them. If you have set up your HP Automatic Image Unload software to do so, the computer reads the print order and prints the specified images.
  • Page 26: Deleting Your Images

    Yes, and then press the Note From the Delete menu, you can also choose to Format Memory (or Format CF Card if a CF memory card is installed). dial to scroll to dial to dial. HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 27: Viewing Small Versions (thumbnails) Of Your Images

    Viewing small versions (thumbnails) of your images You can view up to nine of your images at the same time on the image display. To look at thumbnails of your images 1 Turn the camera on. 2 Press the dial twice to open the main menu. 3 Turn the dial to scroll to the View Thumbnails icon, and then press the...
  • Page 28 8 Repeat steps 6 and 7 to scroll the image left and right or to reduce the magnification. 9 To return to a full view of the image, select the Exit icon, and then press the dial to magnify the image. dial to pan left or right dial. dial. HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 29: Chapter 4: Adjusting The Camera Settings

    Adjusting the camera settings You can modify the camera settings to fit the current picture-taking conditions and your preferences. For example, you can adjust the flash settings to fit current lighting conditions, and you can use the self-timer to take a picture with yourself in it. This chapter describes how to: use the flash.
  • Page 30 The flash will not be used, regardless of the lighting conditions. Use this setting in places where flash photography is not permitted. If necessary, use a tripod to hold the camera steady. ) button repeatedly until the flash setting HP photosmart 318 User Guide button cycles...
  • Page 31: Changing The Image Quality

    flash button Changing the image quality The camera has three image quality settings: Good, Better, and Best. The current image quality setting is indicated by one, two, or three stars on the status LCD. In addition, if the image display is on, GOOD, BETTER The image quality setting determines the quality of your images...
  • Page 32: Using The Digital Zoom

    With digital zoom, you always use the image display to preview your image and see the effect of the zoom. The image display shows the image you will capture, as shown in the example below. ) button repeatedly until the image quality indicator HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 33: Using The Self-timer

    To use the digital zoom 1 Turn the camera on. 2 Press the DIGITAL ZOOM zoom. The image display comes on automatically and DIGITAL ZOOM Note Pressing the timer. 3 Use the image display to frame your subject. To cancel the digital zoom, press the button twice.
  • Page 34: Setting The Date And Time

    3 Turn the dial to scroll to the Setup icon, and then press the dial to open the Setup menu. 4 Turn the dial to scroll to Date & Time, and then press the dial. self-timer indicator HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 35: Changing The Camera Language

    Setting the welcome screen When you first turn the camera on, the welcome screen displays the HP Invent logo. You can configure the welcome screen to display an image of your choice. To change the image on the welcome screen 1 Turn the camera on.
  • Page 36 Setup menu. 6 Turn the dial to scroll to Welcome Screen, and then press the 7 Turn the dial to scroll to either This Image or HP Logo, and then press the dial. dial. HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 37: Chapter 5: Sharing And Printing Images

    This chapter describes how to use the camera with the following equipment: a Microsoft® Windows® computer a Microsoft Windows NT® computer an Apple Macintosh® computer a computer on which you have not installed the HP software a card reader a printer equipped with a card reader Sharing and printing images...
  • Page 38: Using The Camera With A Windows Computer

    Using the camera with a Windows computer You can copy the images in your digital camera to a Microsoft Windows computer. System requirements for a Windows computer To work with your camera, your computer must meet or exceed the following requirements.
  • Page 39: Installing The Software On A Windows Computer

    Installing the software on a Windows computer 1 Insert the HP photosmart 318 CD into your computer’s CD- ROM drive. The installation window automatically appears. If the installation window does not appear, use Windows Explorer or My Computer to locate your CD-ROM drive, and then double-click the file Setup.exe.
  • Page 40: Unloading Images To A Windows Computer

    The automatic unload procedure is the preferred method. For descriptions of the other methods, see the online documentation with the HP Photo Imaging software. To conserve battery power, you can use an AC adapter (optional) when you are unloading images to your computer.
  • Page 41: Using The Camera With A Windows Nt 4.0 Computer

    CF memory card (purchased separately) and then transfer them from the card to the computer through either a memory card slot in an HP printer equipped with one or through a memory card reader. To use an HP printer that has a memory card slot Follow the instructions in your printer documentation to transfer images from the memory card to your Windows NT 4.0 computer...
  • Page 42 3 Insert the memory card into the memory card slot in the memory card reader. 4 Turn the computer on if you haven’t already. 5 Double-click the HP Photo Imaging Software icon on the Windows desktop. The main window of the HP Photo Imaging Software opens.
  • Page 43: Using The Camera With A Macintosh Computer

    Using the camera with a Macintosh computer You can transfer the images in your digital camera to an Apple Macintosh computer. System requirements for a Macintosh computer To work with your camera, your Macintosh computer must meet or exceed the following requirements.
  • Page 44: Installing The Software On A Macintosh Computer

    To use the camera’s automatic unload feature, install the ArcSoft PhotoImpression with Automatic Image Unload software from the camera CD. 1 Insert the HP photosmart 318 CD into your computer’s CD- ROM drive. 2 Click the installer icon, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install the software.
  • Page 45: Unloading Images To A Macintosh Computer

    Note The camera uses a USB connection, so you do not need to turn the computer off when connecting or disconnecting the camera. To connect the camera to a Macintosh computer 1 Make sure the camera is turned off. 2 Plug the smaller end of the USB cable (supplied) into the camera.
  • Page 46: Tips For Unloading Images To A Macintosh Computer

    To pause the automatic unload, click Pause. You can set up your HP Automatic Image Unload software so that certain tasks occur automatically after the images are unloaded from the camera. In the HP Automatic Image Unload window, click Options.
  • Page 47: Unloading Images Without Using The Software

    In the HP Automatic Image Unload Options window, you can disable the automatic unload feature. To turn the feature on again, open the Automatic Image Unload Options file in the ArcSoft PhotoImpression folder. The automatic unload software stores your images in a folder called Macintosh HD:ArcSoft PI:Photos: date.
  • Page 48: Using A Card Reader

    Printing images without a computer If your printer has a slot for a CF memory card, as the HP photosmart 1000 and higher series printers do, you can print your images directly from the card. For more information, see your printer’s documentation.
  • Page 49: Chapter 6: Storing Images In Memory

    Storing images in memory When you first unpack your digital camera and begin taking pictures, the images are stored in the camera’s internal memory. This makes it easier than ever to save pictures; there’s no need for film of any kind. You can delete unwanted images from the camera anytime, making space available for new images.
  • Page 50: Determining The Number Of Pictures You Can Take

    Pictures taken with an image quality of require the least amount of memory. You can store a maximum of approximately 113 such images on the camera. number of images remaining in memory BEST (three stars) BETTER (two stars) GOOD (one star) HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 51: Using A Cf Memory Card

    CF memory card. Note The HP photosmart 318 digital camera is shipped without a CF memory card. If you do not install a CF memory card, all images are automatically stored in internal memory.
  • Page 52: Installing A Cf Memory Card

    The card should fit easily almost all the way into the slot. If it stops when it is only partially inserted, turn the card over and try again. Do not force the card into the camera. HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 53: Checking The Cf Memory Card Status

    6 Gently push the CF memory card all the way into the camera. 7 Close the CF memory card door. If you cannot close the CF memory card door, you might not have inserted the card correctly. Remove the card and try again. Checking the CF memory card status If you have a CF memory card installed in the camera, the letters appear in the status LCD and in the status line of the image...
  • Page 54: Using Both Internal Memory And A Cf Memory Card

    Either make room on the CF memory card or turn the camera off and replace the CF memory card. 6 Turn the dial to select Yes, and then press the dial. HP photosmart 318 User Guide dial.
  • Page 55: Formatting Memory

    CF memory card along with the images. Formatting memory The internal memory installed in your digital camera is formatted at the factory. Under ordinary circumstances, you do not need to format it. However, if the camera does not store images properly, you might want to try formatting the internal memory.
  • Page 56 Make sure you are formatting the correct card! If you’re not sure, check the contents of the card before you format it. NO IMAGES ON CF CARD) appears on the HP photosmart 318 User Guide NO IMAGES...
  • Page 57: Chapter 7: Powering And Maintaining Your Camera

    Powering your camera Your digital camera can be powered by batteries or an HP- approved AC power adapter. For convenience, use batteries when you are taking pictures. To preserve battery power, use an AC...
  • Page 58 When using the camera with a computer or when using the image display for extended periods of time, use an AC power adapter that HP has approved for use with your digital camera. Limit your use of the image display, except when using an AC power adapter.
  • Page 59: Replacing Batteries

    Replacing batteries The camera uses four AA batteries. You can use photo-lithium or photo-quality alkaline AA batteries, or rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. You can purchase additional batteries from your local camera or electronics store. Note If you choose to use rechargeable batteries, you must recharge them in a separate device, outside the camera.
  • Page 60: Using An Ac Power Adapter

    Use only an AC power adapter that HP has approved for use with the camera. Use of any other adapter will void your warranty and can damage your camera.
  • Page 61: Caring For Your Camera And Accessories

    Caring for your camera and accessories Camera Keep the lens clean to help you take sharp, clear photos with the best possible focus. Use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the lens and status and image displays to clean off any fingerprints and dust.
  • Page 62: Safety Precautions

    Use only the HP-approved AC power adapter. Failure to do so could damage the camera or cause a fire. Use of a non-HP AC power adapter will also void your camera’s warranty. The image display of your digital camera contains mercury.
  • Page 63: Chapter 8: Troubleshooting, Support, And Warranties

    Troubleshooting, support, and warranties Problems and solutions Problem Possible cause The camera The batteries are not does not turn functioning correctly. The AC adapter is not functioning correctly. Troubleshooting, support, and warranties Solution Check the following conditions: • The type of batteries that you have installed in the camera may not be the appropriate type for a digital camera.
  • Page 64 Purchase higher-grade batteries, such as “ultra-” or “premium-” grade alkaline or lithium batteries, or switch to rechargeable NiMH batteries. These batteries are available from various battery manufacturers. Always carry the camera securely in a case. HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 65 Problem Possible cause The NiMH batteries you are using were recharged incorrectly. The wrong The batteries were date and/or dead or were time is removed from the shown. camera for more than 10 minutes. The incorrect The wrong language language is was selected when set on the you started the...
  • Page 66 For more information, see “Using focus lock” on page 10. If you are photographing a moving object, try using focus lock. Hold the camera steady as you press button, or use a tripod. SHUTTER HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 67 Problem Possible cause My image is There was not too dark. enough light. The flash was on, but the subject was too far away. A light shone behind the subject. Your finger blocked the flash. My image is The flash provided too bright.
  • Page 68: Error Messages

    USB Mass Storage Support (version 1.3.5) update. Solution Reformat the CF memory card or replace the card. Press the button to turn the image display off and use the viewfinder to frame your pictures. HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 69: Error Message

    Error Possible cause message CF CARD The CF memory card needs REQUIRES to be formatted. FORMATTING INVALID DATE! You set an invalid date, such as February 31, 2002. NO IMAGES ON You attempted to view CF CARD images, but no images are stored on the CF card that is in the camera.
  • Page 70: Getting Assistance

    HP through e-mail, phone, and other methods. Visiting related Web sites Links to third-party Web sites are provided solely as a convenience to you. HP has not reviewed all of these third-party sites and does not control and is not responsible for any of these sites or their content.
  • Page 71: Contacting Hp Customer Support

    Contacting HP Customer Support In addition to the Web, you can contact HP by telephone or mail for support and service for your camera. Prices, availability, and hours of support are subject to change without notice. How HP can help HP's support hotline can help resolve problems with setup, installation, configuration, and operation.
  • Page 72: Obtaining Support Worldwide

    180 days of product purchase. HP will determine the hardware service offering based upon the outcome of system self-test programs run by the customer through the initial call to the HP Customer Care Center. If during your technical support call it is determined that your product needs replacement, then HP will ship you this replacement product next business day free of charge.
  • Page 73 Belgium Dutch: +32 (0)2 626 8806 French: +32 (0)2 626 8807 Brazil (11) 3747 7799 (Grande São Paulo) 0800 157 751 (Demais regioes) Canada 905 206 4663 (for support during the warranty period) 877 621 4722 (for support after the warranty period) Chile 800 22 5547 (Post-sales Business...
  • Page 74 +41 (0)848 80 11 11 Taiwan +886 (2) 2717 0055 Thailand +66 (2) 661 4000 (Bankok) +66 (53) 357990 (Chiang-Mai) Turkey +90 (216) 579 71 71 Ukraine +7 (380-44) 490-3520 United Arab Emirates 971 4 883 8454 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 75: Hewlett-packard Limited Warranty Statement

    HP does not warrant that the operation of HP products will be uninterrupted or error free. If HP is unable, within a reasonable time, to repair or replace any product to a condition as warranted, you will be entitled to a refund of the purchase price upon prompt return of the product.
  • Page 76: Hardware Repair Services

    If you think your camera, ADF, or XPA needs repair, first call the Customer Support Center, which can help determine if service is required and direct you to a service site. For more information, see “Contacting HP Customer Support” on page 63. Otherwise, contact the store where you purchased the product. Or, visit for the nearest sales and...
  • Page 77: Appendix A: Reference

    Appendix A: Reference This appendix describes: the symbols on the status LCD. the camera indicator lights. the camera specifications. Symbols on the status LCD Icon Meaning Batteries full Batteries partially charged Batteries empty; sufficient memory for a few pictures (blinking) Batteries empty; insufficient memory for taking pictures Automatic flash on Flash off Flash on...
  • Page 78 Good photo quality Better photo quality Best photo quality Photo included in DPOF print order Self-timer on CF memory card in camera Digital zoom on Pictures remaining (blinking) CF memory card error Camera connected to computer HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 79: Camera Indicator Lights

    Camera indicator lights self-timer light Indicator light State Viewfinder Green Yellow Self-timer Red – blinking Appendix A: Reference viewfinder indicator light Meaning The camera has achieved the best focus and exposure and is ready to take a photo. The camera cannot find a focus or the exposure will take longer than 1/30 second.
  • Page 80: Camera Specifications

    Power 4 AA batteries (included) or optional AC adapter Interface Dimensions 113 mm (4.52 inches) long by 43 mm (1.72 inches) wide by 68 mm (2.72 inches) high Weight 186 g (6.6 oz.) without batteries HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 81 Index Numerics 2x digital zoom 2 2x DIGITAL ZOOM message 25 2x timer button 25 AC power adapter 52 adapter. See AC power adapter aperture 72 Apple Macintosh. See Macintosh computer ArcSoft PhotoImpression 39 AUTO FLASH message 22 Auto Flash setting 22 AUTO icon 22 auto power 5 automatic exposure 10...
  • Page 82 11 using viewfinder 9 when precision is important 11 full memory 43 GOOD image quality 23 green light next to viewfinder 71 groups, using self-timer for 25 help. See customer support holding the camera 9 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 83 HP photosmart Web site 62 HP product support Web site 62 HP Quick Reference-Photo Imaging icon HP SupportPack 64 icons AUTO FLASH 22 battery 49 flash 21 FLASH ON and FLASH OFF 22 HP Quick Reference-Photo Imaging image quality 70...
  • Page 84 Print (DPOF) menu 6 print orders adding 16 copying from internal memory to memory card 47 creating and editing 16 indicator 70 where shown 15 printing from a memory card 29 images 16 without a computer 40 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 85 55 processor requirements 30 purchasing AC power adapter 52 card reader 40 HP SupportPack 64 quality of images changing 23 effect on memory 42 good, better, and best 23 range for automatic focus 13 for flash 59 recharging...
  • Page 86 30 port requirement 30 system requirements 30 unloading images 32 using camera with 30 using camera with NT 4.0 33 wrist strap, attaching 3 yellow light next to viewfinder 12 zooming 24 HP photosmart 318 User Guide...
  • Page 88 Printed in Singapore 6/01 *C8900−90029* C8900-90029...

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