HP 320 Series User Manual

HP 320 Series User Manual

Hewlett-packard digital camera owner manual
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320 series
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 320 series digital camera user's manual...
  • Page 3 Apple, Macintosh, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. SD Logo is a trademark. Materials disposal This HP product contains the following materials that might require special handling at end-of-life: Alkaline manganese dioxide-zinc or lithium-iron disulfide AA batteries.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1-Getting started 1-Getting started 1-Getting started 1-Getting started Camera parts ......8 Setup .
  • Page 6 Contacting hp customer support ... . .51 How hp can help ....51 Before you call .
  • Page 7 Obtaining support in the United States ..51 Free telephone support for one year ..51 After the first year ....52 Upgraded warranty options .
  • Page 8 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 9: 1-Getting Started

    Getting started The HP Photosmart 320 digital camera is a 2.1 mega-pixel camera with digital zoom capability and 8 MB of internal memory. You can add additional memory by purchasing an optional memory card. You can use the Share Share...
  • Page 10: Camera Parts

    4 Battery door Description Takes a picture and press again to stop Solid red indicates that the camera is recording video Blinking red indicates that the self-timer is activated Allows access to the batteries hp photosmart 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 11 Name Optical viewfinder Viewfinder light Power Power button Power Power Self-timer/zoom Self-timer/zoom Self-timer/zoom Self-timer/zoom button Quality Quality Quality Quality button 1-Getting started Description Allows you to frame the subject of the picture Solid red indicates that the camera is ready or connected to a computer by a USB cable Blinking red indicates that the camera is either starting up,...
  • Page 12 Provides connection to either a computer or printer by using a USB cable Allows you to connect an optional HP AC power adapter to the camera to operate the camera without batteries, or to charge optional rechargeable batteries Provides menu information to operate the camera;...
  • Page 13: Setup

    Setup Attaching the wrist strap Attach the wrist strap as shown in the illustration. NOTE It is easiest to install the wrist strap by inserting it from the bottom of the camera. Inserting the batteries Open the battery door on the bottom of the camera. Insert the batteries as indicated.
  • Page 14: Inserting The Memory Card (Optional)

    To remove the memory card, pull the card out. Turning on power Press the Power Power Power Power camera is ready, the red viewfinder light is solid. button to turn on the camera. When the hp photosmart 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 15: Choosing The Language

    Choosing the language The first time you turn the camera on, the following screen appears and prompts you to choose a language. Scroll to the language that you want by using the buttons. Press to select the highlighted language. Setting the date and time Press repeatedly until your preferred date format appears...
  • Page 16: Installing The Software

    Internet Explorer 5.0 (Service Pack 2) in order to function properly. Windows Insert the HP Photo & Imaging CD into the CD drive of your computer. The installation window automatically appears. NOTE If the installation window does not appear, click and then click letter of your CD drive.
  • Page 17: 2-Taking Pictures

    Taking pictures Taking still pictures You can take a picture with the image display on or off. To take a picture: Frame the subject that you want to photograph in the viewfinder. Hold the camera steady and press the camera adjusts exposure, and then takes the picture. To achieve the best focus in low light conditions, secure the camera to a tripod and make sure the focus area has sufficient contrast.
  • Page 18: Using Instant Review

    Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Video Video button to start recording. Video Video on the image display. No audio will be hp photosmart 320 user’s manual button. button again.
  • Page 19: Using Preview Mode

    During recording, the red viewfinder light blinks and the red Video/self-timer light is solid. You can view the time remaining for recording on the image display. The camera automatically stops recording when the timer reaches zero. NOTE To delay recording by 10 seconds, simply press the Self-timer/zoom Self-timer/zoom Self-timer/zoom...
  • Page 20: Using The Self-Timer

    Digital zoom does not work when recording video clips. button once. The self-timer icon appears button settings advance incrementally from button, and then release it. The Video/self- button twice to activate 2x digital zoom, or hp photosmart 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 21: Using The Flash

    Using the flash When the camera is turned on, the flash is automatically set to Auto Flash Auto Flash. If you change the flash setting, the camera will Auto Flash Auto Flash remain in that setting until you change it again or turn off the camera.
  • Page 22: Changing The Image Quality

    20 by 25 cm (8 by 10 inches) or larger. Internal memory—7 images 16 MB memory card—17 images hp photosmart 320 user’s manual Good, Good Better, and Better...
  • Page 23 To change the image quality: Press the Quality Quality Quality Quality on the image display. The settings change incrementally from Good Good Better Better, and then to Good Good Better Better 2-Taking pictures button until the setting you want appears Best.
  • Page 24 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 25: 3-Using Playback And The Main Menu

    Using Playback and the Main menu Using Playback mode After you have taken some pictures and they are stored in the camera, you can view them in Playback mode. You can also view video clips. Icon Description Indicates the quality setting of the image Indicates zoom level 12.25.2001 Date the image was taken Visible if a memory card is inserted...
  • Page 26: Reviewing Images

    Scroll through your images by using the and hold the NOTE To preserve battery life, connect to an optional HP AC adapter while reviewing your images. For more information, see on page 59. If you do not have images stored in...
  • Page 27: Using The Main Menu

    Using the Main menu Use the Main Main menu in Playback mode Main Main to rotate, delete, or magnify images. You can also view thumbnails of your images, or change the settings on the camera. To view the press twice (or just once if Playback mode is activated).
  • Page 28: Rotating Images

    ROTATE ROTATE ROTATE option from the . By using the - Deletes all images from Format Card Format Card - Deletes all images and Format Card Format Card hp photosmart 320 user’s manual Main Main menu rotates the Main Main...
  • Page 29: Viewing Thumbnail Images

    Undelete Undelete - Appears if you have deleted any images or video Undelete Undelete clips. This option restores the last deletion you made. The Undelete Undelete option is available until another picture or video Undelete Undelete clip is taken, another deletion occurs, or the camera is turned off or connected to your computer.
  • Page 30: Using The Setup Menu

    Getting started Welcome Screen This setting determines the image that appears when the camera is turned on. You can set any image available in the camera or the HP logo, which is the default setting. To set the Welcome Welcome Screen...
  • Page 31: Usb Configuration

    (Mass Storage Device Class (MSDC) standard). Use this setting for unloading and sharing on a Macintosh computer or unloading to Windows operating systems if no HP Photo & Imaging software is loaded on the computer. Move Images to Card This option allows you to move images from the camera’s internal...
  • Page 32: Language

    7. Exit This option exits the Chapter 1: Getting started Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Setup Setup Setup Setup menu and returns to Playback mode. hp photosmart 320 user’s manual Getting started Getting started Getting started...
  • Page 33: 4-Using Hp Instant Share

    As another example, you can select images in the camera to be automatically processed by HP’s e-mail service. When the camera connects to your computer, the selected images are e-mailed to family, friends, or any e-mail address that you specify.
  • Page 34 Lets you add e-mail addresses to the menu. This procedure is explained later in hp photosmart 320 user’s manual Share Share menu Share Share...
  • Page 35: Using Hp Instant Share To Print Pictures

    Using hp instant share to print pictures Turn on the camera, then press the Use the buttons to scroll to the image you want to print. Video clips cannot be selected for printing. Press to activate the buttons to scroll to the print option you want.
  • Page 36: Adding, Modifying, And Removing E-Mail Addresses

    If you are using a Macintosh computer, skip to step 7. If you are using a computer running Windows, you will be asked to sign in to HP’s Passport program. HP Passport allows you to use HP’s free e-mail service and other services that might be available in the future.
  • Page 37: Selecting Images To Be E-Mailed

    Share Share menu, repeat steps 4-6. You will not need to sign in to Share Share the HP Passport program again. When you have finished adding e-mail addresses, click on Save to Camera Save to Camera Save to Camera Save to Camera...
  • Page 38: Windows

    Macintosh Images are e-mailed directly to recipients using the default e-mail program on your computer. hp photosmart 320 user’s manual Share Share Share Share...
  • Page 39: 5-Unloading, Printing, And Displaying Images

    Once you have taken pictures, you can unload them from your camera to a computer, print them directly to a printer, or display them on a TV (using the optional HP Camera Dock). Unloading to a computer NOTE You can also use the optional HP Camera Dock to do this task.
  • Page 40: Printing Images

    HP Photo & Imaging software that was shipped with the camera. You can also connect the camera directly to any HP DeskJet or Photosmart printer that has a USB connection, then print images selected from the camera’s in the camera.
  • Page 41: Displaying Images On A Tv

    Appendix B: Appendix B: Appendix B: Displaying a slideshow Once the camera is connected to the TV with the optional HP Camera Dock, you are ready to start. Turn on the camera. The should light up. Press the menu. The menu choices are described in the following table.
  • Page 42 Begin Begin Slideshow Slideshow menu. Slideshow Slideshow button on the dock or turn Share Share menu are available during Share Share hp photosmart 320 user’s manual menu, highlight the is pressed, the next Begin Begin Begin Begin are stored in...
  • Page 43: 6-Troubleshooting And Support

    The charge in the batteries can be low or completely drained. Try inserting new or recharged batteries. Ensure that the HP AC adapter is not damaged or defective. If it appears undamaged, plug it into an electrical outlet with power.
  • Page 44 Replace or recharge the batteries. Remove and reinsert the batteries. Replace the batteries if necessary. Press the Shutter Shutter Shutter Shutter way down. button hp photosmart 320 user’s manual button all the...
  • Page 45 10 minutes. 6-Troubleshooting and support Use an HP AC adapter to power the camera when you are using the image display for an extended period of time and when you are unloading several images to your computer.
  • Page 46 Hold the camera steady as you press the Shutter Shutter button or use a Shutter Shutter tripod. In dim light, the camera requires longer exposure. Use a tripod to hold the camera steady, improve lighting conditions, or use the flash. hp photosmart 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 47 Problem Possible cause Solution My image is My image is There was not My image is My image is too dark. too dark. enough light. too dark. too dark. The shutter speed was too fast. The flash was on, but the subject was too far away.
  • Page 48 Connect the camera directly to a USB port on the computer. Connect the camera to a USB- enabled HP DeskJet or HP Photosmart printer and print an image. This will verify that the image, memory, USB connection to the camera, and USB cable are functioning correctly.
  • Page 49: Error Messages

    6-Troubleshooting and support Possible cause Solution Battery power is Replace batteries, use an too low to optional HP AC adapter, continue or recharge batteries by operation. using an optional Camera Dock. Battery power is Switch to Playback mode...
  • Page 50 USB device is not connection and connect to a printer. your printer. The printer is an Disconnect the USB cable, unsupported and connect to an HP device. printer, such as HP Photosmart or HP DeskJet. hp photosmart 320 user’s manual to cancel the...
  • Page 51 Message Unable to Unable to Unable to Unable to communicate with communicate with communicate with communicate with printer printer printer printer Disengage photo Disengage photo Disengage photo Disengage photo tray tray tray tray Printer top cover Printer top cover Printer top cover Printer top cover is open is open...
  • Page 52: Error Messages On The Computer

    HP photosmart website Visit www.hp.com/photosmart www.hp.com/photosmart www.hp.com/photosmart www.hp.com/photosmart more effectively and creatively as well as HP digital camera driver updates and software. HP accessibility website Visit www.hp.com/hpinfo/community/accessibility/prodserv/ www.hp.com/hpinfo/community/accessibility/prodserv/ www.hp.com/hpinfo/community/accessibility/prodserv/ www.hp.com/hpinfo/community/accessibility/prodserv/ if you have a disability and need help.
  • Page 53: Contacting Hp Customer Support

    Contacting hp customer support In addition to the Web, you can contact HP by telephone or mail for support and service for your camera. Prices, availability, and hours of support are subject to change without notice. How hp can help The HP support hotline can help resolve problems with setup, installation, configuration, and operation.
  • Page 54: After The First Year

    180 days of product purchase. HP will determine the hardware service offering based upon the outcome of system self-test programs run by the customer through the initial call to the HP Customer Care Center. If during your technical support call it is determined that your product needs replacement, HP will ship you this replacement product next business day free of charge.
  • Page 55: Obtaining Support Worldwide

    Please check for the latest information and conditions at www.hp.com/cposupport/loc/regional.html www.hp.com/cposupport/loc/regional.html www.hp.com/cposupport/loc/regional.html www.hp.com/cposupport/loc/regional.html. Alternatively, you can ask your dealer or call HP at the phone number listed in this document. For English support in Europe, contact +44 (0) 207 512 52 02. Algeria Algeria...
  • Page 56 Poland Poland Poland Portugal +351 21 3176333 Portugal Portugal Portugal Puerto Rico 1 877 232 0589 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Romania +40 1 315 44 42 (or local 01 3154442) Romania Romania Romania hp photosmart 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 57: Hewlett-Packard Limited Warranty Statement

    If HP receives notice of such defects during the warranty period, HP will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective. Replacement products may be either new or equivalent in performance to new.
  • Page 58 HP warrants to you that HP software will not fail to execute its programming instructions after the date of purchase, for the period specified above, due to defects in material and workmanship when properly installed and used. If HP receives notice of such defects during the warranty period, HP will replace software which does not execute its programming instructions due to such defects.
  • Page 59: Regulatory Information

  • Page 60 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 61: Appendix A: Batteries And Accessories

    Appendix A: Batteries and accessories Managing batteries When the batteries are removed from the camera, the date and time settings are preserved for approximately ten minutes. If the camera is without batteries for longer than ten minutes, the clock is set to the last time and date at which it stopped. You might be prompted to update the date and time.
  • Page 62: Extending Battery Life

    Extending battery life Use an optional HP AC adapter or HP Camera Dock when unloading pictures to your computer, printing, or connecting to the TV. Turn the camera off during a pause in picture taking. Use the Auto Flash Auto Flash...
  • Page 63: Purchasing Accessories

    Purchasing accessories You can purchase additional accessories for your camera from your local retailer or online at accessories for the HP Photosmart 320 digital camera are listed below: NOTE HP supports only HP AC adapters and other accessories expressly approved by HP.
  • Page 64 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 65 ONLY ONLY came with the Camera Dock. Follow the setup instructions provided with the HP Camera Dock. This includes installing the camera Dock Insert onto the dock, inserting rechargeable batteries in the camera, connecting the AC power source, and connecting the Camera Dock to a computer, printer, and/or TV.
  • Page 66 The associated device is active. The associated device is not connected to the Camera Dock. The associated device is not available because the other device is active. Camera Dock has no power or there is no camera connected. hp photosmart 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 67: Unloading Images To A Computer Using The Dock

    Setup Check that the HP Camera Dock is connected to your computer. Place the camera in the HP Camera Dock. It will turn on automatically, and a dock intro screen will appear. Press the process. The HP Image Unload software will launch on your computer, and the images in the camera will automatically unload to the computer.
  • Page 68: Printing Images Using The Dock

    (The dock cannot be connected directly to both a computer and a printer at the same time). Place the camera in the HP Camera Dock. It will turn on automatically, and a dock intro screen will appear. Press the Adjust the settings in the complete the printing process.
  • Page 69: Appendix C: Reference

    Appendix C: Reference Camera specifications Feature Sensor Color depth Resolution Memory type Internal memory capacity Lens Zoom Capture methods Exposure control Shutter speed Video capture and playback Audio Appendix C: Reference Description 2.1 MP 30 bits (10 bits x 3 colors) Good Good 0.3 MP (640 x 480)
  • Page 70 Optical viewfinder Backlit color TFT 1.5 inch AVI (Motion JPEG) for video 4 AA batteries (included) or optional HP AC adapter (6V 2000 mA) The camera has a maximum power consumption of 1.5 W. USB to computer or USB to...
  • Page 71 Feature Standards Case material Tripod mount Dimensions Weight Appendix C: Reference Description MSDC NTSC/PAL JPEG DPOF EXIF Plastic External Body Dimensions: 113 mm (L) x 43 mm (W) x 69 mm (H) 162 g...
  • Page 72 320 user’s manual...
  • Page 73 Index A A A A AC power adapter connector 10 purchasing 61 troubleshooting 41 accessories for camera 59 adjusting camera settings 25 Auto Flash setting 19 B B B B batteries access door 8 extending life 60 inserting 11 level indicators 23 managing 59 messages 47 recharging 60...
  • Page 74 68 focus range 68 formatting memory 25 G G G G Good image quality 20 H H H H HP Customer Support. See support HP Instant Share description 31 turning menu on and off 10 HP SupportPack 52 I I I I image quality.
  • Page 75 deleting images 26 formatting 25 moving images to memory card 29 ISO sensitivity 68 L L L L language setting 13 LEDs. See lights lens specifications 67 lights Camera Dock 64 self-timer 8 video 8 viewfinder 9 locked memory card 48 M M M M Macintosh e-mail from camera 36...
  • Page 76 United States 51 worldwide 53 thumbnails, viewing 25 time and date setting 13 troubleshooting 43 tripod mount 10 troubleshooting problems 41 turning on and off Camera Dock 64 flash 19 HP Instant Share menu 10 images 10 power 12 Index...
  • Page 77 Preview mode 10 video clips 8 connecting Camera Dock to viewing images 39 viewing images using Camera Dock 66 viewing slideshow 39 U U U U Unloading images 37 configuring 29 connector 10 unknown device 48 V V V V Video button 8 video clips increasing recording time 17...
  • Page 80 Printed in Singapore 2002 *Q2180−90010* Q2180-90010...

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