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HP SB360 - 12 MP, 3IN LCD Quick Start Manual

Hp cb350 digital camera - quick start guide
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HP CA350/CB350
Digital Camera
Quick Start Guide


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Summary of Contents for HP SB360 - 12 MP, 3IN LCD

  • Page 1 HP CA350/CB350 Digital Camera Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 2 For more details about the camera operation and troubleshooting, please read the User Manual located on the CDROM disc included with your camera or visit and download it for the camera support page.
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Getting Started Inserting the Battery Follow these instructions to insert the AA batteries into the battery compartment. If batteries are already installed, make sure to power off camera before inserting new batteries. Make sure the power is off before inserting the batteries. Open the battery compartment at the bottom of the camera.
  • Page 4: Front View

    Camera Views -Front View Flash Self-Timer LED / AF Assist Lamp Zoom Lens Microphone -Back View Zoom buttons ‫٭‬ Play button LCD screen Operation Lamp OK button / 4-way navigation control Quick ‫٭‬ Functions ‫٭‬ ‫٭‬ Menu button FUNC / Delete button ‫٭‬...
  • Page 5: Bottom View

    -Top View Stabilizer button Power button Speaker Shutter button -Bottom View Battery compartment SD card compartment -Left/Right View Strap ring...
  • Page 6 Button ‫ :1٭‬Play If the camera is turned off, press and hold to turn on camera in Playback mode. If the camera is turned on, press to toggle camera to Playback or Shooting mode. Button ‫ :2٭‬FUNC/Delete In Shooting mode, press to enter My Favor menu. In Playback mode, press to delete an image, video or audio clip.
  • Page 7: Initial Settings

    Initial Settings You will be prompted to set up the language and the date and time when the camera is turned on for the first time. -Setting the Language Press to move through the selection. Select a language, and then press OK to apply. -Using Setup Menu You can access the Setup menu whether you are in Shooting or Playback mode.
  • Page 8: Setting Battery Type

    Change the submenu settings using the 4-way navigation control. OK button to save and apply settings. Press the -Setting Battery Type To ensure the camera displays the battery level correctly, be sure to set the battery type in Setup Menu to match the installed battery type: Alkaline / NiMH / Lithium / Oxyride.
  • Page 9: Switching Between Shooting Mode And Playback Mode

    Modes Your camera has two modes: -Shooting mode • Set to Shooting mode to capture images and record videos and audio clips. • Shooting mode can be further set to many options such as auto, video “Setting the Shooting Scene Mode on page 9” and scene selection.
  • Page 10: Using Shooting Functions

    Using Shooting Functions Shooting Menu If you are in shooting mode, you can access the Shooting menu simply by pressing the button on your camera. MENU When the menu is displayed, use the 4-way navigation control and the OK button to move through menu selections and apply your desired settings. To close the menu anytime, press the menu button again.
  • Page 11: Setting The Shooting Scene Mode

    -Setting the Shooting Scene Mode Setting the Shooting Scene mode allows you to capture images with preset settings according to the scenes or environment. For detailed explanations of the shooting scene modes, please read the user manual located on the Camera installation CDROM disc. Auto Shooting Mode Self-Timer/Burst...
  • Page 12 Using the Function Menu The hot key of “heart” ( FUNC button) is used for a quick setup of the latest six shooting modes and to adjust capturing settings in Shooting Mode. FUNC of your camera to launch My Mode Menu. •...
  • Page 13: Getting Help

    Getting Help Should you have a technical support question or your HP Digital Camera require service within the warranty period, please contact the original point of purchase or an authorized HP reseller in your country. If service is not available at those locations, please contact an HP Branded Product warranty agent from the support contact list provided below.
  • Page 14 Contact/phone Support: Country Language Number Europe Region (EMEA) België Dutch and German + 32 2700 1724 Français French + 33 171230454 Deutschland German + 49 6950073896 Ireland English + 353 1850882016 Italia Italian + 39 269682189 Netherlands Dutch + 31 202015093 Espana Spanish + 34 914533458...
  • Page 16 P/N: 7525C00076A...

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