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Viewing A Slideshow; Printing Pictures - HP Photosmart Mobile Camera User Manual

Hewlett-packard mobile camera user's guide
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To change audio options:
1. Tap File > Options > Audio tab.
2. Select your audio options.
3. Tap OK.

Viewing a Slideshow

You can view a slideshow of the images in the current folder. To
start the slideshow, tap View > Slideshow.
During the slideshow, tap anywhere on the screen to display the
on-screen controls which you can use to move forward or
backward through the slides, or to end the slideshow. You can
also use the Navigation Buttons to move forward or backward
through the slides.
You can control display options such as:
Transition Effect
To change slideshow settings:
1. Tap File > Options > Slideshow tab.
2. Select the settings and effects you want to use in your
3. Tap OK.

Printing Pictures

You can print pictures from iPAQ Image Zone if HP Mobile
Printing has been installed on your iPAQ Pocket PC. HP Mobile
Printing software can be found on the Software and Drivers CD
that came with your HP Photosmart Mobile Camera, or you can
find it on the website at
User's Guide
Using iPAQ Image Zone


Table of Contents

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