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Choose from four resolutions or sizes of pictures. Larger
resolution size pictures require more storage space and may also
take longer to process and send.
1280 x 1024 pixels (default)
1280 x 960 pixels
640 x 480 pixels
320 x 240 pixels

Auto-Exposure Metering

Auto-exposure (AE) metering determines how to measure the
brightness of an image.
Center-weighted (default)—Measures the brightness of the
entire picture, with emphasis on the large area in center of a
Average—The entire scene is used to calculate exposure.

Setting Up Other Features

Configuring Instant Review

Instant Review allows you to see a preview of the image you just
captured to quickly determine whether you want to keep or
discard the image. To set the time period for Instant Review:
1. Tap File > Menu > Setup tab.
2. Select Instant Review from the list, then tap Change.
3. Select the period of time you want the Instant Review image
to remain on the screen.
4. Tap OK to exit the Settings menu.
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Using the Camera Settings

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