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Using Digital Zoom

The digital zoom feature on the Photosmart Mobile Camera
allows you to get closer to your subject without moving. To zoom
in to your subject, tap on the Zoom In icon in the digital
viewfinder window.
When you use the digital zoom feature, your iPAQ Pocket PC will
make an audible zoom sound (if you have not muted the sounds),
and the subject will appear closer in the viewfinder.
Note: Pictures you snap using the zoom feature may not be as
sharp as other pictures. Be careful to hold the camera steady
when snapping zoomed pictures. After you aim the camera, wait
a moment to steady it and to insure that automatic exposure has
taken affect.

Recording a Video Clip

Recording a video clip is similar to capturing a still image. To
capture a video clip:
1. From the Command Bar, tap Mode > Video.
2. Rotate the lens body on the Photosmart Mobile Camera to
frame the subject you want to record in the digital viewfinder.
3. Tap the Shutter button to begin recording your video.
4. Tap the Shutter button a second time to stop recording.
To return the Photosmart Mobile Camera to still image mode,
from the Command Bar, tap Mode > Still.

Viewing Pictures and Video Clips

You can use iPAQ Image Zone to browse the pictures and
videos you have taken and recorded. To switch to iPAQ Image
Zone, from the Command Bar, tap File > Play, or tap the Image
Zone button in Capture mode. For more information, refer to
Chapter 4,
User's Guide
"Using iPAQ Image Zone."
Using the HP Photosmart Mobile Camera


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