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White Balance

Adjusts the color balance in the image depending on the lighting
conditions. The possible White Balance settings are:
Auto (default)—Automatically selects the best white balance
for the shot.
Sun—Best for outdoor shots with natural lighting.
Tungsten—Best for indoor shots using incandescent lighting.
Fluorescent—Best for shots taken with fluorescent lighting.
None—Best for shots where one color (other than white) is
prevalent in the picture.

Color Settings

Allows you to capture images with creative effects. Possible
Color Settings are:
Full Color (default)—Standard color output.
Black & White—Grayscale image.
Negative—Produces a color negative of the image taken.


Choose the picture quality from three compressions for the
pictures you snap. Higher-quality pictures look better, especially
at greater magnification. Lower-quality pictures require less
storage space on your iPAQ Pocket PC, and may take less time
when sending by e-mail or infrared.
Best (default)
User's Guide
Using the Camera Settings

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Table of Contents

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