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Chapter 1 Overview - Cisco 12000 Series Overview Manual

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Chapter 1
Configuration operations—Performs in bulk to numerous Cisco 12000/10720
Cisco 12000/10720 Router Manager Management—Fault, Configuration,
Accounting and Performance (FCAP) Element Management of Cisco 12000
Series Routers using Cisco EMF windows
Interface profiles—Enables you to apply the same parameters to a large
number of objects at one time
Layer 3 QoS support—Includes Committed Access Rate (CAR), Weighted
Random Early Detection (WRED), WRED ToFab and Modified Deficit Round
Robin (MDRR)
Line cards and interfaces—Supports various line cards and interfaces, such
as packet-over-SONET (POS), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Digital
Signal 3 (DS3), Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT), Spatial Reuse Protocol
(SRP) and Gigabit and Fast Ethernet
Cisco IOS releases—Easily downloads new software releases from Cisco
12000/10720 Router Manager onto devices using RME
ATM Connections Management—Uploads existing PVCs and associated
QoS profiles from any device into the Cisco 12000/10720 Router Manager
and also manual deployment and management of PVCs and SVCs
Subchassis discovery—Determines the physical chassis contents, such as line
cards and interfaces
Rediscover Line Cards after online insertion or removal (OIR)
BGP and OSPF Protocols Management—Configuration and Fault
Management for BGP and OSPF routing protocols and uploading BGP
Address Family configurations
Route Processor Redundancy (GRP and PRP) support for chassis
Complete support for IP Routing, TCP and UDP Status Management
MPLS Management—Fault Management and Performance Management for
MPLS Interfaces and Sub-Interfaces, Fault Management for LDP Entities and
MPLS Tunnels, Configuring MPLS and VRF Traps
VRF Management—Configuration of VRFs in the EM. Creation of VRFs in
the device through EM and Association of VRFs to Interfaces. Fault
Management for VRFs
Key Features of Cisco 12000/10720 Router Manager
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide


Table of Contents

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