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Cisco Element Manager Framework (Cisco Emf) - Cisco 12000 Series Overview Manual

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Chapter 1

Cisco Element Manager Framework (Cisco EMF)

Cisco Element Manager Framework (Cisco EMF)
Cisco EMF is an open carrier class management system, designed to integrate
with third party products and proprietary operational support systems.
Many different management protocols, both standards-based and proprietary, are
supported by Cisco EMF in a transparent manner. New network devices are
managed instantly and new management applications can be quickly developed to
meet new requirements.
Cisco EMF systems architecture provides a distributed network management
solution designed to manage large-scale networks. Cisco EMF provides the
performance required within the logical and physical architecture and provides
user interfaces that support the need to perform mass operations to large domains
within the overall network.
In addition, because of the distributed nature of Cisco EMF, administration tools
are provided to "manage" the management system. Refer to the Cisco Element
Management Framework User Guide Release 3.2 (78-12536-01) for further
Map Viewer is the primary entry point into the Cisco 12000/10720 Router
Manager software. When Map Viewer is launched, the application is displayed
corresponding to the highlighted map icon in the hierarchy pane.
You can easily monitor the status of all network elements or abstractions of
elements contained within the network and you can launch any additional
applications available. See
"Map Viewer (Viewer)" section on page 3-7
for further
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide


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