Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-40 Programming Manual

2-partitioned security system
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N7001PRV5 5/04 Rev A



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  • Page 1 & & 3DUWLWLRQHG 6HFXULW\ 6\VWHP 3URJUDPPLQJ *XLGH N7001PRV5 5/04 Rev A...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    If you need further information about specific programming options, see the ADEMCO VISTA-40 Installation and Setup Guide. Make sure that one two-line alpha keypad is connected to the control and is set to device address "00."...
  • Page 3: Recommended Programming Procedure

    VIP module, as well as the Custom Index section for custom word substitutes. 11. Define user access codes. Refer to User Access Codes in the ADEMCO VISTA-40 Installation and Setup Guide to program authority level, O/C reporting option, partition assignments, and RF key assignments for each user.
  • Page 4: Program Field Index

    Program Field Index On the following pages, the programming fields have been arranged in numerical order. Use this index to cross-reference the fields on the programming form. Field Group Field Group Field Group System-Wide Communications 1*03 # 93 Menu Mode # 93 Menu Mode Communications 1*04...
  • Page 5: Vista-40 Programming Form

    VISTA-40 Programming Form Some fields are programmed for each partition (shown as shaded fields). If you are programming a multiple-partition system, see the Partition-Specific Fields section for programming these fields. Standard default (*97) values are shown in brackets. | | | INSTALLER CODE BURG.TRIGGER FOR RESPONSE TYPE 8 Enter 4 digits, 0-9 [4140]...
  • Page 6 SUPERVISORY AND RESTORE CODES FOR ZONES ENABLE OPEN/CLOSE REPORT FOR 01-16. Enter 00-09; B-F (11-15). Default = [00 00 00 00 00] INSTALLER CODE 1=enable; 0=disable OPEN/CLOSE REPORT FOR KEYSWITCH Alarm Rst Trbl Trbl Rst Byp Rst 1=enable; 0=disable ALARM REPORT CODES & ID DIGITS FOR ZONES 17-32.
  • Page 7 SYSTEM NON-ALARM CODES 1*30 RF RCVR CHECK-IN INTERVAL [06] Enter 00-09; B-F (11-15). Default = 00 for all reports 02-15 times 2 hours; 00 disables supervision *80 1st Digit *81 2nd Digit 1*31 RF XMITTER CHECK-IN INTERVAL [12] Close 02-15 times 2 hours; 00 disables transmitter supervision 1*33 TOUCHTONE W/ROTARY BACKUP Open...
  • Page 8 1*58 2*02 5800 RF BUTTON FORCE ARM DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME [1, 5] Enter "1" to enable. If a zone is faulted after pressing button, START/END WEEKEND Start | End keypad will beep once. Pressing the button again within 4 Enter 1-7. 1=first; 2=second; 3=third; 4=fourth; 5=last; sec.
  • Page 9: Partition-Specific Fields

    Partition-Specific Fields (Duplicate this page for each partition in the installation.) To program these fields, 1. Press *91 to select a partition. 2. Enter a partition-specific field number (ex. *09). 3. Make the required entry. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other partition in the system. PARTITION #____ PROGRAM FIELDS 1st Page Fields BURG.
  • Page 10: Programming With #93 Menu Mode

    Programming With #93 Menu Mode NOTE: The following field should be preset before beginning: 2*00 Number of Partitions. In addition, receivers should be programmed via Device programming. After programming all system related programming fields in the usual way, press #93 while still in programming mode to display the first choice of the menu driven programming functions.
  • Page 11: Zone Programming

    Each zone must be assigned a zone type, which defines the way in which the system responds to faults in 10 ZONE TYPE that zone. Refer to the Zone Type Definitions section in the ADEMCO VISTA-40 Installation and Setup PERIMETER Guide for detailed definitions of each zone type.
  • Page 12 PROMPT EXPLANATION Enter the input device type as follows: 10 INPUT TYPE 00 = not used RF Xmitter 01 = hardwired Input types 4 & 5 are 03 = supervised RF transmitter (RF type) valid for certain 5800 04 = unsupervised RF transmitter (UR type) Series transmitters only 05 = RF button-type transmitter (BR type) (e.g., 5801, 5802, 5802CP...
  • Page 13: 5800 Series Transmitters Loop Designations

  • Page 14: Expert Mode Zone Programming

    PROMPT EXPLANATION The system now returns to the “ENTER ZONE NO.” prompt for the next zone. ENTER ZONE NO. When all zones have been programmed, enter 00 to quit. 00 = QUIT After you have enrolled each wireless device, remove ONE of the serial number labels from that device and affix it in the appropriate column on the worksheets provided later in this Programming Guide;...
  • Page 15 PROMPT EXPLANATION If you entered RF, BR, UR or SL for the Input Type, this screen displays. Otherwise the summary screen for 10 INPUT S/N: the next zone displays. A XXX-XXXX ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Enter the 7-digit serial number, using one of the following methods: a.
  • Page 16 PROMPT EXPLANATION Enter partition number for wireless key. PARTITION Press [✱] to continue. The system searches for the highest available, consecutive 4-zone group (the four zones required for the ENTER ZONE NO 5804 and 5804BD), and displays the lowest zone number of the group. 00 = QUIT If you want to start at a different zone number, enter the zone desired and press [✱].
  • Page 17: Alpha Descriptors Programming

    Alpha Descriptors Programming You can program a user-friendly English language description/location for all protection zones, relays, keypad panics, polling loop short, and RF receiver supervision troubles. Each description can be composed of a combination of words (up to 3) that are selected from a vocabulary of 244 words stored in memory, and any word can have an "s"...
  • Page 18 Accept the word. To accept the word, press 6, which switches back to the alphabet list for the next word, or press 8 to store the complete descriptor and then exit. Select the next word. For selection of the next word (DOOR), repeat step 3a (word #057) or 3b, but selecting the word "DOOR.” To accept the word, press 6, which again switches back to alphabet list.
  • Page 19 Enter the custom word number (01-20) you want to create. For example, if you are creating the first word (or word string), enter 01; when creating the second word, enter 02, and so on. A cursor now appears at the beginning of the second line. Type the word using one of two methods as follows: Press [#], followed by the 2-digit entry for the first letter you would like to display (e.g., 65 for "A").
  • Page 20: Alpha Descriptor Vocabulary

    Alpha Descriptor Vocabulary (For entering alpha descriptors. To select a word, press [#] followed by the word’s 3-digit number.) NOTE: This vocabulary is not to be used for relay voice descriptors. See the Relay Voice Descriptors section when programming relay voice descriptors. 000 (Word Space) •...
  • Page 21: Device Programming

    Device Programming This menu is used to program keypads, receivers, and relay modules, etc. Device Address 00 is always set as an alpha keypad assigned to Partition 1 with no sounder suppression options, and these settings cannot be changed. From Data Field Programming mode, press [#]93 to display "ZONE PROG?" Press 0 repeatedly to display "DEVICE PROG?" PROMPT EXPLANATION Press 1 to enter Device Programming.
  • Page 22: Relay Programming

    Relay Programming The system supports up to 8 relay outputs. Relays can be used to perform many different functions and actions. Each relay must be programmed to begin one of three types of ACTIONS at a designated START event, and end that ACTION at a designated STOP event.
  • Page 23 Relay Output Devices Programming From Data Field Programming Mode, press #93 to display the "ZONE PROG?" prompt. Press [0] (NO) to each menu option until the "RELAY PROG?" prompt appears. Press [1] (YES). While in this mode, press [✱] to advance to next screen. Press [#] to back up to the previous screen. PROMPT EXPLANATION Enter the relay (output device) identification number 01-08.
  • Page 24 PROMPT EXPLANATION If the starting event will be limited to occurring on a specific partition, enter the partition number (1-2) in 02 START: PARTN which the start event will occur. Enter 0 for any partition. ANY PARTITION Press [✱] to continue. Do not use a zone programmed with an RF Button (Input Type BR) to STOP a relay.
  • Page 25: Relay Voice Descriptors

    PROMPT EXPLANATION Using 2-digit entries, enter each zone to be included in this zone list. Press [✱] after you enter each zone 01 ADD ZONE # number. 00=QUIT When you have entered all zones, enter 00. Press [✱] to continue. Enter 0 to save this zone list.
  • Page 26: Relay Voice Descriptors And Custom Word Substitutes Vocabulary

    Relay Voice Descriptors and Custom Word Substitutes Vocabulary Word Index Word Index Word Index Word Index Word Index Air ......116 Daughter’s ....208 Front......087 No......165 Side ......153 Alarm ....... 255 Den ......052 North......146 Six ......075 And ......067 Detector....
  • Page 27: System Layout Worksheets

    System Layout Worksheets Before programming any security system, you should first define the installation. To help you lay out a partitioned system, use the following worksheets. This will further simplify the programming process. PARTITIONS Descriptor Prim. Sec. Alpha Default Message Partition # (4-char max) Sub.
  • Page 28 DEVICES (keypads, 4204, rf receivers, vip module, lrr) Sound House Device Types: Addr Type Part 00 = Device Not Used 01 = Alpha Console 02 = Fixed-Word Console 03 = RF Receiver 04 = Relay Module 05 = Voice Module NOTES: Address 04 must be used for the Voice Module, if used.
  • Page 29 – 29 –...
  • Page 30 – 30 –...
  • Page 31 – 31 –...
  • Page 32 ZONE DEFINITIONS FOR KEYPAD PANIC ZONES 95, 96, & 99 Enter yes/no for each partition (field *22) Zone Zone Report Zone Information (part numbers) & Type Code Alpha Descriptor (3 words max.) ZONE DEFINITIONS FOR SYSTEM ZONES; 70, 88; 89, 90, 91 & 97 Zone Information (part numbers) Zone Zone...
  • Page 33: Relay Outputs Worksheets

    Relay Outputs Worksheets Applicable only if relays (4204) or X-10 devices are used. Programmed in the #93 Menu Mode in the Relay Programming Section. Fill in the worksheet below and follow the procedure in the installation instructions as you enter the data during the displays and prompts that appear in sequence. Notes: 1.
  • Page 34 ZONE LISTS FOR RELAY DEVICES – Programmed in the #93 Menu Mode in the Relay Programming Section. Fill in the required data on the worksheet below and follow the procedure shown earlier in this Programming Guide as you enter the data during the displays and prompts that appear in sequence.
  • Page 35: Vista-40 Summary Of Connections Diagram

    VISTA-40 Summary of Connections Diagram – 35 –...
  • Page 36 165 Eileen Way, Syosset, New York 11791 Copyright © 2004 Honeywell International, Inc. ¬1359 l N7001PRV5 5/04 Rev A...

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