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European Union (Eu) - Acer PW.SH0E2.011 User Manual

Acer aspire z3761 21.5 pw.sh0e2.011


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This product complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any
country or region in which it has been approved for wireless use. Depending on
configurations, this product may or may not contain wireless radio devices (such
as wireless LAN and/or Bluetooth modules). Below information is for products
with such devices.

European Union (EU)

R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC as attested by conformity with the following
harmonized standard:
EN60950-1:2001 + A11:2004
EN301 489-1 V1.6.1
EN301 489-3 V1.4.1 (Applicable to non-bluetooth wireless
keyboard mouse set)
EN301 489-17 V1.2.1
EN300 440-2 V1.1.2 (Applicable to non-bluetooth wireless
keyboard mouse set).
EN300 328 V1.7.1
EN301 893 V1.4.1 (Applicable to 5GHz high performance
List of applicable countries
EU member states as of May 2004 are: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece,
Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal,
Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta. Usage allowed in
the countries of the European Union, as well as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland
and Liechtenstein. This device must be used in strict accordance with the
regulations and constraints of the country of use. For further information,
please contact the local office in the country of use.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents