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Sony SRP-X500P System Integration Manual

Audio/video matrix mixer.
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System Integration Guide
Pro Audio


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 SRP-X500P System Integration Guide Pro Audio...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SYSTEM TYPE 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 (for Audio-Visual Rooms)........11 SYSTEM TYPE 0 ..................12 4-2. Feedback Reducer................... 13 5. Setting up the SRP-X500P Using Manager Software 5-1. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ..............14 5-2. Delay....................... 15 5-3. Parallel Remote..................16 Connectable Devices to PARALLEL REMOTE Input Pins......
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction As a leading manufacturer in the A/V industry, Sony offers a wide range of public address and sound reinforcement products utilizing sophisticated Sony audio, wireless and interfacing technologies to provide a comprehensive business and industrial product line. In 2002, Sony introduced an innovative all-in-one system concept for multimedia presentations, the SRP-X700P Digital Powered Mixer.
  • Page 4: Differences Between The Srp-x500p And Srp-x700p

    SRP-X700P are as follows: venue. The main features of the SRP-X500P are as follows: • Processes and mixes six microphone inputs (4 MIC, • Processes and mixes four microphone inputs...
  • Page 5: Comparison Chart

    Differences Between the SRP-X500P and SRP-X700P 2-2. Comparison Chart SRP-X500P SRP-X700P Low-impedance (8 Ω) Power amplifier 90 W x2 + 50 W x2 150 W x2 70V LINE 60 W, Mono 150 W, Mono 5.1CH IN/OUT VIDEO IN/OUT RGB IN/OUT...
  • Page 6: Panel View

    !¡ !º more details, refer to Programming a input from each audio connector. POWER switch Turns the SRP-X500P on and off. Learning-type Remote Commander in RF (radio frequency) indicators: With the SRP-X500P Manager software, the appendix. Lights up green when the level of the...
  • Page 7 SYSTEM TYPE selector RS-232C indicator be controlled by the MASTER control Select 1 to 9 according to the speaker Lights up green when the SRP-X500P and/or the REMOTE PARALLEL configuration of the AV system being and a PC or external controller are connector.)
  • Page 8: Rear Panel

    Connecting these pins to an emergency PROJECTOR CONTROL broadcast system allows the audio CONTROL S IN/OUT connectors output of the SRP-X500P to be cut off (stereo mini jack) during an emergency broadcast. Used to control the LCD Data Projector VPL-PX15 exclusively.
  • Page 9 SRP-X500P Manager software. The BREAKER button to reset the breaker, (XLR-3-31-type) SRP-X500P can be controlled from the but do not use the SRP-X500P. Instead, Connect wired microphones. When external controller connected to the turn it off and contact the Sony dealer wired microphones are connected to REMOTE RS-232C connector.
  • Page 10: Setting Up The Srp-x500p

    SYSTEM TYPE 1 and 2 are suitable for AV presentation rooms. This type of room needs clear voice reproduction The SRP-X500P offers nine factory default system settings from microphones, and vivid sound from AV equipment called “SYSTEM TYPE” in its memory, enabling efficient such as DVD and CD players.
  • Page 11: System Type 4, 5 (for Conference Rooms)

    Setting up the SRP-X500P SYSTEM TYPE 4, 5 (for Conference Rooms) SYSTEM TYPE 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 (for Audio-Visual Rooms) SYSTEM TYPE 4 and 5 are well suited for conference rooms. This type of room mainly needs clear voice SYSTEM TYPE 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 settings are suitable for reproduction from microphones.
  • Page 12: System Type 0

    SYSTEM 1 to 9 environments, or if you prefer to individually adjust various SRP-X500P functions, users can select SYSTEM TYPE 0 and set the parameters using the supplied Manager software. This chart explains when SYSTEM TYPE 0 should...
  • Page 13: Feedback Reducer

    Setting up the SRP-X500P 4-2. Feedback Reducer The SRP-X500P is equipped with an independent feedback past, howling has been typically suppressed by making reducer function on each microphone channel, helping to repeated manual adjustments to a graphic equalizer, but achieve optimum sound quality. In multimedia presentation this manual operation takes a long time as the user must systems, it’s not unusual for microphones to be located...
  • Page 14: Setting Up The Srp-x500p Using Manager Software

    AGC can be set using talk on the microphone. This may cause a the supplied SRP-X500P Manager software. For more momentary microphone off when starting to speak. details on AGC, refer to the appendix.
  • Page 15: Delay

    SYSTEM TYPE 0 to configure your audio-visual room, a delay setting is required to compensate for the distance between front speakers and satellite speakers. Delays can be set on the OVERVIEW screen of the supplied SRP-X500P L ch Manager software.
  • Page 16: Parallel Remote

    MASTER Volume Muting The following is an example of muting MIC1 to MIC4 When the SRP-X500P is installed in a presentation room, together assigned to the MASTER volume, using a toggle the external control panel can be used to remotely control switch.
  • Page 17: Projector Power On/standby

    Setting up the SRP-X500P Using Manager Software PROJECTOR POWER ON/STANDBY (1) PROJECTOR POWER ON/STANDBY (2) The following is an example of controlling PROJECTOR The following is another example of controlling PROJECTOR POWER ON/STANDBY using a toggle switch. POWER ON/STANDBY using two push switches.
  • Page 18: Input Signal Selection For The Av/rgb Input Connector

    SRP-X500P System Integration Guide Input Signal Selection for the AV/RGB INPUT MASTER Volume Control Connector The following is an example of raising or lowering the The following is an example of selecting input signals to MASTER volume using two push switches.
  • Page 19: Scene Recall

    Setting up the SRP-X500P Using Manager Software Scene Recall Remote Fader Level Control The following is an example of recalling SCENE No.1 and The following is an example of controlling the level of SCENE No.2 using two push switches. MIC1 to MIC4 using the remote fader control volume.
  • Page 20: Projector Control

    PROJECTOR CONTROL RS-232C or CONTROL S interface. Setting Procedure The following flow chart indicates the installation and settings to control a projector from the SRP-X500P. Set the selector in accordance with the model Setting the PROJECTOR PROTOCOL selection switch number using the projector protocol selector on (refer to SECTION A) the SRP-X500P front panel.
  • Page 21: Section A: Projector Protocol Select Switch Setting

    AV/RGB SELECT buttons of manufactured by another company the SRP-X500P. If the projector or flat panel display is not made by Sony, or not included in the above table, set the PROJECTOR Some projectors have separate RGB and component signal PROTOCOL selector to 0 and use the SRP-X500P Manager inputs;...
  • Page 22: Section C: Input Video Signal Format And Projector Power Setting

    It can be linked or not command to the projector’s RS-232C terminal. linked to the power status of the SRP-X500P. These settings are activated on the PARALLEL/PROJECTOR CONTROL tab. The following are the minimum projector requirements: •...
  • Page 23 Communication format inputbox This command is sent to the projector when the AV/RGB PROJECTOR POWER ON INPUT of the SRP-X500P is selected to A, B, C. Then the Command inputbox input on the projector is switched to VIDEO. PROJECTOR POWER...
  • Page 24 This command is sent to the projector when the AV/RGB of the AV/RGB INPUT A to E buttons. Set any input to INPUT of the SRP-X500P is selected to D or E. Whether OTHER TERMINAL in SIGNAL DEFINE, as shown in Fig. 19 sending an RGB command set or a component command on page 22.
  • Page 25: Appendix

    Feedback reduction GATE THRESHOLD and RANGE. The feedback reduction incorporated in the SRP-X500P scans the audio spectrum each time the button is held Output level Close...
  • Page 26: Effect Of Delay

    SRP-X500P System Integration Guide Response time Compensation with delay As mentioned on the previous page, the AGC changes the The delay function controls the timing of the sound gain in response to the input level. However, sound from a reaching the listener. By delivering the sound from main...
  • Page 27: Connecting High-impedance Speakers/low-impedance Speakers

    Connecting Low-impedance Speakers To program the function of the PROJECTOR POWER The SRP-X500P can drive eight 8 Ω speakers (two 8 Ω switch speakers can be connected to each SPEAKER OUTPUT). Press the PROJECTOR POWER switch so that it lights up.
  • Page 28 7. Hold down the IR OUTPUT MODE button for two seconds or more. The button and the remote emitter/ sensor turn off and the SRP-X500P returns to normal status. After programming has completed, be sure to verify that the command has been correctly programmed.
  • Page 29: Block Diagram

  • Page 30: Ascii - Hex Conversion Table

    “1” (ASCII) = “31” (HEX) Connecting Status LEDs on the Parallel Port The following shows a typical LED drive circuit connected to the parallel output port of the SRP-X500P. To find the appropriate value of the required resistor, apply the following formula: R [ohm] >...
  • Page 31: System Configuration

    Appendix System Configuration Projector AN-820A UHF Antenna or supplied antenna PROJECTOR CONTROL RS-232C INPUT AN-820A UHF Antenna or supplied antenna Transmitter Wireless microphone Front Front LINE speaker speaker Document Transmitter Camera Wireless microphone VIDEO RGB OUT Table-top To power source VIDEO OUT LINE OUT microphone, etc.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    REMOTE D-sub 9-pin (male) Setting of SRP-X500P audio and switch functions Crosstalk Line input to Line output: Less than -80 dB (1 kHz) from a PC running the SRP-X500P Manager software Others Parallel I/O ports Connector Function Type Antenna in (a/b)

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