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Honeywell BENDIX/KING KMA28 Installation And Operation Manual page 27

Audio amplifier /intercom/marker beacon receiver
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Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver
When the intercom is in ALL mode, the pilot can speak on the phone only if the mic se-
lector switch is in TEL position. All intercom positions will hear the telephone conversa-
tion. Anyone who places his or her switch into the "off-hook" position will also be heard
on the phone. All will hear selected audio. Com 1 audio is automatically heard in the
headsets. The pilot will have transmit capability on Com 1, simply by using the PTT
In CREW mode, the pilot and copilot may use the telephone, with their respective hook
switch (the pilot selects TEL on the mic selector). Any passenger who places their switch
into the off-hook position will also have access to the phone, and all four passengers will
hear the conversation.
In ISO intercom mode, when the KMA28 is in the TEL mode, the pilot position is in the
"Phone Booth." Only the pilot will hear the telephone, and only he will be heard. He will
also have access to Com 1, and will transmit on that radio using the PTT. All selected
audio is provided.
In all cases, only the pilot (and copilot in ALL or CREW) will hear the cellphone ring. At
that time they can chose to allow a passenger to take the call, or answer the phone.
Note: Because the phone uses an intercom circuit, all stations on that circuit
will lose intercom capability when it is in use.
Rev. 0, Sept. 00


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