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Volume Control - Honeywell BENDIX/KING KMA28 Installation And Operation Manual

Audio amplifier /intercom/marker beacon receiver
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path. Moving your head through a vent air stream may cause the IntelliVox® to open
momentarily. This is normal.
For optimum microphone performance, Honeywell recommends installation of a Micro-
phone Muff Kit from Oregon Aero (1-800-888-6910). This will not only optimize VOX
acoustic performance, but will improve the overall clarity of all your communications.

3.4.2 Volume Control

The volume control knob adjusts the loudness of the intercom for the pilot and copilot
only. It has no effect on selected radio levels, music input levels or passengers' volume
Adjust the radios and intercom volume for a comfortable listening level for the pilot.
Most general aviation headsets today have built-in volume controls; therefore, passenger
volume can be adjusted at the headset. Mono headsets in Stereo Installation
All passenger headsets are connected in parallel. Therefore, if a monaural headset is
plugged in to a Stereo KMA28 installation, one channel will be shorted. Although no
damage to the unit will occur, all passengers will lose one channel. Intercom Modes
The lower switch on the left side is a 3-position mode switch that allows the pilot to tailor
the intercom function to best meet the current cockpit situation.
: (Up Position): The pilot is isolated from the intercom and is connected only to the
aircraft radio system. He will hear the aircraft radio reception (and sidetone during radio
transmissions). Copilot will hear passengers' intercom and Entertainment 1, while pas-
sengers will hear copilot intercom and Entertainment 2. Neither will hear aircraft radio
receptions or pilot transmissions.
: (Middle Position): All parties will hear the aircraft radio and intercom. Crew will
hear Entertainment 1, passengers will hear Entertainment 2. During any radio or intercom
communications, the music volume automatically decreases. The music volume increases
gradually back to the original level after communications have been completed.
(Down Position): Pilot and copilot are connected on one intercom channel and
have exclusive access to the aircraft radios. They may also listen to Entertainment 1. Pas-
sengers can continue to communicate with themselves without interrupting the Crew and
also may listen to Entertainment 2.
Anytime the KMA28 is in either the C
pilot and copilot intercom is controlled with the ICS button. The passengers will maintain
intercommunications, but never hear aircraft radios.
Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver
2, C
1, ("Split Mode"), the
Rev. 0, Sept. 00


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