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Intercom System; Intellivox® Vox-Squelch - Honeywell BENDIX/KING KMA28 Installation And Operation Manual

Audio amplifier /intercom/marker beacon receiver
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headphones on the cellphone. The pilot PTT will switch the pilot mic to the COM 1, and
allow continued aircraft communications as well.
NOTE: Placing the mic selector switch in the TEL position will disable pilot and copilot
intercom, as the intercom circuit is transferred to the telephone use. In crew or ISO mode,
placing the switch in TEL mode removes the passengers access to the telephone.
If interface is desired with another type of wireless telecommunications unit, the aircraft
owner can purchase an after-market interface cable. By Federal Communications Com-
mission (FCC) regulations, these can only be used on the ground in the United States.
Interface cables are available for specific telephones. The following is a partial list of
possible interface cables. These must be purchased separately, and are not for sale from
Audiovox Series 5
Motorola TeleTAC, DPC 550, DPC65-, Lite Series, Profile Series
Motorola Elite, M70, M75, SC-725
Motorola Bag Phones, Mobiles
NEC100 Series, 110, 120, 180, Sport
NEC 700 & 800 Series
OKI 900/910, AT&T 3730/3710
OKI 1150/1145, AT&T 3760
Fujitsu PCX
Mitsubishi 4000, DiamondTel 22X/20X/18X
NEC DT2000 Digital Phone
Unauthorized use of cellular telephone devices in aircraft is subject to FCC enforcement action,
which may include a $10,000 fine per incident. Honeywell , Inc. does not endorse using unapproved
cellular telephone equipment in flight, and takes no responsibility for the user's action.

3.4 Intercom System

3.4.1 IntelliVox® VOX-Squelch
No adjustment of the IntelliVox® squelch control is necessary. Through three individual
signal processors, the ambient noise appearing in all six microphones is constantly being
sampled. Non voice signals are blocked. When someone speaks, only their microphone
circuit opens, allowing him or her to communicate on the intercom.
The system is designed to block continuous tones; therefore people humming or whistling
in monotone may be blocked after a few moments.
For best performance, the headset microphone must be placed within ¼ inch of your lips,
preferably against them. It is also a good idea to keep the microphone out of a direct wind
Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver
Compatible Phones
Rev. 0, Sept. 00


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