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Swap Mode (Switch From Com 1 To Com 2 Remotely); Split Mode; Telephone Mode - Honeywell BENDIX/KING KMA28 Installation And Operation Manual

Audio amplifier /intercom/marker beacon receiver
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3.3.1 Swap Mode (Switch from Com 1 to Com 2 remotely)

With an optional yoke mounted, momentary switch, the pilot can change from the current
Com transceiver to the other by depressing this switch. When "Swap Mode" is active, an
annunciator in the lower right corner of the unit will illuminate, indicating that the mic
selector switch position is no longer current . To cancel "Swap Mode," the pilot may ei-
ther press the yoke mounted switch again, or turn the mic selector switch to the Com that
is active.

3.3.2 Split Mode

Turning the rotary switch to C
places the pilot on Com 1 and the copilot on Com 2. An example of this useful feature is
when the pilot may want to talk to Air Traffic Control, while the copilot may be speaking
to Flight Watch. Although this mode has limitations (see below) we believe you will find
this to be a useful feature.
Switching to Com 2/Com l will reverse the "Split Mode" radio selection. The pilot will
be on Com 2 and the copilot will be on Com 1.
Due to the nature of VHF communications signals, and the size constraints in
general aviation aircraft, it is probable that there will be some bleed-over in the
Split mode, particularly on adjacent frequencies. In addition, if the Com radios in
the installation utilize a "transmit interlock" system, the split mode may not work
properly unless the interlock feature is disabled.
Honeywell makes no expressed or implied guarantee regarding the suitability of
Split Mode in a given installation.
Note: Split Mode does not turn off other (Nav, ADF, etc.) selected audio to pilot. However, the
copilot will only hear the selected communications receiver and unswitched audio. Split Mode ICS
In split mode, the pilot and copilot are isolated from each other on the intercom, simulta-
neously using their respective radios. Depressing the ICS button in Split Mode will acti-
vate VOX intercom between the pilot and copilot positions. This permits intercommuni-
cation when desired between the crew. Pressing the ICS button again disables this crew
intercom function.

3.3.3 Telephone Mode

The "TEL" position, fully CW on the mic selector switch, is the pilot's "hook" switch.
This is active only when the system is interfaced to an appropriate approved system, such
as the AirCell™ system. Placing the mic selector in TEL places the pilot microphone and
Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver
2 places the KMA28 into "Split Mode." This
Rev. 0, Sept. 00


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