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Atomic Clock; Temperature And Alarm Window; Time And Calendar Windows; Manual Settings - Honeywell PCR19W User Manual

Digiview color changing projection clock
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station. If the tower icon is not fully lit, or if the time and
date are not set automatically, please consider the
• During night-time hours, atmospheric disturbances are
typically less severe and radio signal reception may
improve. A single daily reception is sufficient enough to
keep the clock accuracy within 1 second.
• Make sure the unit is positioned at 8 feet (2 meters)
distance from any interference source such as a TV,
computer monitor, microwave, etc.
Within concrete wall rooms such as basements or office
buildings, the received signal may be weakened. Always
place the Color Changing Projection Clock near the
window for better reception.


The Temperature and Alarm Window displays an indoor
temperature and the time alarms.


The Color Changing Projection Clock displays time in an
hour-minutes-seconds format in the Time Window
located below the Temperature and Alarm Window.
The date is displayed in month-date format next to the day
of the week and moon phase icon in the Calendar Window.


If desired, the time, date and other available parameters
can be programmed manually.
It is necessary to set your Time Zone manually.
• Enter the US Time Zone programming mode by pressing
and holding the UP (+) button for 3 seconds.
• Keep holding UP (+) button until the desired time zone
(Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern) is highlighted on
the unit's display map in the Time Window
• Release the UP (+) button and the desired Time Zone
will be selected
• Press and hold MODE button for 3 seconds until the
year digits in the Calendar Window will flash
• Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) adjusting a correct year
• Press MODE to confirm and move to the next parameter
– the month digit will flash
• Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) adjusting the current month
and then press MODE to confirm – the date digit will flash


Immediately after batteries installation, the clock will beep
and display all available LCD segments for a moment.
Immediately after the atomic time signal receiver will start
searching for the atomic time signal. It usually takes
between 5-8 minutes.
NOTE: Do not press any buttons on the unit during
auto search as it may interrupt product's operation,
and you will need to start the set up procedure again.
If the reception is successful and the atomic time signal is
received, the date and time will be set automatically, and
the [
] icon will appear on the display.
NOTE: It is necessary to set your Time Zone, having in
mind that the default zone is a Pacific Standard Time
(PST). (Refer to a MANUAL SETTINGS section)
If the initial reception was not successful and the time
signal has not been received in this first 8 minutes, you
may use the MODE button to set the time and date
manually. (Refer to the MANUAL SETTINGS section).
After the clock is set manually, place it by the window for
the better reception. The atomic time receiver is programmed
that it will continue to search for the atomic time signal
daily for every hour between 1:00 am and 4:30 am.
NOTE: At the time of the initial reception allow at least
24 hours for the atomic time receiver to pick up the
signal. In some cases, depending on the location, it may
take up to 72 hours.
Once the time signal has been successfully received, the
time and the date will be updated automatically.
• Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) adjusting the date and then
press MODE to confirm – the hour digit will flash in the
Time Window
• Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) adjusting the hour and then
press MODE to confirm – the minutes will flash
• Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) adjusting the minutes and
then press MODE to confirm – the temperature in the
Temperature and Alarm Window will flash
• Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) selecting the temperature
unit in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Press MODE for the last time to confirm after the last
parameter is set
• Press and hold DOWN (-) button for 3 seconds to enter
into the day of the week language programming mode:
the default language abbreviation will appear (example –
• Continue holding DOWN (-) button until the desired day
of the week language abbreviation is displayed
• Release the DOWN (-) button and the day of the week
will be displayed in selected language
The Color Changing Projection Clock has two time alarms.
If any of the alarms is activated, it will sound at the set
time and the alarm icon will flash.


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