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Yamaha EXi8 Owner's Manual page 9

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Switch 6 (IP SETTING)
This switch specifies how the EXi8/EXo8's IP address
will be specified.
Switch position
Set this to the "UNIT ID" position the first time you con-
nect this device to a computer after purchase. After
specifying the IP address from the system's dedicated
application software, change this switch to the "PC" posi-
Switches 7–8 (START UP MODE)
These specify whether the EXi8/EXo8 will be initialized
when it is powered-on.
Switch position
t NETWORK connector
This is an Ethernet connector that supports AutoMDI/MDI-
X. It enables communication via a network switch with an
MTX network or external controller. Use a CAT5e or better
Ethernet STP cable (shielded twisted pair cable).
y [YDIF] connectors
These connectors are used to make a ring connection with
the devices that comprise the system, allowing digital audio
signals to be transmitted and received. Use CAT5e or better
Ethernet STP cables (shielded twisted pair cables) that have
all eight pins connected in a straight connection. The maxi-
mum cable length between devices is 30 meters, and you can
connect up to total seven EXi8 and EXo8 devices. For
details, refer to the user's manual of the corresponding appli-
cation software.
The IP address will be
specified according to the
UNIT ID, and will be
192.168.0.(UNIT ID).
The IP address will be
determined by the settings
of the system's application
software. (See the user's
manual of the correspond-
ing application software.)
This is the normal operating
mode. When you power-on
the EXi8/EXo8, it will start
up in the same state in
which it was when the
power was turned off.
Initializes the EXi8/EXo8,
returning it to the factory-set
state (page 11).
u [INPUT] connectors (EXi8)
[OUTPUT] connectors (EXo8)
These are balanced input/output connectors for analog audio
input and output. Connect line level devices or microphones
to the [INPUT] connectors, and line level devices to the
[OUTPUT] connectors. The [INPUT] connectors provide
head amps, and can also provide +48V phantom power. The
system's dedicated application software is used to specify
the gain of the internal head amps and to turn the phantom
power on/off.
Use the included Euroblock plugs to make connections (see
"Euroblock plug connection" on page 10 for details).
Adjusting the internal head amp gain between +17 dB and
+18 dB will internally turn PAD on/off. Noise may occur if
there is an impedance difference between the Hot and Cold
of a device connected to the [INPUT] connectors while
phantom power is being used.
i Cooling vent
The EXi8/EXo8 contains a cooling fan. The cooling air is
exhausted here, so please be careful not to block this vent.
Cooling vent
Controls and Connectors
EXi8/EXo8 Owner's Manual



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