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Precautions for rackmounting

This device is guaranteed to operate at an ambient temperature
of 0 to 40 °C. If this device is mounted in an EIA rack together
with other devices, heat from the various devices may cause the
temperature inside the rack to rise, rendering this device unable
to perform to its full potential. To ensure that heat does not
accumulate inside this device, please ensure that the following
conditions are met when rack-mounting it.
• If you plan to mount this device together with devices that
tend to generate heat, such as power amps, allow 1U or more
of vacant space between this device and other devices. (How-
ever, you do not need larger than 1U space with the MTX
series or XMV series.) Also attach ventilation panels in this
space or leave them open to ensure sufficient ventilation.
• Leave the back of the rack open, and allow at least 10 cm of
space between the rack and the wall or ceiling to ensure suf-
ficient ventilation. If the back of the rack cannot be left open,
provide forced air cooling for the rack, for example by
installing a commercially available fan kit. If you install a
fan kit, leaving the back of the rack closed may provide more
effective cooling. For details, refer to the owner's manual
provided with the rack or fan kit.

Euroblock plug connection

Use the included Euroblock plugs when making connections to
the [INPUT]/[OUTPUT] connectors.
Cable preparation
approx. 7 mm
approx. 20 mm
• Use stranded wire for Euroblock connections, and strip
the wire as shown in the illustration. With a Euroblock
connection, the stranded wire may be prone to break-
age because of metal fatigue due to the weight of the
cable or due to vibration. Cables connected to the
[INPUT]/[OUTPUT] connectors should be fastened to
the tab of the Euroblock plug (3-pin) using the included
cable ties (see illustration at right). When rack-mount-
ing the device, use a lacing bar when possible to bun-
dle and secure the cable.
Do not tin (plate with solder) the stranded wire.
• If cables will be frequently connected and discon-
nected, as in the case of a portable system, we recom-
mend that you use ferrules with insulation sleeves. Use
a ferrule whose conductor portion has an external
diameter of 1.6 mm or less and a length of approxi-
mately 7 mm such as the AI 0,5 - 6 WH made by the
Phoenix Contact corporation.
approx. 7 mm
1.6 mm or less
EXi8/EXo8 Owner's Manual
1. Loosen the terminal screws.
Use a slotted screwdriver with a blade width of 3 mm or
3 mm or less
2. Insert cables.
3. Securely tighten the terminal screws.
Pull the cables (not too strongly) to confirm that they are
securely connected.
4. Use the included cable ties to fasten the cable
to the tab.
Trim off the extra portion of the cable tie as necessary.
Slotted screwdriver
Terminal screw
Euroblock plug
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Table of Contents

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