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5. Plug the Euroblock plug into the [INPUT] con-
nector of the EXi8 or the [OUTPUT] connector
of the EXo8.
When connecting unbalanced cables to the [INPUT] con-
nector, use a jumper wire to connect the "-" and "G" of the
+ –

Initializing the EXi8/EXo8

Here's how to initialize the EXi8/EXo8's internal memory,
restoring it to the factory settings.
1. Power-off the EXi8/EXo8.
2. Set the rear panel DIP switches 7 and 8 to the
"INITIALIZE" position.
3. Power-on the EXi8/EXo8.
Initialization will start.
The status of execution is shown by the [ALERT], [NET-
WORK], and [YDIF] indicators on the front panel.
• During initialization:
The [NETWORK] indicator and the [YDIF] indicator
will flash rapidly.
• Initialization completed:
The [NETWORK] indicator and the [YDIF] indicator
will flash slowly.
• Initialization failed:
The [ALERT] indicator will flash.
Do not turn off the power to the EXi8/EXo8 during ini-
tialization. Otherwise, a malfunction may occur
If initialization failed, contact Yamaha representatives /
authorized distributors to have the device inspected. A list of
Yamaha representatives / authorized distributors appears
near the end of this manual.
4. When initialization is completed, power-off the
EXi8/EXo8 once again.
5. Set the rear panel DIP switches 7 and 8 to the
"RESUME" position.
6. Power-on the EXi8/EXo8 again.
The EXi8/EXo8 will start up in its factory-set state.
EXi8/EXo8 Owner's Manual


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