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Chapter 5. Troubleshooting - Lenovo ThinkPad Basic USB 3.0 User Manual

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Chapter 5. Troubleshooting

This chapter provides some troubleshooting hints and tips to assist you if you experience any problems with
the dock. Check the following items first to try to solve the problem.
1. The ThinkPad Basic USB 3.0 Dock icon is not displayed on my screen.
The ThinkPad Basic USB 3.0 Dock icon is displayed only when an external monitor is connected to
the dock. If an external monitor is connected, ensure that the video cable is fully inserted into the
dock and the monitor.
2. The power and connection indicator of the dock is not on.
Ensure that you have correctly connected the power adapter to the dock and a working electrical
outlet, and that you have pressed the power button. Do not use any power adapter other than the
one provided with the dock.
3. I connect the dock to a computer with the provided USB 3.0 cable, but the dock does not work.
a. Ensure that the dock is well powered by its power adapter. The dock always needs external power
adapter for operation, because it does not take power from the USB connector attached to your
notebook computer.
b. Ensure that the device driver of the dock is well installed; if not, install the device driver and restart
the computer.
c. Ensure that the USB connector on your computer works well; if not, replace with other USB
4. I cannot start your notebook computer when it is connected with the dock.
Ensure that you use the USB 3.0 cable provided with the dock.
Video output
1. The external monitor display is blank.
• Ensure that the notebook computer connected to the dock is running correctly and is not in standby
or hibernation mode. When the notebook computer is in standby or hibernation mode, the external
monitor display is always blank.
• Ensure that the device driver is installed following the installation instructions and the icon for the
dock is visible in the Windows notification area.
• Ensure that the video output function is not disabled.
• Ensure that the following connections are correct:
– The connection between the USB 3.0 cable and your notebook computer
– The connection between the USB 3.0 cable and the dock
– The connection among the power adapter, the dock, and the electrical outlet
– The connection between the video cable and the DVI-I video output connector
Note: For the connection of the VGA connector, ensure that the DVI-I to VGA adapter also is
secured by the screws on both sides of it.
• If the problem persists, disconnect all connections of the dock, and uninstall the dock device driver.
Then, reinstall the device driver and the dock.
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