Honda EB2200X Owner's Manual

Honda generator owner's manual
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  • Page 2 generator is a potential source of electrical shock misused. Do not expose the generator to moisture, rain or snow. Do not let the generator get wet, and do not operate it with hands.
  • Page 3 Thank you for purchasing a Honda generator. This manual covers operation and maintenance of the EB2200X generator. All information in this publication available at the time of approval for printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

  • Page 5: Generator Safety

    To ensure safe operation Place the generator ment during operation. Operate the generator on a level surface. If the generator is tilted, Exhaust gas contains Never run the generator Se sure to provide adequate ventilation. Know how to stop the generator the controls.
  • Page 6: Component Identification

  • Page 8: Prlj-Operation Check

    3. PRE-OPERATDON CMECK CAUTION: Be sure to check the generator stopped. 1. Check the engine oil level. CAUTION: Engine oil is a maljor factor affecting service life. Notidetergent Use Honda 4-stroke oil, or an equivalent high detergent, motor oil certified to meet or exceed U.S. automobile requirements for Service Classification fied SG,SF/CC,CD...
  • Page 9 2. Check the fuel level Refill I the tank if the fuel level is low. Your engine is designed to use any gasoline that has a pump octane number of 86 or higher, or that has a research octane number of 91 or higher. Gasoline pumps at service station normally display the pump octane num- ber.
  • Page 10 Gasoline is extremely conditions. Refuel in a well-ventilated smoke or allow flames refueled or where Do not overfill the fuel tank (there should After refueling, make sure the tank cap is closed Be careful not to spill ignite. If any fuel starting the engine.
  • Page 11: Starting The Engine

    4. STARTING THE ENGINE (1) Turn off the AC circuit breaker. (2) Turn on the fuel valve. (3) Turn on the engine switch.
  • Page 12 Move the choke lever to the CLOSED position. (5) Pull the starter rope lightly resistance is felt, then pull briskly. CAUTION: not. allow grip to snap back.’ Return hand. Make sure the pilot lamp comes NOTE: on. If not, check the bulb filament. Move the’choke lever to the OPEN position...
  • Page 13 Oil Alert System Before the oil level in the crankcase can fall below a safe limit, the Oil Alert System will automatically when the recoil starter grip is pulled. To restart, add enough recommended engine oil to bring the oil level to the upper level mark on the dipstick (See page 6), and restart the engine.
  • Page 14: Generator Use

    To prevent elecrical should be grounded. generator’s ground Connections for standby be made by a qualified laws and electrical current from the generator backfeed electrocute contact the lines restored, generator building’s electrical CAUTION L.imit operation requiring For continuous operation, In either case, the total wattage of all appliances sidered.
  • Page 15 AC applications 1. Start the engine and plug in the appliance; always use three-pronged plugs. 2. Switch on the AC Circuit Breaker. CAUTION: sure that appliances capacity for more than 30 minutes load capacity. Substantial ginal overloading may not switch the service life of the generator.
  • Page 16: High Altitude Operation

    Hight altitude operation At high altitude, the standard carburetor air-fuel mixture will be excessively rich. Performance will decrease, and fuel consumption High altitude performance main fuel jet in the carburetor and readjusting the pilot screw. If you always ,operate the generator at altitudes higher than 6,000 have your authorized modifications.
  • Page 17: Stopping The Engine

    6. STOPPING THE ENGINE To stop the engine in an emergency, turn the engine switch OFF. (1) Turn off the AC circuit breaker. (2) Turn off the engine switch. (3) Turn off the fuel valve.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    7. MAINTENANCE The purpose of the maintenance and adjustment schedule is to keep the generator in the best operating condition. Inspect or service as scheduled in the table on the next page. Shut off the engine before engine must be run, make sure the area is well ventilated. tains poisonous carbon monoxide CAUTION:...
  • Page 19 Maintenance Schedule REGULAR SERVICE Perform at every indi- cated month or oper- ating hour interval, Inspection Engine oil Change Inspection Air cleaner NOTE (1) : Service every 10 hours or once a day when used in dusty areas. (2) : These items should be serviced by an authorized owner has the proper tools and is mechanically Shop Manual.
  • Page 20 Changing oil Drain the oil while the engine is still warm to assure rapid and complete draining. 1. Remove the drain plug and filler cap, and drain the oil. Retighten the plug securely. 2. Refill with the recommended oil (see page 6) and check the level. 01 L CAPACITY: 0.6 9 (0.63 USqt) OIL DRAIN PLUG...
  • Page 21 Air cleaner service A dirty air cleaner will restrict air flow to the carburetor. To prevent car- buretor malfunction, service the air cleaner regularly (page 17). Service more frequently when operating the generator in extremely dusty areas. Never use gasoline or cleaner element.
  • Page 22 Fuel filter service The filter prevents dirt or water which may be in the fuel tank from entering the carburetor. If the engine has not been run for a long time, the filter should be cleaned. 1. Turn the fuel valve OFF. Remove the filter cup. 2.
  • Page 23 . Spark plug service Recommended spark plug: BPGES, BPRGES (NGK) To ensure proper engine operation, the spark plug must be properly gapped and free of deposits. 1. Remove the spark plug cap. 2. Clean any dirt from around the spark plug base. 3.
  • Page 24 6. Attach the plug washer and thread the plug in by hand to prevent cross threading. 7. After a new spark plug has been seated by hand, it should be tightened 7. After a new spark plug has been seated by hand, it should be tightened l/2 turn with a wrench to compress its washer.
  • Page 25 Spark arrester maintenance If the generator has been running, the muffler will be very hot. Allow it to cool before proceeding. CAUTION: The spark arrester must be serviced every 100 hours to maintain its efficiency. 1. Loosen the five 6 mm bolts to remove the muffler protector. PROTECTOR Five 8 mm bolts 2.
  • Page 26 3. Use a brush to remove carbon deposits from .the spark arrester screen. NOTE: Inspect the spark arrester screen for holes or tears. Replace if necessary. 4. Check the exhaust pipe gasket and replace if damaged. Reinstall the’ muffler and the protector.
  • Page 27: Transporting/Storage

    When transporting keep the generator level to prevent fuel spillage. Fuel vapor or spilled fuel may ignite. Before storina the unit for an extended period: Be sure thestorage area is free of excessive humidity and dust. Drain the fuel - a.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    9. TROUBLESHOQT’ONG When the engine will not start: 1 Is there fuel in the tank? Is the engine\. Is there a spark from the spark plug? . Tocheck: c!amm Be sure there is no spil- led fuel around spark plug. Spilled fuel may ignite.
  • Page 29 No electricity at the AC receptacles: Is the AC circuit breaker on? Check the electrical appliance or equip- ment for any defects NO DEFECTS DEFECTS Take the generator to an authorized Honda dealer. equipment. * Take the electrical appliance or equip- ment to an elect- rical shop for repair.
  • Page 30: Specifications

    Dimensions Length x Width x Height Dry Weight Engine Model Engine Type Displacement [Bore x Stroke] Compression Ratio Engine Speed Cooling System Ignition System Oil Capacity Fuel Tank Capacity Spark Plug Generator ( Rated voltage Rated frequency Rated ampere AC output Rated output 1 Maximum output 505 x...
  • Page 31: Wiring Diagram

    ‘ II -WIRING ‘, > DIAGRAM...
  • Page 32 Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction and goodwill Honda warranty details are explained in the Distributor’s ty. Normally, any problems concerning dealer’s service department. been handled to your satisfaction, action: Discuss your problem with a member of dealership management. complaints can be quickly already been reviewed with the Service Manager, contact the owner of the dealership or the General Manager.
  • Page 33 MEMO...
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