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Honda HR195 Owner's Manual

Honda rotary mower owner's manual
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  • Page 3 Use only for mowing cut grass when equipped If a problem should arise, or if you have any questions see an authorized Honda lawn mower American Honda Motor 01990 a Honda lawn mower. operation and maintenance in this publication...
  • Page 4 CONTENTS 1. SAFETY.. Safety Label Locations Safety Information Important Message 2. COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION. 3. CONTROLS Fuel Valve ... Throttle Lever Lever..ROTO-STOP Drive Clutch Lever Shift Lever. Handlebar Locking Cutting Height Adjustment 4. ATTACHMENTS Grass Bag (standard) Side-Discharge Chute 5.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    MOWING RECOMMENDATIONS. ,TRANSPORTING MAINTENANCE Maintenance Schedule Engine Oil Change Air Cleaner Service Spark Plug Service Spark Arrester ROTO-STOP Cable Adjustment Drive Clutch Cable Adjustment Throttle Cable Adjustment Shift Cable Adjustment Carburetor Adjustment Grass Bag Cleaning Blade Removal STORAGE Preparation for Storage Storage Removal from Storage...
  • Page 7: Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION For your safety and the safety precautions: Operator Responsibility Know how to stop the engine quickly the use of all controls. Be sure that anyone instruction. Allowing without proper instruction Wear long pants and protective barefoot or wearing Keep all persons and pets away from the mowing Blade Hazards...
  • Page 8 Dry grass and leaves are flammable. Always empty the grass bag when you’ve full. Stored lawn clippings Honda HR195 mowers illegal in some areas to operate an engine without arrester. Check local laws and regulations. available from authorized The engine and exhaust hot for a while after stopping.
  • Page 9 Another, tougher question MATURITY AND RESPONSIBILITY young person think through ! Anyone who takes unnecessary operate this lawn mower. If you decide that your CAREFULLY READ THE OWNER’S you both understand all instructions wears sturdy shoes and other protective the mower.
  • Page 10: Identification

    2. COMPONENT ROTO-STOP LEVER m”“““’ BAR CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTING LEVER FRAME SERIAL NUMBER Record the frame and engine serial numbers when ordering inquiries (see page 57). Frame serial number: Engine serial number: IDENTIFICATION ROTO-STOP BUTTON SERIAL OIL I NUMBER (on back FILLER of engine) OIL DRAIN...
  • Page 12: Lever

    3. CONTROLS FUEL VALVE The fuel valve opens and closes the connection the carburetor. The fuel valve must be in the ON position When the mower is not in use, turn the fuel valve to the OFF position to prevent the possibility of carburetor leakage.
  • Page 13: Lever

    ROTO-STOP LEVER The ROTO-STOP lever operates to start and stop the blade. To put the blade into operation, lever, then push the lever forward Releasing the ROTO-STOP Operate the ROTO-STOP lever with a quick and complete drive is always either fully engaged or stopped. This will help to prevent stalling the engine, and it will also extend the service life of the ROTO-STOP mechanism.
  • Page 14: Lever

    3. CONTROLS DRIVE CLUTCH LEVER This lever operates the clutch to drive the rear wheels To propel the mower, the handlebar. Release the lever to disengage To propel the mower and operate the blade at the same time, press the button on top of the ROTO-STOP lever, push the ROTO-STOP lever forward, the drive clutch lever forward.
  • Page 15 SHIFT LEVER The shift lever selects the drive speed for the mower. select the pace at which NOTE: The mower will lurch if you shift gears while the drive clutch Release the drive clutch To avoid incomplete in one of the three detent MAXIMUM SPEED: Position...
  • Page 16 3. CONTROLS CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT serious injury. Stop the engine before adjusting cutting height. There are six cutting in (2.0 cm), l-1/4 l-3/4 in (4.4 cm), 2- l/4 2-5/8 in (6.6 cm), and 3 in (7.7 cm). These are approximate actual height of cut grass will vary...
  • Page 17 Honda HR195 mowers You can operate the mower clippings, or with the grass bag removed installed) if you wish to leave the grass clippings on the lawn. When attachments are removed, the discharge from objects that may be thrown NOTE:...
  • Page 18: Chute (Optional)

    4. ATTACHMENTS A side-discharge chute is available from authorized Honda lawn mower dealers. It attaches to the cutter deck in place of the standard grass bag. SIDE-DISCHARGE CHUTE (optional) CHUTE...
  • Page 19: Check

    When the blade needs sharpening an authorized Honda lawn mower dealer. Or, if you have a torque wrench, can remove and install the blade yourself Blade sharpening: poor cutting, the blade should be sharpened mower dealer.
  • Page 20 5. PRE-OPERATION GRASS BAG Check that the grass bag is in good condition A clogged grass bag will not collect cleaning, wash it with use; a wet bag will clog quickly. The grass bag wears during normal use and will eventually If you operate the mower up by the blade may be thrown...
  • Page 21 ENGINE OIL Check the engine oil level with the engine stopped surface. 1. Remove the oil filler cap, and wipe the dipstick 2. insert the dipstick 3. Check the oil level shown upper level with the recommended r3eiEq Running damage. Use high-detergent, premium exceed...
  • Page 22 5. PRE-OPERATION CHECK FUEL Fuel tank capacity: 0.26 Remove the filler cap and check the fuel level. Refill the tank if the fuel level is low. Refuel carefully fuel in the filler neck. Gasoline explode, causing serious gasoline. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Refuel in a well-ventilated flames or sparks in the area where the engine...
  • Page 23 “spark noise) while operating If spark knock or pinging change brands of gasoline. If spark knock or pinging persists, see an authorized Honda lawn mower dealer. Running the engine with persistent cause engine damage. NOTE: Running the engine with persistent misuse, and the Distributor’s...
  • Page 24 5. PRE-OPERATION AIR CLEANER Check that the air filter is clean and in good condition. restrict air flow to the carburetor, air filter will allow dirt to enter to engine, causing Remove the cover screws, Inspect the paper and foam elements either of the filter elements filter elements are dirty.
  • Page 25: Height

    HANDLEBAR HEIGHT Check that handlebar comfortable operating necessary, readjust handlebar 1. Loosen both left and right height adjuster locking bolts with a 12 mm wrench. 2. Slightly loosen the lower handlebar locking knobs. This will allow the height adjusters easily. 3.
  • Page 26: The Engine

    6. OPERATION STARTING THE ENGINE If you run the engine the air can become contaminated Exhaust and odorless gas. Breathing lead to death. To keep exhaust ventilation. Turn fuel valve position. FOR STARTING A COLD ENGINE: Move throttle CHOKE position. RESTARTING ENGINE: Move the throttle the FAST ( *...
  • Page 27 3. Operate the starter. NOTE: Always release the ROTO-STOP lever before starting the engine. If the blade drive is engaged, Always release the drive clutch lever before starting clutch is engaged, starter. Place your foot on the step of the cutter deck. Pull the starter grip lightly you feel resistance, then pull briskly.
  • Page 28 6. OPERATION When the engine warms up, move the throttle lever away from the CHOKE position. FAST ( * ) position for mowing, or in SLOW ( C,) idling. NOTE: If restarting in the CHOKE position, throttle lever away from CHOKE as soon as the engine CLEARING A FLOODED...
  • Page 29 MOWER OPERATION To mow, set the throttle 1 position, press the button on top of the ROTO-STOP lever, then move the ROTO- STOP lever forward and hold it against the handlebar. The blade will operate while the ROTO-STOP lever is held forward. NOTE: For best grass cutting performance, and to avoid stalling the engine, always...
  • Page 30: Operation

    6. OPERATION If the mower that will increase the risk of injury from blade contact and debris. For your safety, keep all four wheels on the ground, not to lose your footing Keep a firm grip on the handlebar, very careful when mowing up and down.
  • Page 31: The Engine

    STOPPING THE ENGINE Release the drive clutch ROTO-STOP lever. Move the throttle lever to the STOP position. When the mower is not in use, turn the fuel valve to the OFF position to prevent the possibility of carburetor leakage. Gasoline explode, causing injury or death.
  • Page 32: Operation

    High altitude performance main fuel jet in the carburetor operate the mower at altitudes an authorized Honda lawn mower dealer perform this carburetor Even with carburetor modification, for each 1,000 foot increase will be greater than this if no carburetor engine...
  • Page 33: Mowing Recommendations

    As a general rule, do not cut off more than a third of the total height grass in one mowing. is allowed to recover between lawn mower will work better and will leave a better For good mowing conditions, should...
  • Page 34 For best results, start edges of the lawn, and work toward the center in a clockwise If you use the standard clockwise mowing pattern, starting the outer edges of the lawn, will give the best bagging performance, the least amount of clippings lawn.
  • Page 35 If the grass is not very thick or tall, you can mow a wide swath, can move the shift lever to select a fast drive speed. Keep the wheels to the swath line for maximum If the grass is very thick or tall, cutting engine, clog the cutter deck, and cause poor bagging or tall grass, cut a narrower move the shift lever to select a slower drive speed.
  • Page 36: Transporting

    8. TRANSPORTING The engine and exhaust and remain hot for a while after stopping. can cause burns and can ignite Avoid touching the engine or exhaust engine has stopped. Allow Before Loading Turn the fuel valve position. This will possibility of carburetor and will reduce the possibility...
  • Page 37: Maintenance

    Periodic maintenance and adjustment operating condition. Service SCHEDULE. To avoid carbon monoxide any maintenance. To avoid serious burns, let the engine cool for at least 15 minutes performing maintenance. Use genuine Honda parts or their equivalent of lower quality may damage Maintenance Schedule NOTE:...
  • Page 38: Engine Oil Change

    9. MAINTENANCE ENGINE OIL CHANGE Engine oil capacity: 0.63 US qt (0.6 k’) Drain the oil while the engine is warm to assure rapid and complete 1. Place a suitable container NOTE: Check to be sure the drain hole in the cutter If necessary, remove grass and debris from the cutter 2.
  • Page 39 3. Install drain tighten it securely. 4. Fill with the recommended page 19) to the upper level on the dipstick. 5. Install the filler cap/dipstick. 6. Wipe cutter channel clean to reduce dirt build- up when the mower NOTE: Used motor oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly contact...
  • Page 40: Air Cleaner Service

    9. MAINTENANCE AIR CLEANER SERVICE A dirty air filter will performance. If you operate the mower in very dusty areas, clean the air filter more often than specified r--iEq Operating will cause rapid engine 1. Remove the two cover screws, then remove the air cleaner cover. Remove the air filter, and separate the filter elements.
  • Page 42: Spark Plug Service

    9. MAINTENANCE SPARK PLUG SERVICE Recommended spark plugs: pEiEq Spark damage. For good performance, deposits. Disconnect the spark plug cap, and remove any dirt from around the spark plug area. Touching cause burns. Let the engine Remove the spark plug with Inspect the spark plug.
  • Page 43: Spark Arrester Maintenance (Optional Equipment)

    SPARK ARRESTER MAINTENANCE The spark arrester must be serviced as designed. Touching burns. Let the engine 1. Remove the two nuts from the muffler 2. Remove the muffler 3. Remove the spark arrester 4. Check for carbon deposits on the spark arrester and the exhaust carbon deposits away.
  • Page 44: Roto-Stop Cable Adjustment

    (20-25 mm). loosen the lock nuts with up or down as required. check that the ROTO-STOP Honda lawn mower dealer for repair. ROTO-STOP holding the button a 10 mm wrench, Tighten the lock nuts and lever operates properly.
  • Page 45: Drive Clutch Cable Adjustment

    3. Start the engine and operate the drive clutch drive clutch engages operate properly, and lever free play is correctly to an authorized Honda lawn mower mm). loosen the lock nuts with up or down as required. and releases properly.
  • Page 46: Throttle Cable Adjustment

    9. MAINTENANCE THROTTLE CABLE ADJUSTMENT When the throttle lever is moved to the CHOKE position, the carburetor choke arm should move all the way counterclockwise, go. Push the choke arm with your finger to check that it moves as far as it will go.
  • Page 47: Shift Cable Adjustment

    3. Start engine transmission shifts properly. If the transmission the lever is correctly lawn mower dealer for repair. NOTE: Release the drive clutch “2” on the lever cover. loosen the lock nuts with up or down as required.
  • Page 48: Carburetor Adjustment

    9. MAINTENANCE CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT 1. Start the engine outdoors, temperature. Exhaust colorless odorless consciousness and may lead to death. To keep exhaust up, provide adequate 2. Set the throttle lever in the SLOW ( -1 3. Turn the pilot screw in or out to the setting rpm.
  • Page 49: Grass Bag Cleaning And Replacement

    GRASS BAG CLEANING When the bag needs cleaning, it with a garden hose, and allow it to dry completely before use; a wet grass bag will clog quickly. Replace a frayed, torn, or deteriorated bag with a Honda replacement its equivalent. BAG REMOVAL 1.
  • Page 50: Blade Removal And Installation

    9. MAINTENANCE BLADE REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION When the blade needs sharpening an authorized Honda lawn mower dealer. Or, if you have a torque wrench, can remove and install the blade yourself. hands. Blade sharpening: To reduce the possibility imbalance or poor cutting...
  • Page 51 HOLDER right side up (rear edges turn upward; If the blade is installed upside down, designed any other bolts. when tightening the bolts. If you do not have a torque Honda lawn mower 36.2-43.4 ft-lb (5.0-6.0 TORQUE WRENCH BLADE BLADE 9.
  • Page 52: Storage

    10. STORAGE Preparation for Storage When the mower will not be used for one month preparation will help to prevent start the engine when 1. Clean all surfaces deck. Wear heavy NOTE: Before cleaning rest the mower on its right side, so the carburetor and fuel leakage may result if the mower is placed with the carburetor down.
  • Page 53: Storage

    4. For prolonged storage, For storage of 1 or 2 months: For storage of 1 or 2 months, air in the tank will promote fuel oxidation fuel that may cause hard starting. passages, requiring NOTE: The Distributor’s damage or engine performance preparation.
  • Page 54 10. STORAGE For storage of more than 2 months Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel valve, and drain the fuel tank into an approved gasoline Gasoline explode, causing serious injury or de&h. gasoline. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Remove the carburetor gasoline container.
  • Page 55: Removal From Storage

    handlebar comoact storaae. Remove the grass bag, and place it on top of the engine, with,the opening at the front of the mower. Loosen handlebar knobs, spread the lower ends of the handlebar, and fold the handlebar as shown. When folding, be careful to avoid kinking or pinching...
  • Page 56: Troubleshooting

    11. TROUBLESHOOTING ENGINE 1. Check control Fuel valve positions. Throttle 1 2. Check Out of fuel. Bad fuel; mower treating refueled 3. Remove and inspect Spark spark plug. improperly Spark 4. Take mower Fueld filter dealer for service malfunction, repair. malfunction, LOSS OF POWER 1.
  • Page 57 GRASS CUTTING POOR CUT QUALITY OR POOR CUTTING PERFORMANCE 1. Check that throttle Engine lever is in FAST cut well. 1 position. 2. Reduce forward Mower speed. lawn 3. Check cutting Adjustment height adjustment different levers. 4. Check grass bag. Grass clogged.
  • Page 58: Specifications

    12. SPECIFICATIONS MOWER MODEL HR 195SXA DIMENSIONS Maximum length (handlebar extended) Minimum Length (handlebar Width at cutter deck Maximum Height (handlebar extended and cutting height adjusted to 3 in; 7.7 cm) Minimum Height (grass bag removed, folded, cutting height adjusted Dry Weight (including grass bag)
  • Page 59: Warranty Service

    Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction and goodwill warranty details are explained any problems concerning department. If you have a warranty satisfaction, we suggest Discuss your problem with a member of the dealership complaints can be quickly been reviewed with dealership or the General If your problem still has not been resolved Power Equipment...

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