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Connecting The Display To External Equipment - Fujitsu Plasmavisioin User Manual

Wide plasma display with optional videoboard
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Be sure to turn OFF the power to the display and external equipment before making any connections.
No cables are supplied with the display for connection to external equipment. The type of cable to be used varies depending on the PC
model. Contact your dealer for more information.
Make sure that the power cable's grounding wire is grounded.
The display comes with a 3-prong power plug; one prong is connected to the grounding wire. If you have only a 2-hole receptacle, you
will need to have it replaced. Contact your dealer for more information.
• Viewing the screen constantly for extended periods can strain your eyes. Be sure to stay at a proper distance (at least 1.5 m or 5 feet) from
the screen and to look occasionally away while working.
• Have the display inspected and cleaned by your dealer at regular intervals.
• Pictures may become "burnt" into the screen phosphors if the screen is left on for extended periods. To ensure that the display has a
prolonged service life, be sure to use a screen orbiter, white screen. This will ensure the same picture or pattern is not constantly
displayed for long periods. (See P. E-23–E-24.)
• The plasma display panel, which is built for maximum precision, provides more than 99.99% effective pixels. You may find, however,
that some pixels constantly remain lit or dimmed.
• The display has a fan to prevent its internal temperature from rising.
• Be careful with the air delivered by the fan. It may be very hot.
• Contact your dealer if you find that the display does not seem to function properly when used with other audio-visual equipment.
You may need to move your display if it produces degraded pictures or noise due to electromagnetic radiation, or if the infrared remote
control does not function properly.
• Pictures may not be displayed properly if you connect a non-standard PC to the RGB input terminal. In this case, contact your dealer
for more information.
• The protective circuit, built into the display, automatically turns off the power if the display has a problem. In this case, you will see
that the power indicator lamp flashes red or green.
If the power indicator lamp flashes red or green, this signifies that the display has developed a problem. When this happens, be sure to
remove the power plug from the receptacle to prevent fire or electric shock. Then, check the display in accordance with the
instructions given on P. E-27, or contact your dealer.
Cables for connecting the display to external equipment are not supplied. Contact your dealer for more information on these products.


Table of Contents

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