Omron BP652 Instruction Manual

7 series automatic wrist blood pressure monitor. Uploaded by: williamjrea  
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7 series
Automatic Wrist Blood
Pressure Monitor
Model BP652


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  • Page 1

    INSTRUCTION MANUAL 7 series Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Model BP652...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE Of CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Before using the Monitor Introduction ......................3 Safety Information ....................4 Operating the Device ................4 Care and Maintenance ................. 5 Operating Instructions Before Taking a Measurement ................6 Know Your Unit ....................7 Unit Display ......................

  • Page 3: Introduction

    Frequently measuring the blood pressure in your wrist will provide your physician with an accurate indication of changes in your blood pressure. The BP652 comes with the following components: • Monitor • Storage Case • 2 “AAA” Alkaline Batteries • Instruction Manual printed in English and Spanish • Quick Start Guide...

  • Page 4: Safety Information, Operating The Device

    SAfETY INfORMATION To assure the correct use of the product, basic safety measures should always be followed including the warnings and cautions listed in this instruction manual. SAFETY SYMBOLS USED IN THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, WARNING could result in death or serious injury.

  • Page 5: Care And Maintenance

    SAfETY INfORMATION Do not use a cellular phone near the device. It may result in an operational failure. Use only Omron authorized parts and accessories. Parts and accessories not approved for use with the device may damage the unit. Use only 1.5 V “AAA” alkaline batteries with this device. Do not use other types of batteries.

  • Page 6: Before Taking A Measurement

    BEfORE TAKING A MEASUREMENT To ensure a reliable reading follow these recommendations: 1. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising, and bathing for 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Rest for at least 15 minutes before taking the measurement. 2. Stress raises blood pressure. Avoid taking measurements during stressful times. 3.

  • Page 7: Know Your Unit

    Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP652 Model 5329415-9A INTRODUCTION ® ® Thank you for purchasing the OMRON BP652 IntelliSense Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor . Fill in for future reference. DATE PURCHASED: __________________ SERIAL NUMBER: ____________________ • Staple your purchase receipt here 2 “AAA”...

  • Page 8: Unit Display

    UNIT dISPLAY Heart guide indicator Diastolic blood pressure Memory symbol (Displayed when viewing values stored in memory) Average value symbol Systolic blood pressure (Refer to “Using the Deflation symbol Memory Function” .) Irregular heartbeat symbol Movement error symbol (Displayed if you move Blood pressure your body during the level indicator...

  • Page 9: Display Symbols, Irregular Heartbeat Symbol, Movement Error Symbol

    dISPLAY SYMBOLS IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT SYMBOL ( When the monitor detects an irregular rhythm two or more times during the measurement, the Irregular Heartbeat Symbol ( ) will appear on the display with the measurement values. An irregular heartbeat rhythm is defined as a Normal Heartbeat rhythm that varies by less than 25% from the Pulse average rhythm or 25% more than the average rhythm detected while the monitor is measuring...

  • Page 10

    dISPLAY SYMBOLS This is a general guideline because blood pressure depends on age and morbidity. A lower home blood pressure goal may be recommended for certain patients, including diabetic patients, pregnant women, and patients with renal failure. WARNING Contact your physician for specific information about your blood pressure. Self-diagnosis and treatment using measured results may be dangerous. Follow the instructions of your physician or licensed healthcare provider.

  • Page 11: Battery Installation

    BATTERY INSTALLATION CAUTION Use only 1.5V “AAA” alkaline batteries with this device. 1. Press the hook on the bottom of the battery cover and lift the cover off in the direction of the arrow. 2. Install 2 “AAA” size batteries so the + (positive) and - (negative) polarities match the polarities of the battery compartment as indicated. 3. Set the date and time. Refer to “Setting the Date and Time”.

  • Page 12

    BATTERY INSTALLATION BATTERY REPLACEMENT Low Battery Indicator When the Low Battery Indicator appears on the display, turn the monitor off and remove all the batteries. Replace with 2 new batteries at the same time. Long-life alkaline batteries are recommended. WARNING If battery fluid should get in your eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water.

  • Page 13: Setting The Date And Time

    SETTING THE dATE ANd TIME Set the monitor to the current date and time before taking a measurement for the first time. 1. TO START THE SETTING Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to adjust the date and time. The year flashes on the display. 2. SETTING THE YEAR Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to advance by increments of one year.

  • Page 14

    SETTING THE dATE ANd TIME 4. SETTING THE DAY Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to advance by increments of one day. Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to set the current day. The hour flashes on the display. 5. SETTING THE HOUR The time is set using AM or PM.

  • Page 15: Setting The Heart Guide Indicator

    SETTING THE HEART GUIdE INdICATOR You can change the options for various settings on your monitor. Pressing the SET button to change a setting. Press the MEM button to select the options for that setting. After selecting a setting, press the START/STOP button to confirm the setting and turn the power off. SETTING THE HEART GUIDE INDICATOR 1.

  • Page 16

    SETTING THE HEART GUIdE INdICATOR SETTING FOR RIGHT OR LEFT WRIST MEASUREMENT 1. While in the setting mode, press the SET button until the wrist symbol ( ) appears on the display. NOTES: • The default setting is “ ”. • After you choose “oFF” for the Heart guide indicator, the monitor skips this process. 2.

  • Page 17

    SETTING THE HEART GUIdE INdICATOR 2. Press the MEM button to select the buzzer setting. If the Heart guide indicator is “on1” or “on2”: on1: The buzzer sounds only when the monitor is in proper position. on2: The buzzer sounds a series of two short blips if your wrist is too far away from the measuring position, and beeps when your wrist is in the proper position.

  • Page 18: Applying The Wrist Cuff, Applying The Cuff On The Left Wrist

    APPLYING THE WRIST CUff CAUTION Read all of the information in the instruction manual and any other literature in the box before operating the unit. CAUTION This device is intended for use in measuring blood pressure and pulse rate in the adult population. Do not use this device on infants or persons who cannot express their intentions.

  • Page 19: Applying The Cuff On The Right Wrist

    APPLYING THE WRIST CUff 5. Fold the remaining part of the wrist cuff back out of the way. APPLYING THE CUFF ON THE RIGHT WRIST When taking a measurement using the right wrist position the cuff as shown in the illustration. Refer to “Setting for Right or Left Wrist for Measurement”.

  • Page 20: Taking A Measurement

    TAKING A MEASUREMENT The monitor is designed to take measurements and store the measurement values in memory for two people using USER ID A and USER ID B. The monitor can be used to take a single measurement using the GUEST mode are not stored in the memory. 1. Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

  • Page 21

    TAKING A MEASUREMENT 4. Hold your arm across your chest at heart level. Hold your elbow firmly to avoid body movement. Sit still and do not talk or move during the measurement. If the Heart Guide Indicator is set to “on2”, the orange light will turn to blue when your arm is in the correct position. (If set to either “on1” or “oFF”, the cuff will inflate automatically.) The cuff starts to inflate automatically. As the cuff inflates, the monitor automatically determines your ideal inflation level. This monitor detects your blood pressure and pulse rate during inflation. The Heartbeat Symbol ( ) flashes at every heartbeat.

  • Page 22

    TAKING A MEASUREMENT 6. Press the START/STOP button to turn the monitor off. NOTE: The monitor will automatically turn off after two minutes.

  • Page 23: Using The Memory Function, Averaging Function, To Display The Measurement Values

    USING THE MEMORY fUNCTION Every time you complete a measurement the monitor stores the blood pressure and pulse rate for each user (A and B) in the memory. The monitor automatically stores up to 100 sets of measurement values (blood pressure and pulse rate) for each user (A and B).

  • Page 24: To Delete All Values Stored In The Memory, Deleting All Values Stored In Memory

    USING THE MEMORY fUNCTION NOTES: • The date and time are alternately displayed with the measurement values. • Press the MEM button repeatedly to display the next values. • Press and hold the MEM button to display the values faster. 3. Press the START/STOP button to turn the monitor off. TO DELETE ALL VALUES STORED IN THE MEMORY The values stored in the memory are deleted by User ID. You cannot partially delete values stored in the memory.

  • Page 25

    Use only authorized parts and accessories. Use the unit in a manner consistent with the instructions provided in this manual. CAUTION Use only Omron authorized parts and accessories. Parts and accessories not approved for use with the device may damage the unit. CAUTION Changes or modification not approved by the manufacturer will void the user warranty.

  • Page 26: Error Indicators

    ERROR INdICATORS SYMBOL CAUSE CORRECTION Take another measurement and Monitor could not remain still until the measurement detect pulse wave. is complete. Cuff under-inflated. Remove the monitor from your Cuff not applied correctly. wrist. Read “Taking a Measurement”. Wait 2-3 minutes. Cuff over-inflated. Take another measurement. Device error.

  • Page 27: Troubleshooting Tips

    TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS PROBLEM CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS Replace both batteries with new ones at the same No power. time. Check the battery installation for proper No display appears on the unit. placement of the battery polarities. Blood pressure varies constantly. Many factors including stress, time of day, how you wrap the Measurement values appear too cuff, may affect your blood pressure.

  • Page 28: Fcc Statement

    fCC STATEMENT Note: POTENTIAL FOR RADIO/TELEVISION INTERFERENCE (for U.S.A. only) This product has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

  • Page 29: Limited Warranty


  • Page 30: Specifications

    SPECIfICATIONS BP652 (HEM-6052-Z) Model: LCD Digital Display Display: Pressure: 0 to 299 mmHg, Pulse: 40 to 180/min. Measurement Range: Pressure: ±3mmHg or 2% of reading Accuracy/Calibration: Pulse: ±5% of reading Automatic by electric pump Inflation: Automatic pressure release valve Deflation:...

  • Page 31

    OMRON HEALTHCARE, INC. 1925 West Field Court Lake Forest, IL 60045 U.S.A. © 2011 OMRON HEALTHCARE, INC. Made in China 5329415-9B...

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