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Graco 231580 Instructions And Parts List: Flushing; Warning; Fire And Explosion Hazard

Duron airless paint sprayers electric, 120 vac 3000 psi (210 bar, 21 mpa) maximum working pressure.
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To reduce the risk of static sparking and
splashing when priming or flushing the
system, hold a metal part of the gun
firmly to the side of a grounded metal pail before
triggering the gun.
7. To prime the hose, lower the pressure to reduce
splashing. Hold a metal part of the gun firmly
against and aimed into a grounded metal pail. See
the preceding WARNING. Hold the gun trigger
open and slowly increase the pressure until the
pump starts. Keep the gun triggered until all air is
forced out of the system and the fluid flows freely
from the gun. Release the trigger and engage the
gun safety latch.
8. Check all fluid connections for leaks . Relieve
pressure before tightening the connections.
9. Engage the gun safety latch.
10. Install the spray tip and tip guard. Install the
spray tip. If you are using the RAC IV tip guard,
refer to manual 308644 for installation instructions.
11. Adjust the spray pattern
a. Increase the pressure until spray from the gun
is completely atomized. To avoid excessive
overspray and fogging, and to extend tip and
sprayer life, always use the lowest pressure
needed to get the desired results.
b. If more coverage is needed, use a larger tip
rather than increasing the pressure.
c. Adjust the direction of the spray pattern. See
Fig. 9. Engage the gun safety latch. Loosen
the retaining nut (A). Position the tip guard for
a horizontal or vertical pattern. Hold the tip
guard in place and tighten the retaining nut.
NOTE: Spray patterns will change as tips wear.
Change the spray tip if adjusting the pressure will not
improve the spray pattern.
For a vertical
spray pattern
For a horizontal
spray pattern
Fig. 9



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