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Graco 231580 Instructions And Parts List: Operation

Duron airless paint sprayers electric, 120 vac 3000 psi (210 bar, 21 mpa) maximum working pressure.
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Improper installation or alteration of the grounding
plug will result in a risk of electric shock, fire or
explosion that could cause serious injury or death.
1. This equipment requires a 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 15A
circuit with a grounding receptacle. See Fig. 3.
How to use the gun trigger safety
When engaged, the gun safety latch prevents the gun
from accidental triggering. See Fig. 4.
If the gun still sprays when the gun
trigger safety is locked, repair the gun.
See manual 308645, supplied.
Gun safety latch
shown engaged
Gun safety latch
shown disengaged
Fig. 4
How to use the pressure drain valve.
Use the pressure drain valve to relieve fluid pressure
from the pump and to help prime the pump. If the valve
senses an over pressure condition, it opens automati-
cally to relieve fluid pressure. If this happens, stop
spraying immediately, shut off and unplug the sprayer.
Determine the cause of the problem and correct it
before operating the sprayer again. Refer also to the
Troubleshooting , page 13. See Fig. 5.
Fig. 3
2. Do not alter the ground prong or use an adapter.
3. A 12 AWG gauge, 50 ft extension cord may be
used with this equipment.


Open or drain, position
Closed, or spray position
Fig. 5
How to use the pressure control.
The pressure control controls the motor operation so
the sprayer maintains constant fluid pressure at the
pump outlet. Turn the pressure control knob fully
counterclockwise to obtain the minimum setting. Turn
the knob clockwise to increase pressure. See Fig. 6.
Fig. 6
Grounding Prong



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