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Useful Information - Hitachi ALPHA SERIES L32A404 Owner's Manual

Alpha series liquid crystal hdtv
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Table of Contents
Equipment Care and Troubleshooting
Dust the screen and cabinet with a soft cloth.
Clean the screen with a soft cloth moistened in warm water
and dry with a soft cloth. A mild soap may be used if the
screen is extremely dirty.
Place your LCD Television away from extreme heat, humidity
and extremely dusty places.
Remove the plug from the wall outlet if your LCD Television
will not be used for a long period of time, for instance, when
you go on vacation.
Troubles are sometimes caused by simple "faults" that you can correct without the help of a service technician. If you experience
any difficulty with your TV, check a few basic remedies before calling your service technician.
TV will not turn ON
Press the POWER button (ON/OFF button) once.
If there is still no power, wait 30 seconds and press the POWER button again.
If there is still no power, unplug the power cord from the wall. Wait 30 seconds and plug the power cord back in. Press
the POWER button again.
When the Following Messages Appear on the Screen
Condition / Action
No Signal
The unit cannot detect any signals from any input jacks or the TV channel does not show picture.
• Check if the cable is connected correctly and firmly.
• Check if the power of any external device is ON.
• Check if the input selection matches the connection jack.
• This message will be displayed for 15 minutes then the TV will turn Off.
Do not clean your screen with strong cleaners, polishes or a
chemically treated cloth.
Do not place rubber or vinyl products or tape on your LCD
Avoid repeatedly touching the screen.
Do not drop or hit the remote control. This may cause
internal damage.
Avoid placing the remote control in a high humidity place or
getting it wet. Do not leave it on or near a heater. Excessive
heat or moisture may cause the unit to fail.
When the batteries run down, remote control operation will
become erratic or become unresponsive. Replace the old
batteries with two new "AA" size batteries. Do not use an old
battery with a new battery.
Exposing the screen to direct sunlight for a long period of
time or heat may cause damage to the LCD screen.
Do not spray any cleaners directly onto screen.


Table of Contents

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