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Hitachi L32A01 A Instructions For Use Manual

Lcd colour television
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LCD olo r Television
Télévision Couleur LCD
Televisione a Colori LCD
L32A01 A
Instructions for use
Notice d'utilisation
Istruzioni per l'uso


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi L32A01 A

  • Page 1 LCD olo r Television Télévision Couleur LCD LCD-Farb-TV-Gerät Instructions for use Televisione a Colori LCD Notice d'utilisation L32A01 A Bedienungsanleitung Istruzioni per l'uso...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Precautions ........... 3 3DS ............15 Features ............. 6 Feature Menu ..........15 Accessories ............6 PIP .............. 15 LCD TV Front View ........... 7 PIP ON-OFF ............15 Rear View and Peripheral Connections ..7 PIP Picture ............. 15 PIP Position ............
  • Page 3 Dot Clock ............ 19 Sound in PC mode ........19 Other Features ..........20 TV Status ........... 20 Mute Indicator ..........20 PIP and PAP Modes ........20 AV Modes ..........20 Zoom Modes ..........20 Auto ............20 Zoom ............20 Cinema ............
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    DON’Ts Safety Precautions DON’T continue to operate the equipment if you Please read the following recommended safety pre- are in any doubt about it working normally, or if it cautions carefully for your safety. is damaged in any way switch off, withdraw the IMPORTANT SAFETY mains plug and consult your dealer.
  • Page 5: Power Source

    1.Power Source specifications as the original one. Unauthorized sub- stitutions may result in fire, electrical shock, or other The TV set should be operated only from a 220-240 V hazards. AC, 50 Hz outlet. Ensure that you select the correct 9.
  • Page 6 14. Connection to a television distribution system (Cable TV etc.) from tuner: Apparatus connected to the protective earthing of the building installation through the mains connection or through other apparatus with a connection to pro- tective earthing - and to a television distribution sys- tem using coaxial cable, may in some circumstances create a fire hazard.
  • Page 7: Features

    Features • Remote controlled 32” colour LCD TV. • 100 programmes from VHF, UHF bands or cable channels can be preset. • It can tune cable channels. Phono L+R to 3.5mm Jack Audio Cable. • Controlling the TV is very easy by its menu driven system.
  • Page 8: Lcd Tv Front View

    LCD TV Front View SOURCE SELECT MENU BUTTON PROGRAMME UP/DOWN VOLUME UP/DOWN STANDBY BUTTON Standby LED IR Receiver FRONTVIEW Rear View and Peripheral Connections S-VIDEO Input Power On/Off Switch Component Audio Inputs s Video Input HDMI Input 2 SCART 1 Audio Inputs s HDMI Input 1 SCART 2...
  • Page 9: Remote Control Buttons

    SAT T = Select SAT = Mono/Stereo - Dual A-B = No function = PIP, PAP On-Off / PAT 0 - 9 = Digit buttons = Picture mode ** These buttons can control most Hitachi DVD Players and Recorders. GB - 8 -...
  • Page 10: Installation Of The Tft Tv To The Wall

    4. To avoid potential injury it is advisable to have assistance from another person to carry out this installation. 5. Hitachi assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries or damages that may occur due to improper installation and handling.
  • Page 11 “Attention: Only the original wall bracket should be used with this product” GB - 10 -...
  • Page 12: Preparation

    Note: Remove the battery from remote control hand- Preparation set when it is not to be used for a long period. Other- wise it can be damaged due to any leakage of bat- For ventilation, leave a space of at least 10 cm free all tery.
  • Page 13: Switching The Tv On/Off

    Switching The TV ON/OFF Initial Settings To switch the TV on: When the TV is turned on for the first time, Auto Programme menu will be displayed on the screen Your TV will switch on in two steps: Because this is the first time the TV is used, there are no 1- Connect the power cord to the system.
  • Page 14: Operation With Remote Control

    AV Mode Menu System Press the AV button at the control panel on the the TV Picture Menu to switch your TV to AV modes. Operation with Remote Control The remote control of your TV is designed to control all the functions of the model you selected. The func- tions will be described in accordance with the menu PICTURE system of your TV.
  • Page 15: Picture Zoom

    3D Comb to change the level of the balance.Balance level can be adjusted between -32 and +32. 3D Comb is used to improve colour transitions and Headphone colour quality of pictures.     button, select 3D Comb. Press ...
  • Page 16: Feature Menu

    PIP Picture Dynamic Bass is not available if Subwoofer is set to  button to enter PIP Picture submenu. Ad- Press Set Subwoofer to On when you connect an external justments of Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Colour, subwoofer to the set. Reset and Store items in this part are identical with Picture menu in the analogue TV menu System.
  • Page 17: Pap Source

    Blue Background justments of Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Colour, Reset and Store items in this part are identical with You can set the TV to automatically change to a blue Picture menu in the Menu System. Refer to Picture screen if the signal is weak or absent, or when there menu explanations in the previous parts.
  • Page 18: Program Table

    Program Table APS (Auto Programming System)  button, select Program Table. When you press the BLUE button for APS, Auto Pro-  By pressing  to display Program Table. gramming System Menu will appear on the screen. Press Auto Program Program Table P01 BBC 1 P11 S 18...
  • Page 19: Band

    Band Colour System  select Colour System. By press-    Band can be selected either C or S by press By pressing   button. button, you can change the colour system to PAL, SECAM, PAL 60, NTSC 4,43, NTSC 3,58 or Channel AUTO.
  • Page 20: Installation

    H (Horizontal) Position PC Mode This item shifts the image horizontally to right hand Installation side or left hand side of the screen.  • Power off both Computer and Display before making • Select H Position item by using ...
  • Page 21: Other Features

    Zoom Modes Other Features TV Status Zoom mode can be changed by pressing the button. You can change the screen size according to Programme Number, Programme Name, the picture aspect ratio. Select the optimum one from Sound Indicator and Zoom Mode are displayed the following ZOOM modes.
  • Page 22: Zoom

    Teletext Teletext system transmits informartion such as news, sports and weather on your TV. Note that if the signal becomes insufficient, some text errors may occur or the teletext mode may be quitted.Teletext function buttons are listed below: Use to view a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) as this is its original shape.
  • Page 23: Connect Peripheral Equipment

    Playback NTSC Connect Peripheral Equipment • Connect NTSC VCR player to a SCART socket of High Definition the TV. Your LCD Television is capable of displaying High • Then, select the related source from theSOURCE menu. Definition pictures from devices such as a High Defi- Source selection for VCR recording.
  • Page 24: Tips

    Tips Care Of The Screen Clean the screen with a slightly damp, soft cloth. Do not use abrasive solvents as they may damage the TV screen coating layer. Poor Picture Have you selected the correct TV system? Is your TV set or house aerial located too close to non-earthed audio equipment or neon lights, etc.? Mountains or high buildings can cause double pic-...
  • Page 25: Peripheral Equipment Connections

    Peripheral Equipment Connections HEADPHONE AUDIO AUDIO IN VIDEO IN VIDEO ANT.IN CAMCORDER SATELLITE RECEIVER ANTENNA Aerial Connection Outdoor Aerial Connection Round 75 ohm coaxial cable VHF/UHF Rear of TV GB - 24 -...
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Specifications DISPLAY Size/Diagonal 32" (16:9 Display) Viewable screen size/Diagonal 69.87 x 39.33 (cm) / 80.18 (cm) VIDEO STANDARDS Video PAL/NTSC/SECAM TV Tuner PAL/SECAM/B/G D/K K' I/I' L/L' VHF (BAND I/III) UHF (BAND U) HYPERBAND CABLE TV (S1-S20 / S21-S41) 100 PRESET CHANNELS Formats 4:3, 16:9, 14:9, Panoramic, Default Zoom, Auto Wide AUDIO...
  • Page 27 Specifications OUTPUT CONNECTIONS Line Out Audio Phono L/R Subwoofer 1 x Phono (Mono) Audio Speaker Output 2x8 W RMS Synchronization Sync on green, composite sync with automatic detection separate H and V sync. Operator Control Keys On/Off, Standby, Vol+, Vol-, Prog +, Prog -, Menu, TV/AV. OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature 0°C ~40°C (in operation)
  • Page 28: Signal Input

    Specifications Signal Input PC RGB Terminal (D-sub 15-pin connector) Input signal G or sync on green • When different kinds of input signals are simul- No connection taneously input to the monitor via a graphics No connection board or the like, the monitor will automatically select the signals in the following priority order: R.GND G.GND...
  • Page 29: Mode

    Appendix A: PC Input Typical Display Modes The display has a maximum resolution of 1360 x 768, frequency range of 56-75 Hz. The following table is an illustration of some of the typical video display modes. Resolution Frequency Mode Horizontal Vertical Hor.(kHz) Ver.(Hz) 31,5 37,9 37,5...
  • Page 30: Appendix B: Av And Hdmi Signal Compatibility

    Appendix B: AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility Source Supported Signals Available PAL 50/60 AV-1 NTSC 60 (SCART 1) RGB 50 RGB 60 PAL 50/60 AV-2 NTSC 60 (SCART-2) RGB 50 RGB 60 PAL 50/60 AV-3 NTSC 60 (SCART-3) S-VHS 50 S-VHS 60 PAL 50/60 AV-4 FAV...
  • Page 31: Appendix C: Main And Pip-Pap Picture Combinations

    Appendix C: Main and PIP-PAP Picture Combinations M ain and PIP, PAP picture combinations AV-1 AV-1 AV-2 AV-2 AV-3 AV-3 F AV S-VHS YPbPr HDM I 1 HDM I 2 MAIN TUNER CVBS CVBS CVBS SVHS CVBS AV-4 AV-5 AV4-S PIP,PAP TUNER AV-1...
  • Page 32: Uk Guarantee

    12 months of the date of purchase provided that: i) The product has been installed and used only in accordance with the instructions supplied with the product ii) The product has not been repaired, maintained, or modified by any person other than an Hitachi authorised engineer...
  • Page 33: Quick Guide

    • It is recommended that a scart lead should be fitted between your TV and VCR to enhance your picture and sound quality. Scart leads are essential if you have a stereo TV and VCR and wish to obtain stereo sound from your equipment. These leads can be purchased from your Hitachi dealer or any good High Street electrical retailer.
  • Page 34 ...or through a satellite decoder... TFT-LCD TV RF Lead from Satellite to TV • Scart Lead to Aerial AV-1 on TV. ANT.IN RF Lead to Aerial Satellite LNB lead ...or through a VCR and satellite decoder. TFT-LCD TV RF Lead from •...
  • Page 35: Switch Your Tv On

    connect the TV plug to the mains socket UK plug European plug Power Cord Power on/off Input button ...and switch on insert plug... mains lead Plug the into the TV insert plug... switch your TV on by pressing the On/Off button TV/AV MENU P/CH...
  • Page 36: Start A.p.s. (Auto Programming System)

    important note before starting Auto Setup If you have a Video Cassette Recorder or a Satellite receiver connected to your TV please ensure that they are switched on before automatic tuning begins. In the case of a VCR, insert a pre-recorded tape and begin playback of your equipment. These measures ensure that all your external equipment is tuned in during the Auto Setup procedure.