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Using The Glass Lid (If Included); Handles And Knobs - KitchenAid Aluminum Cookware Instructions Manual

Aluminum cookware
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Using the Glass Lid (if included)

• Do not use glass lids that have cracks
or scratches. If your lid is cracked or
has deep scratches, breakage can occur
spontaneously. Damage from ordinary
wear and tear such as scratching is not
covered under product's limited warranty.
Please contact the Customer eXperience
Center to order a new lid.
• Do not place glass lids directly on top
of or directly under heating elements.

Handles and Knobs

• The stainless steel handles with matching
silicone grips are oven safe up to 375°F.
• Handle position when cooking – position
pans so that handles are not over other
hot burners and do not allow handles
to extend beyond the edge of the stove
where they can be knocked off.
• Avoid extreme temperature changes
when using glass lids.
• Do not submerge a hot lid in cold water.
• If a lid vacuum occurs, do not attempt
to remove the lid. First, turn off the heat
source and move the entire pan away
from the burner. Then, slowly release
the lid.
• Loose handles – periodically check
handles and knobs to be sure they are
not loose. If the handles become loose,
do not try to repair them. Please contact
the Customer eXperience Center for a


Table of Contents

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